Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall Sights while Geo-Caching

The Saint and I left our GEORGIA GARDENS, for some more Geo-caching. This trip took us to Athens, GA.
We strolled along the beautiful North Oconee River Greenway. Click HERE to read about the Greenway.
 We had a beautiful walk on a paved trail full of history. We saw an old Railroad Trestle.
Railroad trestles are so fascinating to me. I can only wonder how all that wood can hold up a heavy train for so many years.
We spotted this in the middle of an open field. A Pavilion for gnomes maybe?
We enjoyed our walk filled with beautiful views and history.
 We drove on down the road to Hard Labor Creek State Park. Click HERE to see more on the park.
 Our Geo-caching adventures had us walking a most beautiful pathway filled with Fall Colors.
 We found a Cache at this spot called "Lake View" and what a view we had!
 Tree roots made stairs for us to walk along the trail. I spotted two chipmunks within the park and I bet that hole belongs to one as well. This was the most challenging trail we have walked in a State Park before with lots of twist, hills and narrow walkways. Giving us a great workout with our walk. 
 We had never been into one of Georgia's State Parks when it was so full of people before. The campgrounds were full, cabins had patrons and the woods were full of people hiking and even Geo-Caching. It is wonderful to see so many people in the great outdoors! The group you see above were new to Geo-Caching and asked us a lot of questions about the game. We took the time to chat with them and we shared lots of tricks to the trade.
 Look at those colorful leaves which formed a carpet for us in the woods.
Look at this awesome tree.
 I love old trees such as this.
 I am captivated by such trees.
 Our Geo-walk took us to this spot.
 A most beautiful setting.
And inside the old gate house, we found our 200th Geo-Cache! We both agreed that we could not have found a more perfect spot for number 200. We savored the moment and picked up a Rock to label #200 for our garden. We had a most wonderful day enjoying the FALL SIGHTS WHILE GEO-CACHING, In the Garden...

*It is our busy time of year now so I will be popping in and out for the next few months. Enjoy life and your surrounding beauty where ever your paths may take you! 

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  1. What a great trip and wonderful pictures. I've got to try this geo caching business sometime...

    1. Give it a try! It takes us to some wonderful places!

  2. These are some of the most stunning photos of autumn I've ever seen. Truly beautiful.

    Greetings from London.

  3. Gorgeous scenery, Skeeter! It sounds like you and the Saint are dedicated geo-cachers. Maybe you could travel south and teach some Floridians your secrets?

    1. We shall add Florida to our log with a Cape Canaveral visit next month!

  4. Skeeter what incredible scenes to add to the fun!

  5. #200?!? Wow! And I can only imagine seeing these sights in person. Happy rest-of-November!

  6. What beautiful colors! I miss the leaves.

  7. Skeeter, I didn't realize I had missed this post--I'm so glad I checked here. What gorgeous scenery and such colorful foliage! I know nothing about geo-caching (other than what you've written), but I would have loved to come along with you for this hike in Georgia--beautiful!

    1. You would enjoy the hunt with us Rose! Great fun for grandchildren as well...