Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October Sights while Geo-Caching

 With the temps cooler and humidity lacking, the Saint and I have gotten back into our hobby of Geo-Caching. Today, I wish to show you some of the things we have seen while out playing our Treasure Hunting Game.
 Wild Flowers are the main thing we notice.
 They are every where in nature.
 Wild Flowers make our strolls in the woods a bit more exciting.
 This I believe to be some type of Wild Verbena.
 I have seen more of this pretty purple flower this year then ever before. I can only assume it liked all the rain we had in the spring and early summer months.
 On this day, we spotted empty snake eggs. We can only wonder what type snake came out of these eggs.
 Thank goodness, no snakes were any where to be seen.
 Could this be the beginnings of a Saw Palmetto? Or what?
 A beautiful mushroom caught my eye in the GEORGIA woods. From a distance, I thought it was a golf ball.
 A box turtle was coming to life in the warmth of the day. You can see the hole where it had been napping.
 We said hello to Mr. Turtle and went about our Geocaching.
 While in Tennessee, we did a bit of Geo-Caching as well. These beautiful blooms were a welcome sight at the local Winery in my hometown.
 Beachaven Winery, always has a beautiful entry and this day was spectacular with the sun shining, making for popping colors. I have never seen Celosia this large before.
 And look at the size of this beauty!
A prize find, this rock. Yep, that is a Geo-Cache in the form of a Fake Rock. Once turned over,  you find the compartment to open and a log to sign stating you have found the Cache! We enjoyed the OCTOBER SIGHTS WHILE GEO-CACHING, In the Garden...
*Stay tuned for more sights of Geocaching on Thursday...

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  1. Such wonderful sights while out looking for your rock. I find these Geo things sometimes while out birding. It is fun even though I have never used a GPS to do this. A friend of ours does. I like to hear of her adventures.

    1. We have some great adventures with Geo-Caching Lisa! We have come across some really interesting places and learned a bit of history along the way as well. Plus, it gets our rumps off the sofa and into the great outdoors...

  2. Those snake eggs are pretty cool. I've never seen any before. That pink and white flower at Beachaven as to be my fave. The petals are so cool! Very good pics of the box turtle. Thanks for pointing out the hole it had dug I surely would've missed it otherwise. Your geocaching adventures sound so fun!

    1. We have a great time when out Geocaching Tina! We have been to some great places and have so many more yet to come! We have played this game in 5 states thus far and should hit VA soon!

  3. What a cool mushroom! The snake eggs are pretty interesting, too; I've never seen one before. But they would sure make me very wary while walking in the woods:) Looks like you had a great time!

  4. Your photos complement our Guy Fawkes Night perfectly. They are colourful and so are the fireworks (fewer this year) we've had tonight. :-) Many tanks.

    Greetings from London.

  5. A great post as usual. Sure nice to read about what you are doing. My S/DIL do this also. They have fun.