Thursday, August 8, 2013

Shed Ramp

Preferring "Before" and "After" photos for documentation, I looked for an older Shed photo. I could not believe that I had never taken a photo of the shed in the past. I also could not believe I did not snap a "Before" photo of the shed with this new project here in my GEORGIA GARDENS! Well, Duh.... So I had to dig deep into some files and find a photo to Crop therefore, a Blurry Photo Finish.
When we purchased this house in 2001, we were lucky to have a shed in place. We love this shed but not the drop off at the door or the lack of power hook up. We had told ourselves at the time, that we would have electricity run to the shed and build a ramp as soon as possible. Instead, I put in pavers and a hard plastic step as a "temporary" solution.
Jumping 12 years ahead, we have no electricity run and just now getting around to building a ramp! We had a makeshift step that got us in and out of the shed so it seems, a ramp was put on the back burner. Does this happen to anyone else out there? Ha...

Removing the old step, The Saint discovered two Scorpions. 
This one tried to hide under the lava rock. Resembles a Cricket to my eyes, until you see the curled tail complete with stinger. We have two different types of Scorpions here in Georgia and a third type is moving northward from Florida. Click HERE to see more about these creatures. 
I believe I was stung by a Scorpion a while back when digging in the Compost Pile with naked hands. I know better and will never touch the compost heap again without wearing gloves! Anyway, being a bit upset at the sight of Scorpions and little knowledge of them, these two are no longer on this earth. Sigh, I regret that choice after reading the link above. Scorpions like most critters do have a place on this great Earth so I shall never place harm upon another Georgia Scorpion.
It was a hot and steamy day but the Saint, with the aide of a neighbor and his cordless tools, built a Ramp! 
It is now so easy to guide the Push Mower into the shed verses, lifting and fighting the doorway. Not to mention, will be much easier on aging knees and backs.
With removed stones, I have another project on mind. I shall wait for cooler days to tackle that project. (Just look at those Stinking Sweet Gum Tree Seed Pods. Grrrrrr...) Hopefully that project will not take 12 years like it did to get the SHED RAMP, In the Garden...
I shall be MIA for a bit. Happy Gardening!

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  1. I like the way you "snazzied" up the ramp with those 4 stepping stones. Well done!

  2. Your before and after pics show how much better the ramp is for access. Now you have a nice place to do some planting on either side too. Can't wait to see what your project will be with the pavers. Of course we all take much too much time when we have a project to do. ha... hopefully you will get your paver project accomplished in less than 12 years. Have a good time...

  3. It's looking good Skeeter! Yikes on the scorpions!

  4. There is always something. the ramp looks good.
    Scorpions are not something we encounter. Eeek!

  5. Looks good! We have a lot in our shed that could not be lifted into the shed...a ramp is imperative.