Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A New Year 2016

 It has been a long time since I last posted on this blog. A tragic turn of events for my family and I lost the desire to write about my beautiful GEORGIA GARDENS.

After recently walking my gardens, I have now found the desire to jump back into blogging for the New Year!

Life is full of surprises, some good some not so good. The same goes for life in nature in the form of our gardens. The above photo of my happy Fringe Bush is such a happy welcome being full of blooms for January. I am taking this to be a good sign for a wonderful year to come.
 We have been experiencing some strange weather with an early Fall that seemed more like winter and now a Winter which feels more like Spring or even Summer at times. Such one time, Christmas Day. We experienced a record high of 80 degrees! The Asparagus Fern remains happy with mild temps.  
 This Geranium is currently forming blooms! 
 Ruellia is not blooming but has yet to go dormant for the winter.
 Boston Ferns are still hanging around. The small plant to the left is one of 4 Camellia bushes we took down to the ground. They were taking space from the Japanese Maple trees and since they have priority, the camellias we taken down to the ground. But soon, they started to return. I shall keep them trimmed back and not allow them to grow so large again. Even after cutting them down last summer, they gave me some blooms this fall.
 Along with volunteer green Wandering Jew plant. I removed this plant some time ago but apparently left a few roots and now look at this sight. I have decided to allow it to go rampant in this planter since it seems to be happy.
 Vinca is blooming in January!
 Hyacinth are popping up from below the earth.
 Spring bloomers are opening up which are nice to see but gives me an uneasy feeling about their survival with cold temps on the way.
 Creeping Phlox is confused as myself.
 Elephant Ears which should be long gone are still giving new leaves!
 Iris is blooming.
 There are many buds ready to open.
 Swamp Jessamine vines are full of buds and blooms starting to open. 
 Honeysuckle never stopped blooming since last spring!
 Lily went dormant with the early Fall winter type weather. But it is popping up with Spring winter type weather.
 These are Bloom'N-again Azaleas but they have bloomed twice last year. Now they are giving more blooms. Are these late Fall blooms or early Spring blooms? So confusing.
 Daffodils are popping up all over the gardens. So far, no blooms but if the mild temps continue, I may see them before too long. 
 The one remaining Butterfly Bush (the others were lost to disease) has yet to loose any green foliage.
Canna went dormant but are returning way too soon!
The squirrels have scattered corn from the Deer Corn Bucket. And now we have corn popping up all over the woods! 
I worry about the garden and how all this crazy weather will affect its life. But as I have learned this past year, nothing is ever certain. I will
"Believe" and "Smile" as I "Love Life" and have "Faith" that all will work out. In other words, Life for me will go on. Cheers to A HAPPY NEW YEAR, In the Garden...

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  1. So good to hear that you are alright. It is also good to see that your garden is like all the gardens around...reacting to the weird warm weather.

  2. Again, so sorry for the loss in your family. I know it was a rough year but this year just has to be better with that great positive attitude you are starting with! Lovely garden! I enjoyed it on my visit there last week.

  3. It seems so strange to see all these blooms in January! We had warm weather in December, too, and I saw some spring bulbs starting to pop up in my garden. Let's hope they all realize it is much too early and go back to sleep until spring. So sorry for your family's loss, Skeeter. Wishing you and the Saint a better and happier year ahead.

  4. Sorry for your loss. Seems your plants decided to keep on to bring you some beauty in your life. Take care.

  5. Sorry for your loss. I too have the loss of my brother on Christmas eve morning. There are blooms to help make us happy. I love your garden.