Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm Still Alive!


Long time no chat from me!

Here is what's happening in my Georgia Garden right now. Spring popping in January? Yes, we have had a really mild winter thus far. And now Spring is trying to arrive. Daffy's, Phlox and Hyacinth are here!

Hellebores are here and the Butterfly Bushes never left us this winter! One crazy winter for sure but as we all know, Winter is not over as of yet. Some below freezing temps at night and days in the 70's make for scary times.

I fear for the Peach Farmers here in Georgia. With this type weather, they can loose their entire crop over night. So what has been going on with Skeeter you may ask? Well, we had house guests over Thanksgiving. We took walks to several of our wonderful county parks such as the one above with the Saint striking a pose.
The Saint attended a Trade Show in Orlando and I accompanied him on this trip. I hit the Outlet Malls for some Christmas shopping as the Saint was occupied with the show. We enjoyed our free evenings at fun places such as Downtown Disney. I was captivated by these beautiful pots of flowers in December! Mickey is watering these beauties...It is fun visiting such places during the holiday season with all the pretty decorations and fresh flowers. And the bonus, this trip was on company travel and hotel and full-up free breakfast. Free is my friend!
We visit Gatorland and had a blast! First of all, The Saint got in for free for being a Veteran! I received a 20% discount for being with a Veteran! We were thrilled from the start. We found this place most interesting with Birds and Alligators seeming to be friends.
We had up close encounters with Alligators, Crocodiles and Birds of many different sizes. We thought we would spend a few hours checking out this place but 5 hours later, we had to drag our self away as we had to depart Florida. The place was clean and basically a nature preserve of a swamp.
I wrangled a Gator...
The Saint skinned it...
And we ate the thing! Ha, not really. We did eat the gator meat and it was pretty good...The park was full of blooms and had a wonderful boardwalk through the natural swamp.
Again, it was awesome to see such beautiful blooms in December!
We took Highway A1A on our journey home. Although we only stopped for a picture or two, we both had our first visit to Daytona Beach!
We had the entire beach to our self as no one is there during the month of December! We actually saw signs advertising hotel rooms for $39.00 a night! We were so tempted to stay the night but our Fur Baby's were home awaiting our arrival. We continue to enjoy our drive along the ocean front until Jacksonville, Florida where we jumped back onto the interstate.
Back to Georgia and the land of cotton. Nope, not snow but cotton still waiting to be picked in early December! Get busy cotton farmers...
A week or so home then off to Tennessee for Christmas. We stopped in Nashville at the Opryland Hotel to stretch our legs a bit after a 5 hour drive. I was captivated by this huge Christmas tree inside the hotel.
The garden's in the hotel are just awesome! And again, a wonderful thing to see such beauty in December.
We found it difficult to believe this hotel was under water with the floods of May 2010. It is such a beautiful place to visit any time of year.
Of course the reason for being in Tennessee, Christmas with my family. Here you see my dad looking over a Shadow-Box I made for him. This was my first go at a Shadowbox and I was happy with the results. I collected items from his "Trane Company" Union Days of the 1960's. Silly me, forgot to snap a picture of it though. Duh.... The newest addition to our family (Jensen) was sleeping soundly with 26 people gabbing away around him. We were in Tennessee for 5 days and was not able to visit everyone we had planned to visit, including Tiger Gardens and Tina. Sigh, but Spring Fling is on the way and we shall make up for that missed time.
Back home to Georgia where we ringed in the New Year with Grilled Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Black eyed Peas with Ham and Cornbread.A bit of rest then, I pulled the paints out of the closet and got busy playing a bit.
This little Pig and Squirrel now have fresh coats of paint to brighten them up a bit. They once sit on their swings in the Crepe Myrtle tree that we lost last fall. Now they are swinging under the Japanese Maple trees in the front porch planters.
I also worked on making my own Valentine decorations. I made a Wreath, 2 Swags and a Garland. They now brighten up the woods in my Display for the season. I shall snap a pic of that at some point.
We are currently dog sitting for the Saints parents while they enjoy some warm temps in Florida. They drove down from Virgina and dropped Minnie off with us. She is a good dog and is enjoying lots of outside time. She loves rolling in our beautiful Green Rye Grass. The cats are not too happy with Minnie intruding on their space but they are doing well thus far. We are taking great strides to keep harmony amongst all. Minnie and I spent several hours in the yard yesterday cleaning out a couple of planters. She is a shy dog in her home surroundings but seems to thrive in our woods setting. She runs through the woods, jumps the creek and has the best time while under our care.

Once Minnie has departed, I shall have a few days to prepare the house for 6 house guests! We shall all take off for our Winter Vacation.

With all going on in our life this winter, I have yet to feel the Winter Blues! That is a good thing as that so depresses me. I have been one busy gal since we last spoke and I continue to be kept from blogging. I am just popping in today to let you all know, I AM STILL ALIVE, In the Garden...

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  1. Skeeter,
    Glad your back and everything is peachy. It does look like you have been keeping yourself pretty busy too. That New Years dinner looks pretty good, we had a cook out in early January, I was grilling in a tee shirt.

  2. Well hey girl you've been busy! I'm exhausted just reading about all you have been up to and heading out again? Have a safe trip!! That cotton REALLY does look like snow!! So glad you guys had a good time in Georgia now Spring Fling to look forward too!

  3. Wow, you have been busy! So much to see and enjoy and experience! I have the winter blues a bit. Next year I'll remember your tip about taking a trip. Florida looks like it's still summer there!

  4. Forgot to say those gators look so cool! Big too!

  5. NIce to hear from you Skeeter! I am amazed at the egret on the back of the alligator...whoa.
    You have been pretty busy, and on the road a lot. Hoping to go to Spring Fling so we will get to meet!!

  6. Good to hear from you and see what you've been up to. Looks like lots of fun and good things!

  7. Good evening all. I spent the afternoon cleaning mildew off the front porch while wearing shorts and a tee shirt... Will probably have a fire in the living room by weekend. Ha....

  8. I was thinking about you the other day. So nice to see you've had a great holiday season and are busy, busy.

  9. Hey girl. Glad you're back. Have a wonderful safe trip. Yes, we do have some BIG gators here. We had 1 go down the cuke row one yr. It was guesstimated to be about 5'. That was when we lived in the country.

  10. Nice to see you again Skeeter, and the Saint. I enjoyed your tour too and the sidelines you were telling us. It's good you have that vacation, to be ready for another lengthy normal chores. I love most especially that photo of the bird at the back of the alligator, that scene might not be very common!

  11. Hi skeeter, what a busy and productive time you've been having. Glad you found the time to do a post so we can 'catch up' with you, and that you have not experienced winter blues.

  12. Thanks for the comments everyone! We are busy entertaining Minnie girl and luckily for us, in the yard a lot with sunny skies and dry times lately. Today, all windows in the house were open as it is so mild outside. I pulled some weeds in between dog play.... Everyone have a wonderful weekend...

  13. Good to see a post from you Skeeter. I have been wondering how the blues were this year and just kept thinking you should get back into blogging for something to do but guess you have been busy. I knew from facebook that you sounded okay and busy but I remember last year so have been a bit worried.

    This winter sure has been strange and I worry about the plants but hope for the best. Maine has had to cancel so very many winter things that is just a regular thing for Maine. I wonder how much money the state has lost from the winter tourist.

    It is always nice to get off the big highways. Last time we were down south when we left Pensacola we took the scenic route to outside Tamp and it was great. Lots to see.

  14. You have been busy! With so much going on and the mild winter no wonder there's been no winter blues.

    Did the gator taste like chicken? ;)

  15. Well, no wonder you haven't been "around", Skeeter--you have been one busy lady! Years ago we took our kids (before #4 was born) to Disney World for the first time. I remember that my sons enjoyed Gator Land more than any other place on that trip. I still have a photo of them with their little sister holding a small gator and a big snake curled around their necks:)

    Hard to imagine that you have spring bloomers already. Let's hope Mother Nature doesn't have any surprises in store for us in February!

  16. Yeah Skeeter, was wondering how you were doing. Certainly one busy lady:) Have fun on your vacation. Ciao!

  17. Hey all, we had a temp of 78 degrees recently! The garden is waking up but way too soon! I so hope Mother Nature is nice to us and does not kill anything with a freak storm with ice or snow....

    Jean, the backroads are the best with travel. Too bad the Saint prefers Interstate... Grrrrrrrr...

    Sweetbay, LOL and yes, the gator meat tasted like chicken!

    Rose, Disney world is imagination but Gatorland is the REAL thing! That may be why the kids have such fond memories....

    Anonymous, I have been trying to find a minute to chat through an email since receving your awesome Christmas card but as you can see, I am keeping busy girl. I'll write when I find a minute....