Thursday, August 9, 2012

Foundation on the West side

Here you see the West Side of the house. Kind of boring with not much going on in my Georgia Gardens back in 2008.
Here you see the blank canvas before the Beach Planter took place. To the right of the cement pad, you shall see another small planter take shape as we scroll.
Here you see the Beach Planter that we talked about on Tuesday.
Now to the right of the cement pad. Grass was dug out, holes dug, plants inserted, rocks set into place and mulch spread. The 5 gayfeather bulbs to the back were planted at the same time. They each grew at a different rate. Strange how that happens, eh. The Irish Moss was left over from another project. More on that to come.
We jump to June 7 and see some blooms. Ha, I just noticed a bee buzzing by the gayfeather!
Jumping again to July 19 and we can see that only 3 of the gayfeather bloomed. The elephant ear is from a bargain purchase from McCorkles Nursery last year. It looks as though the ear survived its first complete year with us.
Moving in a bit closer, we see the Irish Moss is doing well. I also see a weed that needs to be pulled. The Toad Abode gives a bit of a fairyland thought to the mind.
Moving to the left side of the AC/Heat unit, we find the Sagina Platform back in April. Click HERE to see how it was created if you missed it.
Jumping to June 27, we find the Black Elephant Ears (also from McCorkles last year) are doing well. I added the green Elephant Ears from those I took away from the Semi-Formal Garden last fall.
All Elephant Ears are doing well in this spot. They get lots of sun and lots of water from the AC run-off. Free watering, HA, not really as every time that AC runs, she is eating up money. This picture was also snapped on June 27. Keep that date in mind.
Pulling back for the long shot, you see the entire West side of the house. What was once boring is now filled with interesting things to view. Hum, how can I hide that darn ugly electric meter?
Jumping to present day, we find that the heat and sun have finally taken its tole on the Sagina. Sigh, I was afraid this would happen.  I am really surprised it lasted as long as it did with our extreme high temps and blazing sunshine of the hottest time of day upon its lush green. I still like the look of this platform and want to keep it similar. Any ideas on what would work in this spot and take extreme heat and like moist areas and stay low to the ground? There you have it, the FOUNDATION ON THE WEST SIDE, In the Garden... 
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  1. It is quite a transformation! I like those elephant ears and see the whole side filling up with them. Perhaps thyme would work for under the crawl space door?

  2. A good plan and lots of hard work really paid off. Very nice...:)

  3. Great job Skeeter! Nice house too BTW. :0)

  4. That is some transformation. It looks wonderful.

  5. What a change! I am trying to come up with a low growing moisture loving plant.....hmmm. Think I would check out they have all sorts of low growing plants.....surely one would be a good fit. I love having elephant ears, they are so huge!

  6. Thanks for the walk through your garden this morning Skeeter...Mom and I really enjoy it! Mom went to facebook and looked up the page with flea market junk gardeners yesterday and found lots of really good ideas..she is trying to collect blue bottles for her bottle tree and butterfly feeding station and she is looking for bowling balls...
    Have a super great day
    Stella Rose

  7. Tina, Ah, Thyme must be researched by me...

    Troutbirder, Thanks! It was fun creating these little gardens...

    Randy, Thanks and we love our setting with this house. I was sold the minute we drove down that wooded driveway and saw that rocking chair front porch...

    Lola, Thanks and your Lily has been a hit with the beach planter....

    Janet, I shall check out that site, thanks for the tip! I think elephant ears look so tropical and just love them. They seem to thrive in our conditions....

    Stella Rose, Oh, we here at In the Garden are always happy to inspire! Your mom looking for bottles and bowling balls makes us smile! Good luck with the hunt and happy creating...

  8. Everthing always looks great at your place and I do not blame you on being sold on the rocking porch. They are great and in my humble opinion they are many notches over the modern day deck!!!

  9. Nice to have those before shots to see how much you've done. Too bad about the sagina. I still like the brick pattern.

  10. I always enjoy seeing before and after photos; I wish I had taken some photos of our house when we moved in before I started the garden. Your elephant ears look great! I just received some free plants I need to plant somewhere, but I thought they needed shade?

  11. What a nice progression to a garden from a blank slate. I also use creeping thymes on stone and brick as they are very xeric and love the heat....