Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Westfall Garden

Our fourth stop on our group tour took us over toward my side of town (west side). Here we entered the magical backyard paradise of the Westfalls. Their pond was a very large pond that contained some beautiful fish and a classical pergola.
Our path to the backyard took us down this stone pathway. Mr. Fix-it and I got some good ideas on what we would like to build our backyard patio out of whenever we get aroundtuit. These stones were securely set into a base and the path itself was so darned perfectly level you would've thought it was not really stone. It made for a comfortable walking area.
Here are some of the beautiful koi. Do you see how the water adds light, reflection, and movement to the garden? Ponds provide this unique facet of gardens.
There was even a bit of whimsy in this garden. The pond area itself was part sun and part shade. Perfect conditions for a pond in my humble opinion. Here a seating area is set up under an apple tree. Watch out for the colorful lizard looking to get an apple or two!
This is the lower end of the pond next to the house. This pond had a retaining wall built on this side because the yard angled up toward the back of the property, away from the house. Building a pond like this serves a purpose in that the drainage from the slope is stopped above the pond so it will not drain toward the house, plus you have something nice to look at. Making a wall that lasts and is structurally sound is very important so if you undertake such a project be sure you do it right.
Do you remember I said Naomi is a learner and takes in all sorts of information? She was very interested in how these impatiens were growing in the water of the waterfall stream. Did you know impatiens grow in water? They do wonderfully in water.
These variegated irises were stunning.
This turtle shell made a nice statement.
Impatiens cascade down the waterfall.
A long shot of this large pond.
Finally I close with the newly built pergola near the pond....

in the garden....

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  1. Tina,

    Those gardens look very relaxing! I kind of thought that pond looked too big for the space to me. Nice padoga too.

  2. Nice garden Tina and the pond was very relaxing. I loved the turtle's shell covered shell.


  3. How do impatients grow in water? Do you use water instead of dirt? I have never heard of that..they were beautiful...and the iris's also just grow in water? wow!!
    stella rose's mom

    1. I didn't check these impatiens but perhaps they were buried in rock or dirt along the edge of the waterfall. I do grow irises in water by planting them in pots of heavy garden dirt. I add fertilizer tablets to the pots for nutrients because otherwise water does not have a lot of nutrients. I do keep the base of the plant about 1" below water for irises and perhaps level with the water for the impatiens.

  4. Love the reflective aspects of the pond. It is a nice setting. I do like the pergola at the end of your post...very nicely done.

  5. Picture pretty! With the pond so very close to the house, they just HAD to slove the way water drains away from the house or just a small rain shower would spell trouble. At the first of the post my first thought was oh my, I wondered how many floods they had. Hope it never fails them.

  6. Beautiful pond but I would be afraid a bit too close to the house. How did this pond fair during the massive TN floods a few years ago? I love the way they left planting areas between the walkway and the pond. Looks so natural. Wow on all that stone! I am a Rock Hound so you know that got my eye. Love the whimsy of the apple tree sitting spot and the turtle as well....

  7. loved the trutle shell...I would die for some koi but the racoons would eat them!

  8. Another great tour Tina. Thanks so much. I like the apple tree resting place. I didn't know those plants would grow in water. One never gets too old to

  9. I love that koi pool! Thanks for the tour of this whimsical garden.

  10. Beautiful...those are some healthy fish!

  11. Love that waterfall with the plants around the cascade. Lovely photos.

  12. How beautiful. That garden looks so pristine it must take a lot of maintenance.

  13. I love a good garden tour. We're getting ready to have ours in few weeks, and I'm so glad. I feel energized with ideas and simple beauty when I visit one.~~Dee

  14. tina I gotta say I love the blogroll by countruy and state...WHAT AN EXCELLENT idea I will use must have taken a long time thank YOU!

  15. This is absolutely gorgeous! And I had no idea impatiens would grow in water! I may give that a try next year!