Tuesday, June 21, 2011

McCorkles Nursery


The Bathroom/Closet renovations are slowly moving along. The walls are ready for primmer painting. Hardiebacker has been cut for the floor and is ready to be screwed to the sub flooring. But we keep getting sidetracked with this renovation. We cannot seem to get one project completed, then we take on another project. Anyone else like this? Our sidetrack this go round was the nearby McCorkle's Nursery. McCorkle's business began in 1942 and thrives today. 4 million-plus container plants in sizes 1-15 gallon are produced annually. They employ up to 350 people during peak season.
McCorkles is a Wholesale business that opens twice a year to the public. Click HERE for a Forum on this years first sale. This Forum gave us all the information we needed to know for a great experience at the sale.
Our neighbor told us about this sale. He has two young daughters and wants to create a green fence for privacy in the front of their house. He was itching to get to the sale to find Green Giant Arborvitae.
The Saint took the day off from work on Friday and we left our Georgia Garden for the day. Here he is standing by Southern Magnolia's.
Imagine our shock to see these tall beauties for a mere $15 each! Giant Plant Sale indeed!
Trucks with trailers were lining up for the bargains.
Our friend took his trailer and loaded it with Green Giants, Magnolia, Holly, etc.
Encore Azalea's were packed into the back of his SUV.
Jasmine, Jessamine and Ligustrums were in his backseats.
Crepe Myrtles rode co-pilot. We had the back of our pick-up loaded as well. Once home, our friend rented an Auger and Ditch Witch to make a sprinkler system and plant these beauties. All this with high temps and humidity on the moon. But we did not care as we got bargains galore!

I wrote down the names of some plants and came home to research them on the Internet. We all returned for a second batch of goodies after lunch and Equipment pick up. Oh Yes, the Saint was even in awe with the prices. We are already planning to attend the Sept sale this fall....


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  1. I can't believe how many plants and trees you fit into your car.

  2. Wow what a nice assortment and great prices indeed! Hope your bathroom remodel gets back on track soon. We did a smaller remodel on one of ours and it's finally done.

  3. Good Morning everyone! Going to be another hot one in GA today, expecting 103 as the high temp not counting heat index. Yes, it is summer time!

    Rosey, this car (SUV) was not ours but our neighbors. We did however have the back seat of our truck loaded as well as the bed though. I just failed to snap a pic of that…

    Raquel, We do hope to get back on track with the renovations. This was one of those things that just happened and we had to pounce on the opportunity. As my hubby says, “Strike while the iron is hot”…

    We are striking a good balance with the visiting dog being inside with our cats. I still have tons of plants to get into the ground though. So much to do and trying not to stress….

    Have a good day all…

  4. $15 for those tall magnolias!? I hope you bought them all! So many goodies! Let me know when the next one is and I might come down:) Are there perennials too?

  5. Wow!!! You are going to be very busy digging and planting. Good deal. I just bought a Lavendar Twist Weeping Redbud and it is at least 4 or 5 feet tall and I thought I got a good deal at $25,00 but I guess not.

  6. Hi all.
    Skeeter that was a marvelous deal. You sure will be busy for a couple days with that.
    Sure hope you can finish the redo soon, then all your attention can be in the garden.
    Watch that heat.

  7. Good afternoon! It is HOT out there people....

    Tina, yes, I had already mentioned this to Mark! I said I wanted you to be there with me girl. The next sale is some time in Sept but not sure of the dates. I will let you know as soon as I know the exact dates. They specialize in Bush and Trees but did have some perennials. I picked up a few things you will see on Thursday. I am hoping that they will have more perennials on the next sale..

    Jean, I still think that is a great deal. I did not see any J. Maples but the Saint said he did but the fancy ones priced higher. Not sure what higher meant but must have been pretty pricey for him to pass on them. I kept loosing Mark as he would go one way and me the other. Was funny.,..

    Lola, It is so hot that I am waiting for cooler temps like 90- degrees to plant the rest of the stuff. Ha, 90 is cool compared to the 100's. I am just trying my best to stay hydrated when outside. The pool helps as I dip my face and arms into it when I feel really hot. But that is nothing like staying out of it all together…

    Stay Cool everyone…

  8. Thanks for the info Skeeter! I appreciated the email, maybe I will venture out and check this place out next year. It sure was hot but I know you all were there and back pretty early.

  9. Wow, what a sale! I wish we had something like this in our area; it was definitely worth taking a day off work for the Saint. I had to laugh at your friend's truck--I've crammed a lot of plants into my small SUV before, but never quite this many:)

  10. Wow! What a pile of loot you have there! I would love to go to a sale like that one. Carla

  11. Nice haul there Skeeter! Sounds like you got some real bargains. Can't wait to see them in your garden!

  12. Good Morning all, I am up early this am to get some of my new goodies into the ground. It is so stinking hot and sticky already. We are expecting a break from the 100-plus temps. So the 93 degree cold front will be welcome by me. hee hee.....

    Janet, I really think you would have been happy with some of the bargains for your new landscape. Yes, we were dripping wet within 15 minutes in the humidity but none of us complained too much as we had water and brow wiping rags. I was prepared...

    Rose, We have only taken one road trip this year so the Saint has a lot of vacation time built up. He was happy he took the day off for this plant sale. I am lucky to have a hubby that enjoys my hobby of gardening along with me...

    Carla, I was so tickled to find out about this sale. I cant wait for the next one. We dont have the big Garden Shows in the spring but so this substitutes that disappointment...

    Dave, I hope to get more of them into the garden today. Will be hot and sticky but I need to get them in the ground so I can sleep at night. I am upset with myself for not planting them all but so many at once is tough on the body…

  13. Wow! You'all really know how to pack vehicles down there!