Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sunny Delights

We have had beautiful weather the past few days here in my GEORGIA GARDENS. Daffodils are in full bloom and I cannot get enough of them.
 The center of the same flower. See the touch of orange?
 I do not know the names of my little pretties but I have many different types. Although, not as many as our Master Gardener Tina.
 The Yellow glows in the sun.
 This is the one I recall as a child growing up in Tennessee. I called them Buttercups as do most every one I know from Tennessee. That is, all that were born in TN...
 These things give me great cheer in the spring.  
 I do not have many of these but after dividing them a few years, I should have many more.
 Just look at the pollen within. 
 Little rays of sunshine I tell ya.
 Wow, look at this pollen. More than the other bloom and just waiting for something to flutter along and pick it up for transfer.
Wait, correct color but wrong bloom. Of course with Spring comes those pesky dandelions in my grassy areas.
 I have been taking advantage of the nice weather to start cleaning out my gardens. Here the planter full of Liriope is about to be removed. Last year, I left the old grass but this year, I have decided to remove it for a nicer look.  
I took the hand clippers to this planter so as to not disturb any critters taking shelter under the dormant grass. Some times, we get a baby bunny or two. I did not find any bunnies but a big toad which was happy I did not take any type of electric device to this grass. New growth was already popping up from the earth.

I raised the patio umbrella for shade while sipping ice cold water.
And look who was on top of the umbrella. Charlie the Anole visit me as I rest.
 Okay, I became sidetracked a bit. Back to my pretties. These are a smaller variety. I call them Narcissus.
Did you know that Daffodils are in the Amaryllis family? Click HERE to learn more about them.
 Here is one that has yet to completely open.
I find it fun to observe blooms in different stages. I tell you, I just cannot get enough of these little SUNNY DELIGHTS, In the Garden...

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  1. Way to go, Skeeter. They are pretty. Mine are not blooming yet.

    1. I wonder why yours are later then mine Lola? That is odd as you are in a higher zone. Maybe you have later bloomers and mine are all early....

  2. They are looking mighty cute this spring! I love these little cheery guys too. I never really noticed the pollen before. I wonder if honeybees eat it? I started calling them buttercups too. It's just easier. A good amount of mine are in bloom-actually going by now. I missed it all due to the rain but more will come I think.

    1. How funny you too call them Buttercups now. I remember the debate on a blog written long ago about them. I posted this late last night and today, the double ones are opening up! Oh well, maybe I will get a few pics of them before they go by the way side. The heat seems to be getting to them as this round of them are not lasting as long as the earlier bloomers... Should be back to normal Spring temps in a few days....

  3. That was fun to scroll through all the flowers. Good you got a break with your friend after cleaning out that bed. Looking good!

  4. I love daffodils--such a cheery beginning to spring! I always wondered why some people called them buttercups...my mother always called them jonquils; I don't know why. It's been warm here, too, and though we're far behind you, I do believe spring is on its way.

  5. I don't know of anything more welcome than the sight of blooming daffodils after enduing another winter.