Thursday, January 7, 2016

Rain makes Green Grass

We have had our share of rain in my GEORGIA GARDENS the past few weeks. So much so that Clarks Hill/Strom Thurmond Dam had to be opened to control the flooding. The Saint and I drove out to the dam to check it out as we have never seen all the locks open at one time. It was an impressive sight. I could not get my video to load so sorry you cannot see it for yourself. Must settle for this photo of the Saint instead.
We also drove over to the Augusta Canal Head-gates on the Savannah River. The water was almost to the top of the gates as you can see in this photo.
 The Gate House was open for visitors to see the operation in action. Again, I had a video but could not get it to load.
 This was the second time we had been inside the gatehouse as we were there the day they opened it after a complete renovation. Can you see the Love Locks on the fence? Click HERE to learn about Love Locks.
 I had never heard of Love Locks until the story of the Bridge in Paris. Click HERE to hear about the removal of the Love Locks.
I enjoyed seeing some of the neat locks.
 I have never seen the Savannah River so full of water in the 15 years we have called this place home.
The water in the canal was almost up to the wall of the old dam and locks.
 We spotted this otter having the best time diving for lunch. It was not bothered by us due to being so busy.
All this rain has been good for our Winter Rye Grass. As you can see, it is very happy and bright green.
I have not cared for all of this massive rain fall but RAIN MAKES GREEN GRASS, In the Garden...

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  1. Great thoughts indeed, and pictures. Greetings!

  2. There has been lots of rain here too. The Wabash and White Rivers here are flooded. It looks like spring. Grass is green and the rivers out.

  3. My heart and prayers have been going out for all of those with the horrible flooding that's been happening.

    Thanks for sharing pics of the dam in action and glad it is working on letting the waters flow on downstream.

    Your grass is definitely green and lush.

    Have missed posts from you and Tina ~ Have a wonderful 2016 ~ FlowerLady

  4. Green indeed! It looks like a gem shining in your yard. We have definitely had a lot of water. I am hoping we get some like this in the summer. Wow on the river and dams too.

  5. So much water and very green!! The love locks are neat, but I keep hearing about places that are cutting them off of bridges because of the weight they add to the structure which can compromise its longevity creating a safety hazard. Thank you for sharing the photos. Those videos can be temperamental.

  6. Sure did enjoy the story & pics.

  7. Powerful looking flow. Even scary....

  8. enjoy the rain, Skeeter. It seems some places have too much, others too little... very interesting to see the river and the dam.