Thursday, June 19, 2014

Some Early Summer Flowers

At this time of the year the gardens are lush and full of promise. Oh my goodness-this has been a great year for gardening! Everyone is complaining about the heat but I say bring it on! It has been a very nice season for me so far and not too hot at all in my opinion. I mean, geez, it is mid June already and we who live in the south have to expect heat. Before we know it the winter will be upon us again so let's enjoy the warmth and our gardens while the season is high. Here are some pictures from my current garden called Tiger Gardens.
A beautiful tall pink, striped daylily; cultivar unknown. It's daylily season in Middle Tennessee and yesterday while at my monthly garden lunch buddy get together all six of us said daylilies are our favorite flowers in the garden right at this moment. It is only right I start with one of mine. The three huge beds of daylilies on the farm are slowly beginning their blooms-pictures on them later.
The oakleaf hydrangeas have a long season of interest and actually keep their blooms for more than one year. Right now mine are beginning to turn an attractive pink. This one is on the north side of my home next to a boxwood, and camellia.
Red astilbe and sensitive fern also on the north side of the house is doing quite well. I've never seen astilbes look better in all the years I've been gardening here. These few were accidentally left behind when I moved the other red astilbes to my farm last week.
A mostly shade-part sun garden I call the Greenhouse Garden is looking good despite removing a lot of its plants. These trumpet lilies do quite well in the shade and were a going away gift from a very dear friend who moved away to Michigan a few years ago right about this time. Even tho I still miss her and talk to her on the phone frequently, I can always count on these lovely lilies to remind me of her at this time each year. And I still wish she would move back to Tennessee!
The Rear Shade Garden is overgrown and crowded. Calling it lush would be too kind as it is simply overgrown. I have not moved many plants from this garden. Those large 'Sum and Substance' hostas really need to go soon. This garden is one of my favorite ones and while it is not a difficult thing to move it, the difficulty for me is that I have no shade garden out at the farm. Once the house is complete that will change as most of these plants are destined for the north side of my home. I have visions I tell you.
The new foliage of vernal witch hazel is an eye catcher. This shrub is a must have in all gardens because it blooms in the January-February time frame in my upper Middle Tennessee garden. The slight yellow flowers can put out a powerful scent that in the dead of winter, is very welcomed. I am debating on whether or not I can move this shrub. It has gotten really large in the last few years and I hate to lose it by attempting to move it but who knows what I may tackle later this year.
In the Sunny Perennial Garden a good deal of perennials have made the move. Not much is left but this 'Flame White' phlox and 'Sunny Border Blue' veronica is blooming happily. These are two plants that have made the move but because they spread so fast I still have plenty left here as well as growing on the farm.
Old fashioned hollyhocks bloom despite total disdain from me. While I enjoy these blooms once they begin to fade the plant itself is quickly consumed by rust and flea beetles. I am not a huge fan of these and don't know if I'll find a spot for them in my new garden.
Lastly I show a picture of my magnificent 'Tangerine Beauty' crossvine. This baby is really large and covers a plastic PVC arch. It's main period of bloom was several weeks ago but this particular vine will periodically put on new blooms throughout the entire growing season. The sunny orange is eye catching.....

in the garden.....

Thursdays are Skeeter's day to post but I have it on good authority she is not posting today. I don't think she'll mind that I stick this post in here today. Mr. Fix-it and I are looking forward to visiting with her out on our land this evening. It will be a nice break in the garden...
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  1. I can imagine that you mind is full of 'visions' for your new garden. It appears that you have plenty to draw upon here in this garden. What fun it would be to be able to slowly create the garden of one's dreams. I really like plants that remind us of others in the garden. It is like having a nice visit with them when they bloom. :) Have fun tonight. I can't wait to see what Skeeter posts about her visit..

  2. I am so excited to get to see Tigers Gardens even though thinned out. Even though, thinned out, I am sure are still full to me. I am even more excited to get to see the Farm gardens and walk through your new house! Gonna be a hot one but will have water and wet rag with me. Ha ha...

  3. You have such lovely blooms there at Tiger Gardens. Even though your garden is 'thinned out' I know it is still lovely and gives you much joy.

    Have a great weekend visiting with Skeeter! That is exciting.


  4. Tiger Gardens continues to reward you with beauty even as you concentrate efforts at your new farm. So many beautiful blooms.

  5. My goodness, Tina, after all that you have moved to your new farm, I'm amazed at what is still blooming back in Tiger Gardens! I do hope you find a suitable place to move your shade garden; I'm finding on these hot and humid days, that is my favorite place to be:) What fun to visit with Skeeter--enjoy yourselves!

  6. Love your Tiger Gardens even tho a lot has been moved. Will be a treat to see the farm thru pics from you.

  7. Enjoyed my visit today. You are a couple of weeks ahead of me here on the shores of Lake Michigan. Daylilies are not yet in bloom - maybe by July 10th. Hopefully. Jack

  8. Your garden is deliciously lush. I'm pleased to see your transplants taking root and thriving. Like you.

  9. Wonderful to see Tiger Gardens blooming Tina!