Monday, August 19, 2013

A New and Amazing Pond Resident

We've had an exciting but elusive friend living in our koi pond for several months now. This elusive friend is a green frog (I'm pretty sure anyhow!) It is finally getting accustomed to us so much that it is allowing me to take several pictures and also allowing visitors to view it. Two nights ago when my daughter was here she spotted it under the rocks and told me to put my finger down by it. Uh-huh!! This frog is as big as my hand when balled into a fist and these kinds of frogs can eat fish and other prey and my finger just might look like a good snack. Instead I brushed my camera strap by its nose and this finally prompted it to jump into the pond and swim across it to its hiding place amidst the rocks.
When the weather first warmed up in the spring we kept hearing a huge kathunk from a frog or two in the koi pond right outside our living room windows. The noise was so loud it almost overpowered the television but we sure enjoyed the sound. After some investigation online we found the call to sound just like the one in the video below. 
So when this frog began being more friendly and not jumping and swimming away upon our approach to the pond each day, we were pretty sure we knew what kind of frog to investigate. But boy oh boy I never knew these kinds of frogs would live in a small 750 gallon koi pond! In the past we've had pickerel and leopard frogs take up residence in the ponds and while I don't have any problem with the situation; I worry that over the winter the frogs will not have a safe place to burrow due to the vinyl liner in the koi pond. Last spring when I was setting up this pond I decided to divide a water plant from the bathtub pond and when I opened the pot up there was a frog hibernating! This is probably not a good thing for the frog. Lucky for it last spring was rather mild. I guess this year I just need to beware and not mess with the aquatic plants until the pond warms up because I don't guess the frog will be so stupid it will not find a safe place to hibernate over the winter. It's not like I can catch it and relocate it so I plan to enjoy it. 
 I think this frog looks kind of like Kermit the Frog. A day before my daughter came for a visit this frog jumped into the pond and then surfaced and stared at me. I actually thought it was fake because it looks so unreal and was so big floating above the water, but isn't it handsome?

in the garden....
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  1. Lucky you. How cool is that to have such a creature in your pond. It must be very rich in this frog's needs. It does sound like it is accustomed to your presence. You will probably soon find more there. FUN

  2. Well, I won't be going near your pond again. It scares me just looking at the picture!!!

  3. He is gorgeous. I can't believe the colorings.

  4. What a cool addition to your pond population! He must be very brave, because these photos are fantastic, Tina. He has beautiful coloring.

  5. The frog pictures are amazing. We've seen a lot more frogs around here this year, and I think it's all the wet weather we've been enjoying. It's nice to drop by and see your garden again, Tina!

  6. What a beautiful froggie and yes, does look like Kermit! We are seeing more frogs and toads then ever before in our gardens and swimming pool liner this year. Am sure it is due to the plentiful rain falls. I am going out each evening and catching the frogs from the pool top and relocating them as they are so darn loud by the sunroom windows. We cannot watch TV due to their loud songs.... My pic of the frogs at your big pond on the land turned out well, I shall share them soon....

    1. And forgot to add: maybe this frog will take care of your baby fish issue....

  7. He looks like he's smiling. He must be happy with his situation. Our neighbor has a pond too for water runoff, and every time it rains (nearly every day right now), the frogs make it sound like nature's opera house. Lots of bass (not soprano) sounds going on there.

  8. Your photos of the frog are just magnificent. I am surprised that it is shy as we have quite a few green frogs here and they are not shy at all. However, they sometime all disappear and I have realized that when they hide, a garter snake is usually around.

  9. Great post, fantastic photos:) Greetings

  10. Oh You are so lucky to have it in the koi pond! As first I thought it was a china ornament because it looked so still and the coloring was so beautiful!!

  11. I love my green frogs...they are so much fun to watch...ours seem very used to us and just hang about the garden.