Friday, March 8, 2013

A Giveaway For You!

I love daffodils! Do you all love daffodils? Let me tell you if you don't you have not explored them enough. There is a daffodil for everyone. Some are small, some big, some single, some double, some fragrant, some are white or yellow or orange or pink or a combination and the list goes on!

I have posted on daffodils many many times during the past five plus years that I have been blogging and I don't ever see that changing. Today's post is special in that I am sponsoring a giveaway in honor of all the friends who have ever given me anything--daffodils included. The above pictured daffodils just happen to be my recent gift from a friend named Carrol. I do not know what cultivar these daffodils might be but I think they are either a Jonquilla division or a Miniature division type daffodil. They are blooming right now in Carrol's garden so I would consider them an early daffodil. The flowers are the size of a quarter and are so fragrant they rival edgeworthia for scent. That is a big scent let me tell you! The foliage is rounded and very stiff but not so significant. When I saw these daffodils in bloom I did not even think they were daffodils. I have tried to research the cultivar but am not having good luck. If anyone has a suggestion as to what type they might be I'd love to hear it. Carrol received these lovely daffodils from a fellow gardener (Mrs. Wooten) who lived nearby. Don't you know passalong plants ensure the person who passes them along is always remembered? I did not even know Mrs. Wooten but now her daffodils will grow in my garden and I will always remember this.

Mr. Fix-it and I were visiting Carrol to pick up some rocks Carrol and her husband were getting rid of as they downsize their garden. Carrol offered the rocks to me. I guess most of my friends know I love rocks and free things so I am almost always right there to get them. My garden is a bit eclectic (just like me) and part of the reason is because I have so many good friends who share not only plants but hardscaping and other garden treasures. In fact, I took home a few other things from Carrol but I'll save those for a later date. Thank you Carrol and Tom!

Now on to some garden pictures featuring daffodils and a few other early blooming perennials. 
'Ivory Prince' is blooming. This is one of the best cultivars of hellebores for all gardens in my opinion.
Right next to the Ivory Prince are a bunch of hyacinths. The combination is quite lovely.
A long shot of the garden with the hyacinths and 'Ivory Prince' show the 'Tete e Tete' daffodils blooming in the lawn. These daffodils were just planted last spring but they will soon be dug and replanted again-on the new property. A gardeners work is never done, or so it seems to me. Sigh. Now on to the giveaway to make your work nicer in your garden!

To make the garden more enjoyable for you, to thank you for reading this blog and being interested in gardening, and to give exposure to a garden related company that I happen to like very much because they are kind enough to allow me to give one of you readers a VERY NICE prize for your garden, I am going to do a giveaway for you all. 

The company is called Serenity Health and Home Decor. You may remember they sponsored a giveaway last year that a very happy fellow blogging friend won and posted about. This year they are very generous with the choices I can give one of you lucky commenters and visitor to their site. Let me first say I don't normally do a lot of these but when folks are as nice as they are at Serenity Health, put no mandates on me to do a giveaway or how I do it, and are so generous to make one of you happy I am all for it. 

Okay, the three choices Barbara at Serenity Health gave to me to giveaway to you all included:
I looked at all three and actually really like all three. I could see me using all of them in my garden. Especially the hammock-providing I ever rest! Taking naps outside is a great thing to do! The Lion Head Solar Fountain was awesome too. A very classic choice for a garden. The 3 Jug Fountain is also wonderful. Who wouldn't want to hear the sound of water while gardening? Go take a look at all three and come back and let me know which prize you would select if you won the giveaway in a comment below. I'd love to know your reasoning behind your selection because each and every garden is unique, as are the gardeners. While we could all use all three of these prizes in our garden only one can be awarded. The winner of the prize I selected for you will be announced on April 1st; the drawing will take place Sunday, March 31st at 6:00 PM CST. That gives you three weeks to ponder over the choices. If you like check out Serenity Health on Facebook as well. I will need your name and address to give to Serenity Health once the drawing is complete. They will be sending you your prize directly. This giveaway is open to United States addresses only.

in the garden.....

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  1. Hi Tina...WOW...what great prizes! These are really something! I don't even know which gift I would take, they are all so nice. As always, love all your flowers and I'm so glad I'm lucky enough to get to see them in person.

  2. Good morning Tina ~ I wish I could grow daffs down here in s.e. FL, but can't, so I just have to enjoy them through you and others who blog about them.

    What wonderful gifts. I would choose the 3 jug fountain as it just goes with my tropical/cottage gardens where you will find repurposed items. My husband and I were going to make a fountain and now that he's gone to heaven, that project is not in the works, at least not right now. It would be a joy to win this.

    Whoever wins, I know they will enjoy their gift.


  3. I have daffodils to!! They just aren't up yet here!! The Lion head would look perfect on my retaining wall!!

  4. i would love to win the 3 jug fountain. Since I recently retired, we put in an outdoor electrical outlet just so we could put in a fountain and have the wonderful calming sounds of water as we spend our time outdoors. I also relish the thought of having more birds beckoned to our yard by the sound of the running water.

  5. Beautiful daffs and what a great gift along with the rocks. The daffs are up but not blooming yet here. I'm wondering if they got enough chilling hours this winter. If not they might not bloom much at all. The three choices you present are all great and therefore tough to choose from, but I think I prefer the 3-jug fountain.

  6. I love the daffs. They are just getting ready to bloom here. As for the give away, I don't have trees for the hammock so my choice would be one of the other 2.
    You sure made a haul with the rocks. I love them as so much can be done with them.
    Good luck to all the commenters.

  7. No need to wait and ponder. The lion head fountain is gorgeous and I actually have a perfect brick wall covered in ivy spot for it where I don't on the other two. The birds use the fountain I have their now, but this would be a perfect complement. Serenity Health and Home Decor is very generous to offer these items. Like you, my garden is eclectic BECAUSE I get so much that others don't want. All my paving too was given to me, either by the manufacturer, or pulled from a client's property getting a redesign. It takes design skills to mesh elements and plants that are acquired in such a way. I am guessing you put your skills to good use.

  8. Love your rocks...I wish we could grow bulbs but the only king we can are..amaryllis

  9. So all I had to do was click on the jug fountain photo to enter the drawing? I did and i hope i win because all 3 of those items are great. i love daffodils too- i have several varieties. i garden on a 5 acre parcel in southern oregon and really enjoy reading your blog.

    1. Hi Anonymous! Yes, you are entered in the drawing. If your number is drawn (9) you need only email me your name and address and I'll give it to Serenity Health. Good luck! Your 5 acre parcel sounds awesome and boy are daffodils ever great!

  10. Love the photo across your garden and all the tete e tetes blooming! Now that our snow has melted, I can see my tete e tetes are sprouting.

    The owls are happily hibernating in the garage but will be out in the garden again soon.

    These are all great prizes. Wish I had a place for a hammock like that. Had a hammock at my parents farm. Spent a lot of hours reading in it growing up. It's great how many things can be run on solar power now. Let's a person put them in more places without all the wire running and a renewable energy source!

    Enjoy all your daffodils!

  11. Never have enough water features in a garden. I so have the perfect place for the 3 jug fountain! Gardeners love to share and give to others and when you have friends that share back with you it's such a blessing.

  12. I like all 3 lol. But I'd have to go with the jug fountain. I live in a trailer and can't hang the lion one on it(renters rules and all!) and I don't have 2 trees to hang the hammock on, although I guess I could get a stand. I like the idea of the fountain better because I don't have one and I've been wanting to get one.

  13. My guess is that your daffodils are species daffodils, either N. jonquilla often called 'Simplex'
    or N. x odorus Linnarus, sometimes called campernellii.

    You did not specify height; campernelliis are the taller of the two.

  14. Beautiful daffodils! If I could have any of the 3 prizes, it'd be the jug fountain. We bought a home last year and are slowly working on the landscape. A fountain is one of the many things on my "to get" list for our garden. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  15. Love daffs, too! :-) Keep posting about them.

    Greetings from London.

  16. Love how your Tete-a-tete has spread through the yard. Delightful spring color. I like the Lion's head fountain. Have an idea of a great spot.

  17. I would love the hammock. I am trying to make my yard a calm place to enjoy nature.

    shankyouverymuch11 at yahoo dot com

  18. Tina your garden certainly says to us that Spring HAS Sprung! Everything looks soooo nice. The gifts you have available are all amazing, but since I already have a hammock .....thinking the 3 jug outdoor fountain would sound terrific as I rest from yard work that we all love. Hammock, fountain sound AND chirpping is GOOD!!!!


  19. The 3 Jugs Fountain would be perfect for my little garden! I don't have wall space or a place for a hammock (boohoo!) but that fountain would fit perfectly between my two little garden beds!

    meganlovesgiveaways at

  20. Oooh, the hammock! We have a terrible mosquito problem and have new plans for combatting them this year, so hopefully we could actually enjoy swinging outside in the shade.

    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  21. Missed this post, so count me in on the giveaway! The lion solar-powered fountain would be perfect, because I don't have easy access to electricity in my garden areas.

    Love the daffodils--I have been adding more of different kinds in recent years.

  22. I would adore the three jug fountain in my garden.

  23. I love all 3 however we don't have a suitable place to hang a hammock or a wall to hang the solar lion fountain. The 3 jug water fountain however would look great on our porch!

  24. Lucky you on the stones! I continue to enjoy the daffys I have planted the past few years. The late planted ones from a month ago are still blooming for me! What a treat to have them from early Fed to the end of March and I may be lucky to see a few in early April as well.

    Looks like the majority favor the water pots! Good luck to you all for the win! And Stay Tunned as I plan to have a giveaway soon :-) 

  25. As always,, amazed at the variety and planning of your lovely gardens, and am excited to see what you do in your new homeplace!! Am thinking the 3 jug fountain would look nice in my lil space of a garden,, right in front of my porch,, so I could imagine myself in a much larger garden..Terrie W.

  26. The only daffodils I have in bloom are planted next to the house and therefore are afforded a little extra protection from the extreme ice and snow we experienced last week. I would love the 3 jug fountain.

  27. Tina,

    You are the most amazing and inspiring lady I know!! I love reading your blog and seeing pictures of your lovely flower gardens. I can not wait to get to my 10 acres in Texas and start my gardens. Thanks for sharing.


  28. Thanks Conniece and Cindy! Look for an upcoming post for this year's giveaway to come up soon! Happy gardening!

  29. I seem to be losing more and more of my daffodils every year for some reason. I'm going to start adding more I think. WELL, you know me and the lions in my garden so put me down for the lion's head fountain and I'll keep my fingers crossed for good luck. I have the perfect spot for it on the wall by my back entry to my house. :0)

  30. Hi Tina, you are one busy gardener...digging up all those tete-a-tetes, so tiny...and replanting them in your new lot. wow. I think you might miss your old is still so full of beauty. But I know you'll love your new place once it's all finished. Anyway, I had a fountain giveaway from Serenity at Christmas and I'll be having another one soon, as well...this time an outdoor fireplace! I really loved the fountains and wished I could win one on my own blog but of course couldn't do that. Hmm, if I did have a choice and a chance to win I would pick the 3-jug fountain. How fun. Thanks!! Take care, Jan