Thursday, August 14, 2014

Great Summer

  How is everyone enjoying Summer? One more month remains for us then Summer begins to wind down. I am seeing Halloween and even Christmas Decorations in the stores now! Wow, where has the year gone? 
Oh, I now have Peacocks in my GEORGIA GARDEN...
 Ha, not wanting the mess of real fowl, I settled for these two bargain birds found at an "Antique Store" while I was in Tennessee this past spring. I put them on the fencing which hides the Propane Gas tank for our home heating. Click HERE to see the Fencing's start. I removed the Trumpet Vines as they were trailing beyond the fence. I tried my best to keep them at bay but they were determined to take over the entire Semi-Formal Garden if not removed. I removed the vine back in Spring and am still finding it popping up throughout the garden today. Grrrrrrr....

This garden has really enjoyed the rain this summer. This colorful garden is located by the Arbor Swing. Click HERE to see the Arbor Swing being built. I love red, yellow and purple's together. 
Miss Huff Lantana had a late start this year but is now putting on a show for me.
 Zooming in to one of the hundreds of blooms you can see why the butterflies, bees and humming birds flock to this bush.
 The Rock Garden by the Patio is still a favorite of mine. I am loosing some things in this garden as it was once a shade garden. With fewer trees in the area now, more sun is hitting shade happy plants. The ivy has really taken a hit but Periwinkle/Vinca is a great filler to bare spots. 
 The Formosa Lily was becoming so large in the Beach Planter, that I divided it and put a couple in the Rock Garden. Here you see one happy Formosa Lily. Click HERE to see the Beach Planter.
 Here is the view one sees of the Rock Garden as they sit at the Patio Table.  
 The Chimney Planter on the East side of the house has been a great spot for the Elephant Ear. This is the Ear I would over winter inside each year. Not wanting to close off a room to our indoor only cats any longer, I left this Ear on the front porch in its pot over winter. I was not sure if it would survive or not but come spring, I put the bulb roots into the ground. And now the results! I shall heavy mulch this area and let her be this winter and hope for the best...
The plentiful rain has the grass looking so beautiful this summer! It is so lush, green and soft to the feet. Keeping up with mowing has not been too difficult as we have had cooler temps then normal. I am mostly push mowing and bagging this year. Thus far, we have had a GREAT SUMMER, In the Garden... 

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  1. Our summer has been nice too. I don't think you will ever get rid of the trumpeter vine. It just keeps coming back. It is amazing where the roots go on this plant. It runs underground to who knows where. Love all the color and blooms in your garden. Fall is right around the corner. I can see the days getting shorter.

    1. Yes Lisa, it is amazing the places I have found the Trumpet popping up! I would love to have it all along my fence but my wonderful neighbor may not be happy about that since they have their work shed in the area. I love the blooms as do the hummingbirds but not going crazy wild... I too am noticing the shorter days and the Saint has to turn on the porch light when leaving for work now and I am spotting the sun coming in the South facing windows when not normal during summer. Fall is a wonderful time for us so I am looking forward to its arrival. Although, will miss the bloomers in the garden but then again, there is always the fall leaf colors to enjoy...

  2. Lucky you to have great rains and your gardens are indeed looking great! Can't wait to see them in person soon!

    1. Another wet summer for us here in Georgia and we are loving it Tina! So much better then our normal 5 year drought cycles! We are off to the lake this weekend too... Hope some color remains for your visit in Sept.

  3. It's ALL beautiful! The Rock Garden, especially.
    We've had a wonderful summer, too. So happy since I've not been physically able to tend to it as in other years...

  4. Looking good in your garden. My mom has those exact peacocks hanging on their wall. I think they're circa 1970 something. Love them. Good display for your garden space.

  5. Your garden is looking great in summer. It has been cooler and wetter but the flowers don't mind...but the veggies do. Love the peacock!

  6. Hello Skeeter girl !
    I am entirely in love with those peacocks .... heck all of your gardens too girl ! ... I love your designing ... the plants are gorgeous ! ... and what about this wacky weather? We are way off the scale of what we normally have (mind you I could care less about missing out on the heat humidity!) but some of the sun/heat loving plants are not thriving ... oh well ... I'm sure next year will torture us with beyond normal heat/humidity.
    Did I read you mention Halloween ??????????????? hehehehe
    Look at that grass ! ... if our landscaper ever shows up here I won't have any in the back garden with the stone work down ... IF that ever happens that is !
    Hey ... very nice post girl : )

  7. Those peacocks are quite a find! Wish I could grow 'Miss Huff' here, but I do plant annual lantana every year, and I agree the butterflies love it. Isn't it wonderful what enough rain can do? It's been a great summer here, too. We're in for warmer temps this week, but I'm not going to complain, and I know the pool-owners are happy to have at least one more week of swimming weather before fall.