Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring has Sprung in Tiger Way Gardens!

Happy Spring to you all! It's been a really good year thus far. Other than one little freeze we have had an early spring overall in Tennessee. It is a very nice time of the year. Here are some blooms from Tiger Way Gardens. All of these plants were transplanted and/or planted here within the last year or two. 

We start with Star Magnolia, aka Magnolia stellata 'Royal Star'. It is a show stealer even at a mere three and a half feet tall. I am really into the magnolias so I have added a lot to my gardens recently so expect to see more.
Star magnolia shrub. This shrub needs some sun-it would actually like a lot of sun. It will languish in the shade so keep that in mind if you are in the market for one of these. The white blooms are slightly fragrant and the tree really looks like someone decorated it with those luscious white stars hanging on the tips of all the branches. This is not a native magnolia but a delight nonetheless.
'Ivory Prince' hellebore-my favorite hellebore.
The crabapple garden is doing ever so well. You may remember I posted about this garden a few years back. All of the Lycoris squamageria I planted are doing really well. I think dividing may be in store for these expensive bulbs sometime soon. The lycoris is all of the green foliage you see outlining this garden. They will bloom come summer.
The peach and plum trees in the orchard are in bloom. We recently had to cover them with sheets to help protect these blooms from a freeze and frost. I never knew peach blooms were so pretty!
The little peach tree. All of the fruit trees were started as whips two and a half years ago. They are finally beginning to grow. Perhaps we might get some fruit from a few specific trees this year. Mr. Fix-it will be delighted if so.
I love flowers that have lots of blooms. The type is of no concern to me I just want a high bud and flower count. This hellebore delivers. It is probably an unknown seedling.
The hyacinths around the koi pond have all come back beautifully. The hedge of roses right behind the hyacinths are groundcover Drift Pink roses. I can't get enough of those roses. They are the BEST!
Finally we finish with Pulmonaria 'Trevi Fountain'. A delightful little groundcover that blooms beautiful pink and purple blooms in the late winter to early spring. If this plant is happy it will seed around and I hope that it is happy....

in the garden.....
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  1. It all looks so pretty and springy.

    Happy Spring & Happy Easter ~ FlowerLady

  2. Things are popping in your garden. I love the fact that you have enough room to make swathes of flowers. It is such a lovely look. Happy Spring.

  3. Lucky you! I can't wait for magnolias and fruit tree blooms. Thanks for sharing yours.

  4. Looking so pretty. Love those magnolias. Not something I can grow. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I noticed a magnolia blooming near the fitness center yesterday where I take Tai Chi--they are so beautiful. Everything is looking so good in your garden. I especially love the hyacinths around the pond. Happy Spring!