Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sticks and Beads and Grandsons

I had a visit from a friendly little insect recently. I think he liked my very 70s beaded doorway curtain I hung outside for decorations. What do you think?

These bugs are so cool. Don't you remember when you were a child and how fascinated you were when you found one of these or a praying mantis? I still like them to this day, and it has been a while since I was a child. I have also found these bugs can be kept as pets. I sure wish my grandson was close by so I could share it with him.

Speaking of the little guy, here he is sitting down in his Mimi's refrigerator. Do you think he is cooling off?

in the garden....


  1. Tina ... I have never seen one of these insects ... I wonder if they are in Ontario at all ? .. they are so unusual they don't look real ... I would probably run screaming if I met up with one eyeball to eyeball ?? LOL
    OMG ... you grandson is such a cuite ! those big puppy dog eyes are too cute : )

  2. Awww! That's so cute!!1

    I love walking sticks too they are amazing.

  3. Walking sticks are not always easy to see. Some years we have lots of praying mantis and other years I don't see any. One year I saw the biggest one EVER-- it was about 6 inches long, and I also saw the smallest one I had ever seen...about the size of a blade of grass.
    Your grandson looks like he found a seat just his height and nice and cool!

  4. Your grandson looks pretty cool to me! So do the walking sticks! I haven't seen any yet this year, or maybe I have and didn't know it. I've seen one baby mantis though.

  5. Walking sticks are so cool, I use to be fascinated with them as a child. Your Grandson is a real cutie! He knows how to cool off on a hot day, lol. ;)

  6. Good morning all!

    Joy, aren't those insects cool? I am not sure if they are in Ontario or not, but several live in temperate climates. Ontario might be too harsh for them? They are pretty neat though. Yes, my grandson has huge eyes and an even bigger smile. He is so sweet. Thanks!

    Lzyjo, Thanks!

    Janet, You surely do have to look for these bugs. They are cool. Just like Josh, he's having fun in the fridge for sure.

    Dave, Insects are pretty cool-all of them but the borers:( Yes, Josh is a cutie and pretty cool too!

    Racquel, I think Josh for sure knows how to cool off. He looks like he is having fun with his great grandmother (my mother, his 'Meme').

    Gotta get a school paper done. No garden time today:( You all have a great day doing what you love.

  7. Walking sticks, amazing creatures and you got to see it up close and personal. Lucky1

  8. We see these sticks around here from time to time, they are cool looking. I have had my head in the freezer from the wonderful hot flashes, haven't thought about taking a seat in the fridge, will be giving that some thought now. Cute boy.

  9. That is one adorable little grandson you have there, Tina! He looks like a little cherub and too funny that he sits in the fridge;-D

  10. I haven't seen any mantis in my garden this year. They were probably eaten by the mosquitoes.

    What a beautiful smile your grandson has. Bet those smiles get him anything he wants from Grandma;)

  11. Tina, he is so adorable! I don't think you've ever shown a picture of him before, have you? I hope you are able to see him often.

    The walking sticks, like the praying mantis, are insects I've always enjoyed watching. I haven't seen one of these in a long time.

  12. I don't think I've seen these but I'm not looking either, it would have to pop out at me. Cute picture of Josh.

  13. I remember these bugs...and love praying mantis. They kill the men when they're done with them! Rock on!

    BTW You spelled Mimi wrong!

  14. Rosey, It was a neat experience for sure.

    Darla, Does the freezer trick work? I'll have to remember that one:) Josh is a sweetie for sure.

    Heather, He is a most adorable little boy and oh how we love those grandbabies! He is the first and only right now too.

    Marnie, Mosquitoes have been SO bad this year too. I guess there is a drawback to lots of rain:( Josh is a sweetie and probably pretty spoiled too, but that's ok.

    Rose, I've posted him only two times before. One when he was an infant with my older son Jimmy, and once last summer with some carrots at my mother's house. He is growing fast. He was 2 in April. Hard to believe. Seems like only yesterday. His parents (my daughter in law and son) were told-with multiple ultrasounds-that they were having a girl. Imagine their surprise when out popped a boy! He is most sweet.

    Dawn, I can't remember seeing stick bugs in Maine, but I would think they would be there? Praying mantises are for sure. Mom took the pic with her new camera.

    Liz, Sure enough! I'll go fix it now. Silly me.

  15. Tina, he is too precious. gail

  16. ps and the preying mantis is pretty cool, too!

  17. LOL, Elizabeth, I was going to be nice and not tell her it was spelled wrong. The first grandchild always seems to pick the name they want and you and your sister were the first (double trouble, double delight) and you made it Mimi and now with 10 grandkids and 3 great grandkids it is still Mimi and Josh sure is a sweetie and I am so blessed to have him here and I enjoy every second with him.

    Tina I go outside with Josh nearly everday and take him all over the yard and show him EVERYTHING. That is, I do if it is not raining. Some things I tell him I know he is not old enough to understand but the foundation is being put to him. He does love it out side and loves to move dirt with a shovel and helps me weed and loves to eat peas out of the shell while we are in the garden. I do not think I have ever seen a walking stick but it sure is neat and wish I could see one and show Josh. Last summer he would get so excited over a snake but not so much this year.

  18. Thanks Gail!

    Mom, I know you are enjoying Josh and teaching him so much. It is really a great thing that he lives with you and you can see him all the time. We really need to come visit one day, but with Mr. Fix-it's schedule it is difficult. I enjoy the pictures and hearing about him very much. He'll remember the lessons for life I bet.

  19. Those walking sticks are very cool -Sidekick found a few last year. Your little guy is adorable --such a beautiful baby!!!
    This morning was really good for walking --I know it will heat up this afternoon:( The garden has been mass producing cucumbers, lol.

    Hi Lola --hope you are feeling good today --thinking of you:)
    Hi Tina, Skeeter, Jean, Dawn and Nina -have a fabulous day!

  20. We don't get those stick bugs here. They are neat though!
    Your grandson is so cute, love that he's hanging out in the fridge :)

  21. What a precious photo! You have the cutest little grandson.

  22. I have not spotted any Walking Sticks this year. I am sure they are around but hiding in their camo! I have not seen any preying mantis this year either. Hum, I wonder what is up with that?

    Josh looks like he is dressed for 4th of July! And a perfect spot to be sitting on a hot day. I have been known to stand in front of the open fridge to cool but never have I sat in it! What a smart little guy he is! LOL...

    Red Rider is repaired and ready for me to give it a spin around the yard today. We did not get the expected rain yesterday so the grass is getting a bit crunchy. Sigh...

  23. I've never seen one - how interesting.
    Your grandson is just adorable - what a cute picture.

  24. Love the photo of your grandson...he's adorable! Your post reminds me that I haven't seen a stick insect for a long time. I used to find them fascinating. You brought back some childhood memories:)

  25. Anonymous, It has been such a nice day today! Too bad I'm stuck inside. Hasn't Josh grown? I think you've seen all the posts I've done on him. You know they grow so fast.

    Catherine, He's a little ham alright. The fridge is a cute spot-especially on hot days.

    Donna, Thanks!

    Dirt Princess, Thanks!

    Skeeter, He is such a cutie pie and does look dressed for the 4th for sure. Have fun on the red rider! Glad it's fixed.

    Linda, They are neat bugs. You have to really look for them. Thanks on the grandbaby!

    Kanak, You must look for those stick bugs now for sure. They were fun to find as a kid for sure. These and praying mantises. And thanks on the grandbaby!

  26. So cool! I haven't seen a stick bug since I was a kid. The grandbaby is so precious!

  27. Skeeter and Tina, It was the 4th of July. Usually I like to get in and quickly out of the fridge but we were getting ready to eat with the large crowd we have on the 4th so left the door opened to get all the different salads out and Josh thought it looked like a good seat I guess. Did my 4th of July towel hanging on the freezer side of the fridge give it away?

  28. Nope, I just knew it was that special day since you love the 4th so much.

  29. Jean, Red shoes, red undershirt, blue goggles and towel gave it all away for me. :-)