Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bloom Day-July 09

July's Bloom Day finds many hardy stalwarts putting on a show for the summer. Among them are 'Lucifer' croscosmia. Also blooming 'George Davidson' croscosmia.
'Pink Diamond' hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata 'Pink Diamond)
'Moonbeam' coreopsis.
Coneflowers, phlox 'Starfire', and 'Sunny Border Blue' veronica.
Angel trumpets. These were wintered over as cuttings from plants I picked up at the master gardener plant sale last summer. This plant is really neat. The buds are yellow but the blooms are pink. Does anyone know why? I assure you all these flowers in the picture are on one plant. I find this really neat.
Unknown lily. This looks like Stargazer but cannot be because I did not plant Stargazer in this spot. It is about 3 feet tall and growing in the shade.
'Hyperion' dayliles. I love these heirloom daylilies. Also blooming are other colored daylilies, cultivars unknown.
Unknown canna, a pass along. I thought it was 'The President', however I don't think 'The President' has dark foliage like this one. Anyone recognize it? Also blooming, yellow, orange and another type of red canna.
Impatiens and hostas
Unknown bromeliad

There are many more flowers blooming. I will not bore you all with their pictures as most have been pictured on this blog at one time or another so I'll content myself with simply listing them. Other flowers blooming: toad lilies, cosmos, gladiolus, squash, watermelons, touch me nots, sedums, catmint, catnip, coneflowers, garden phlox, dahlias, hydrangeas, salvias, zinnias, baby's breath, a few crepe myrtles (Muskogee), cleyera, crinum, primrose (Oenothera hookeri), many hostas, shasta daisies, brown eyed Susans, begonias, lantana, geraniums, million bells, 'Diamond Frost', supertunias, 'Fireball' hibiscus, agastache, hollyhocks alyssum, Rose of Sharon, beautyberry.

What's blooming in your garden this month?

in the garden....


  1. I felt as if I had front row seats in this performance. Many thanks. What's blooming in my garden this month? My wife, she does the whole year round.

    Greetings from London.

  2. Good morning Tina,
    The gardens are exploding with color aren't they? Tried to leave my Brugmansia in the ground this year (others in my area have done so) but think it was vole food.
    I am always impressed with the Hydrangea paniculatas this time of year. Mine is pure white and gorgeous.
    Love the hosta and impatien bed. So when was the last time you planted impatiens? I have them ALL OVER! Can't even tell you when I planted last.

  3. Your blooms are about 2 weeks ahead of mine, I'm still waiting for my Crocosmia and Hydrangeas to come into bloom.

  4. You've got a lot of gorgeous going on! Amazing that you have a bromeliad blooming, I think I've only seen that happening at botanical gardens! Is it possible that the unknown lily was mislabeled? Sheila from The Gardens Petersonville planted a bunch of what were supposed to be stargazers, but the flowered bright orange.

  5. I love your hosta long shot, Tina. The Brug is fantastic.

  6. Tina don’t you just love the Sunny Border Blue veronica? Your flowers are fabulous!--Randy

  7. Everything seems to have popped out for July! Many of my perennials are summer bloomers so we're almost at peak now. I like the hydrangea and that phlox.

  8. Everything is really popping with color! I have that same phlox. I've got about 6 plants in total. Some look really good and others are plagued with fungus so I'm sprayer with copper in hopes they survive. The good news is that my shasta daisies, cone flowers, Geum, liatris, and coreposis are all doing really well. I have one hydrangea that is not blooming yet but I'm hoping. -Jackie

  9. Gorgeous blooms today Tina. I love the color changing effect on your Angel's Trumpet. How cool is that! The Lillies really are the troopers at this time of the year aren't they? :)

  10. I don't have that many blooms, in fact I just move the trumpet outside last week, I hope it will get greater growth but I won't count on it. It's been in the high 40's for the last two nights!

  11. That sure does look like a stargazer lily Tina - maybe a volunteer or a mislabeled bulb? I may have to move my brug into a sunnier spot - no sign of buds yet.

    Your blooms are beautiful - Happy Bloom Day!

  12. Good morning all!

    ACIL, Have a great holiday and kudos to your wife.

    Janet, I actually planted most of these impatiens. I do hope they self seed so I can stop planting. The trick is to plant them in a moist area and this should be a good area. You must have the perfect area! I would love a bed full of impatiens I did not plant. I have left out brugs before only to have them die. So to be safe I took cuttings into the garage. I have more than 1/2 a dozen growing in the garden. I left out one and covered it with a bag of compost. It worked! The plant came back beautifully and is pretty big since it already has an established root system. This particular one pictured was a cutting. A very neat plant I think with those colors. It's been blooming for nearly two months now.

    Helen, Those two weeks will fly by. Your flowers are so awesome this morning.

    Lzyjo, If you ever make it this way I will be MOST happy to split this bromeliad with you. A dear friend gave it to me years ago. I winter it under my house. But the problem is that it's gotten too big for me. It blooms reliably all summer. Maybe it's the type? I do really like it since it came from a close friend and is a neat red white and blue. The lily can't be stargazer as it is much taller and the blooms are different. I saw what I think it is on a blog yesterday and of course I've since forgotten the name:)

    Donna, Thanks! Your phlox is so awesome!

    Jamie and Randy, I can't get enough of it for sure. Good thing it's easy enough to propagate and move around. Thanks.

    Dave, This month has been a good month. Just the fact we've gotten rain is such a boon!

    Jackie, It won't be long now and that hydrangea will be blooming. The flowers have been great this year. And no wonder your phlox got a fungus with all the rain you northerners have had.

    Racquel, I know that angel trumpet is too weird. I've never seen this before. I really need to research it more. I went out there yesterday and the buds were white! I should call it the psychedelic angel trumpet.

    Dawn, The angel trumpet really needs heat to grow but you know it will grow there in Maine. If you put it in the ground it may yet bloom but yours is orange and a huge one normally. Take cuttings in the fall so you won't have to dig it up. Good luck! 40s-brrrr!

    Linda, Thanks. July has been a super good month for us here and more rain expected today. Yahoo!

  13. You have so much color in the yard this time of year Tina! I am not so lucky. Too much rain in spring then too hot and now no rain. Bugs are munching down like crazy as well so I dont have as much color (sigh) as in the past years. Oh well, so is life at times. The crepe myrtles are bursting with color and gorgeous right now so they take my attention away from the lacking color in the gardens.

  14. Such pretty flowers Tina but the Angel Trumpet is just stunning. I have mine out side that you brought me and it has grown a bit but not a lot. Guess I should put it in the ground as it is still in the pot. The other plant you brought me at the same time very quickly died when I set it outside.

  15. Hey there! All is lovely in your garden today Tina! Havven't we been lucky to have had rain more often this summer then has perked up the hosta and so many flowers. I love the sunny border photo with veronica, coneflower and phlox. Do you recommend white phlox? gail

  16. Skeeter, I love the crepes so much. Great you have some color-and what color they offer too.

    Mom, I can't remember the other plant I brought you. I know I brought some gooseberries and the angel trumpet. Do try it in the ground on the west side of your house or south side so it can get lots of sun. Take cuttings this fall so you don't have to dig it. These brugs are wonderful!

    Gail, Hello there. I have some white phlox but it has never bloomed:( Only the Starfire. I am still hopeful it will bloom. Donna's white phlox is stunning though so you might check with her. We just got another little rain shower. It is so awesome!

  17. A very nice peak into what's blooming in your yard. I really like the Crocosmia, never grown that plant but really should be. My Brug. is just starting to bloom nicely as well.

  18. Hi Tina, how do you like Starfire? I added several this spring. One is a diseased mess, one is marginal and two are OK. I do like the bloom color. Hopefully it was just the stress from their time in pots at the garden center.

    Wish croscosmia and datura would overwinter here, yours are so lovely.


  19. I always want to try Angel trumpets, but they are big, expensive plants here. Knowing they can be wintered over as a cutting makes it sound like worth trying. Your hostas look so pretty, I've had hummingbirds at the blooms of them here. I love the lilies too!

  20. Rats, I don't think I'm gonna get to post for bloom day today, but am going to at least try to make a few visits. I really like the bromeliad and hydrangea and trumpet flower (interesting about the pink/yellow blooms.) Enjoy the day!

  21. Hi Dan, That crocosmia is a wonderful plant. I think it is a bit under utilized in gardens but is really a great and easy plant. The color is vivid. I saw your brug. Looks great!

    Marnie, I actually love Starfire. No mildew or anything. It is the only garden phlox that blooms and keeps spreading so that is good. I have another one, a white one, that has NEVER bloomed. It is on its last days I tell you. I've tried getting rid of it before but it keeps coming back-only foliage of course. The brugs are most easy to winter over as cuttings. I left mine in the garage and only occasionally watered them. If you have a friend who has one, get you a cutting and hold them like that. Beats digging them up each year.

    Catherine. Ditto on the brug. All you need is one cutting and you're off. I don't know why they would be so expensive since they are so easy to propagate. I used to find these were hard to find now I see them everywhere. They do get huge though so need a big spot. But the brugs are so fun. Hummers love hosta blooms. They are quite happy here. Since I have so much shade hostas do pretty well. It's the sun lovers that struggle.

  22. JGH, Flowers are just so much fun for sure. I just can't figure out that brug with its different colored buds and blooms. Pretty neat for sure.

  23. A riot of colour! I like your bromeliad and the croscomias. Going by your list of blooms, July must be your best month?! Your lilies are gorgeous and it's wonderful to see the angel trumpets again. Happy Bloom Day!!

  24. Hey Tina,

    Noting you do is a bore to me!!!

    GET OUTTA HERE with your blooming Angel Trumpet! Looks very nice. I have a white one and maybe next month I'll see some blooms.

    Everything looks so lush!!!


  25. I love love love all of your beautiful flowers, Tina! Whatever is going on with that angel's trumpet is definitely cool--I love that you get two colors out of that one plant, between the buds & blooms.

    Any chance of you posting a pic sometime of the other crocosmia? I adore 'Lucifer' but haven't really had the chance to see the oranges and yellows in a garden setting... I keep thinking I need to add a few to my yard.

    Oh, and that canna is awesome. I'm sure that there are a lot of different varieties that it could be, but does 'Red King Humbert' ring a bell at all? I see that one offered for sale decently often.

  26. Your lilies bring fireworks to mind. Perfect explosion of color. All the rain in Maine has been great for my clematis – will have to post a photo next week. Happy GBBD!

  27. You remind me that I must try Hydrangea paniculata. I have Hyperion too and it's one of my all-time favorites.

  28. Happy Bloom Day! It looks like it's "Vibrant Color Month" in your garden. I've been looking for a Phlox that would look good with Black Beauty Lilies, so I bought 'Starfire,' which is described as red. As your photo shows, "red" is very much a loosely applied term. It goes spledidly with your Coneflowers, which is where mine may end up. Maybe garden elves planted a 'Stargazer' Lily in your garden. It sure looks like one.

  29. We do have a few similar blooms, Tina, but I see many more here that I'd like to add, too, especially your "Pink Diamond" hydrangea. I went to a hydrangea seminar the other day, and now I have hydrangea envy to add to everything else:) July is a great time for garden color, isn't it?

  30. Kanak, July and August are probably the best months. I never really thought of it this way. Definitely a lot blooming.

    Thanks Helen, Maybe it was a bore to me to load all the pics so I took the easy way out this month. I do enjoy the photo record but how many pictures of flowers can you really look at all the time? I hope your white one blooms soon. I should've brought you cuttings from these ones and I never thought about it. Next time okay?

    Hi Kim, Glad to see you! I think you have surely identified my red canna. Thanks! I do believe it is King Humbert. I just love it as it makes a big impact for sure. I'll post a pic of George Davidson sometime and let you know. I just purchased it at Summer Celebration last week. It was a hot item. A yellowish orange one. I hope it does well but sometimes the other colors don't do as well as the red.

    Sarah, Rain is good for flowers for sure. We've actually gotten rain down here too. Such a relief. Do post a pic of your clematis. Maine flowers are so full and lovely.

    Sweetbay, You just can't beat the paniculatas for interest and length of bloom. I have the straight grandiflora, the pink diamond and tardiva. All have staggered bloom time but all bloom much later in the summer from Annabelles and oakleafs. I love they bloom on new wood. Try them out-cuttings are most easy too.

    MMD, Yes, 'Starfire' was supposed to be red. I do love the reds and oranges and dark colors in the garden. But as you can see starfire is more of a pink. It does match perfectly with the coneflowers so it was a happy accident it is planted near them. Red would not have worked at all.

    Rose, That hydrangea workshop sounds like great fun. They are such a diverse plant group and I can't get enough. Between them and J. maples I am filling up quickly here. I'm going to look for the moonlight one now too. 'Pink Diamond' is a good one. The bloom will fade to pink, hence the pink. I love the paniculatas. Butterflies are a headed your way:)

  31. Tina,
    I love your lilies, and everything else is pretty as can be!
    Blooming in my garden? Delphinium, Valerian, Dianthus, lilies, and some other stuff. I would not get bored with pictures of your flowers.

  32. I use to cuss my Lucifer for coming up everywhere, very weed-like. This year not one bloom, but yours are beautiful as are your other blossoms. Happy GBBD!

  33. Hi Tina, I find mid-july to be the best time for my garden too! Your list of blooms is it! Yep, that's a stargazer lily! Funny how that one popped up!

  34. A great collection of flowers, Tina. Hopefully the neighbors didn't think it was too strange for yo to be out with a camera again... I have a pass-along bromeliad that looks similar or identical to yours. My tentative ID of it is Bilbergia nutans (Queen's tears). It's a tough plant, but I'd guess it doesn't like your winters outdoors...

  35. Tina, are your impatiens in the sun or just get a dapple of sun? I thought they were shade water loving plants so did not add any after darn near killing myself watering them that one year I did have them!

    I would like to put some by the AC unit as they would keep watered by the AC running but this is on the West side of the house although, the large crepe myrtle shades the area pretty well. What do you think of me trying some in that area?

  36. I've never seen angels trumpets up close before, I don't know if it's common for them to bud one color and flower another, but it's very interesting. Seems like I saw another plant do that recently, but my memory isn't good enough to think of what it was or where I saw it. I'm trying to grow an angels trumpet for the first time this year, but I don't see either buds or flowers yet, so who knows what'll happen there. Good to know you were able to successfully overwinter cuttings. I'll have to give that a try as well.

  37. Rosey, Your garden sounds wonderful-complete with nocturnal bears:)

    Les, Maybe it is an off year for the croscosmia? Next year it will probably come back with a vengeance.

    Lynn, July is such a great month! Especially this July with all the rain and cooler temps we've been having. It kind of makes up for the past two miserable years.

    James, I've heard it called Queens Tears so that it works for me. Problem is I also have another bromeliad that is also called Queen's tears and it has never bloomed. I can't figure them all out so I just enjoy the blooms. This one overwinters under the house wonderfully. I comes out blooming in the spring each year.

    Teresa, Thanks!

    Skeeter, Impatiens do best in shade. They can take sun if in a moist spot. By your A/C is perfect. That is where mine tend to self sow each year due to the condensation from the A/C. It works wonderfully.

    Megan, Cuttings are extremely easy to root from Angel Trumpets. And for me it beats digging the plant each year. The roots go a long way and digging is most difficult. I just stuck some cuttings in a window box in the garage and there they sat all winter. Give it a try. I think that the two colors are neat for sure too. I wish I knew why it did that.

  38. Tina, I have no clue as to the change of color in you Angel Trumpets blooms. Have you ever heard of a Black Angel Trumpet---Gothic. It is a Datura.

  39. Enjoyed this post too. Sure looks like a Stargazer, but they are beginning to get so many asiatic and oriental lilies out there it is beginning to be like daylilies. Sometimes I just have to give up which one it is in my flowerbed.

    Leedra’s Photos For Fun

  40. Lola, No, I have not heard of a black angel trumpet. Interesting for sure and I like black plants.

    Leedra, I totally give up on the cultivar, I simply can't keep up. I am beginning to wonder if Stargazer self seeded here. It has been more than 6 years since I had any but anything is possible in the garden.