Monday, June 9, 2014

Planting a Pecan Tree-From a Pecan

When we first moved into our current home in 2001 I noticed a lot of pecans in my yard. I thought this was odd because there were no pecan trees in my yard. I looked around and found a large pecan tree in the yard clear across the road. It is quite a prolific pecan tree because every single year I wind up with a lot of pecans and pecan seedlings in my garden.

Well, now that we have the farm Mr. Fix-it and I would love to grow our own food; including pecans. A few months back I placed an order for two grafted pecan trees from Stark Bros. I selected varieties because they are native and because they will pollinate each other and hopefully grow well in my region. The two varieties I purchased are: Stark SureCrop and Starking Sure Giant. Both of these small grafted trees arrived in May and are safely planted on the Back-40.
Our two little grafted pecan trees may begin to bear pecans in 7-10 years so we have some time before we reap the harvest. But, thinking in advance when I found a pecan from my neighbor's tree in my yard last fall I thought I would take it to the land and plant it on the Back-40. I stuck it in the ground about 4" down and placed a metal stake nearby so I would remember where the nut was located and promptly forgot about the pecan.
Hubby was quite cynical that any tree would grow but I could not see why one wouldn't when I remembered how many little pecan trees I have pulled out of my garden at home over the years. About two weeks ago when we were checking our grafted pecan trees we checked out the area by the metal stake and there was the tiny pecan seedling! It had not only sprouted but was about 10" inches tall already! I recently dug it up and moved it to a more central location between the two grafted pecan trees. Upon digging the small tree there was no mistaking this seedling for anything but a pecan tree. I have no idea what cultivar it could be but I do know my neighbor's grandmother planted that tree many years ago in her front yard. It bears pecans each year and I think it may bear even more with two other nearby pecan trees. Only time will tell but for now Mr. Fix-it is a believer in the power of growth of a small little nut....

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  1. That's neat! It will be fun watching these grow and eventually bear loads of nuts.

    1. Yes indeed! I am hoping it grows fast enough that I can harvest some nuts.

  2. Way to go Tina. Sure hope it gives you plenty of "nuts". I have wondered about this also. Glad yours are ok.

  3. My husband would rake leaves from my mom's yard and occasionally some pecans would be in the leaves. We brought home bag after bag of leaves and about 5 years ago a pecan tree sprouted. We have allowed it to grow because my mom has passed away and it means a lot to us.

    1. Aw, the connections gardening bring to us. So special! How big is your tree now?

  4. What a great tree to have and from a nut! I did not know that pecan trees would grow in Middle TN. I only see them in the deep south, like down here in GA....