Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bullfrog Throats and Sedum Leaves

Have you ever played with plants and done really neat things with them? I think we all have at one time or another. Making a 'bullfrog's throat' out of a sedum leaf is a new one to me. Let's see how to do it.
Pick a nice and healthy sedum leaf, all will work but the bigger the better.
Snap the stem off cleanly.
Bruise the leaf thoroughly by squeezing it between two fingers. Be careful not to puncture or crush the leaf.
Place in mouth and blow and you have your very own bullfrog's throat.

******Note: All parts of sedum are poisonous if ingested-Do not ingest and do not touch the inside of the leaf with the mouth when blowing. This is not a trick for young children.******

I learned of this trick from a nice lady at a plant stand. She actually demonstrated the trick for me. I then showed the Jimster who has enjoyed doing it on his own. And a big thank you to him for being my demonstrator (he does not like his picture being taken). He suffered no ill effects from the sedum.

I debated posting this, but I really like the pictures and the Jimster has fun doing this trick so I decided to post it. Again, use common sense if you attempt to do this on your own! It is simply a bit of gardening fun for us....

in the garden....


  1. WOW! That's so cool! It's so nice of your son (He is your son right?) To model for us! What a funny trick, and I used to like putting maple seeds on my nose!

  2. Jimster looks like an expert! It was fun to meet him during your visit. Tell him that Charm says "hi" to her friend.

    My Chris came home on Saturday after months and months of being away. I've been helping him with marketing and technology for a business and that's one (of the many projects) that have kept me away from blogs lately.


  3. What a fun trick and hello to Jimster. :-) That first picture is great. I love the way the light is hitting his fingers. In the last photo it looks like the inside of his hand is glowing.--Randy

  4. Janet, Thanks. He was a good sport.

    Lyzjo, Yup, he is my youngest son. The baby of the family. You must tell us why you put maple seeds in your nose? Too funny.

    Dawn, Thanks. See if you can get the Babe to do it.

    Cameron, I'll tell him. He'll appreciate that as he sure did like Charm. Your son is most lucky to have you helping him. Have a great visit!

    Jamie and Randy, The sun shining through was my favorite too. It was not planned at all. I really debated posting it, but in the end I loved the pics too much and did so.

    Everyone have a great day!

  5. Hi Tina, I hadn't heard of this either...nor did I know that sedums were poisonous! Another plant to not bring into the house with this plant eating cat! gail

  6. Tina, I'm glad you did post about it. Otherwise, we wouldn't get to see the Jimster, and I wouldn't have learned about the sedum being poisonous. I was thinking about adding it to my garden but will probably wait a couple of years. It's a very good thing to know since Micah has taken to picking things from my garden to show me. Tell the Jimster thanks for helping out! I treasure that picture of you all in New Harmony. He was a good sport that day too.

  7. Gardening gimmicks!! Cute..

  8. Interesting--it's usually kids who come up with these things and tell adults, not the other way 'round! ;-)

  9. Of course I'm gonna have to try that;) I haven't done the grass blade whistle in a while either. Love to watch the cats when making strange noises;) LOL, doesn't take much to amuse us country folks;)

  10. Thanks to the Jimster for being a good sport:) Sounds like fun, but I'm glad you included the warning. My grandkids would get a kick out of this, but I think I'll play better safe than sorry. This reminds me of how I used to make hollyhock dolls when younger...as Marnie says, we country kids had to make up our own games:)

  11. Gail, Who would've thought sedums were poisonous? Not me, that's for sure. Everyone has them in their garden too. Keep them away from the cat for sure.

    W2W, Jimmy is growing so fast. We also treasure our visit with you. I enjoy your posts because I know just how much you enjoy visiting all these areas and how special it all is for you. You got to some neat places and New Harmony was most fun too. We never would've seen it if it hadn't been for you. We are sticks in the mud sometimes-okay, most of the time:)

    Darla, It's amazing all the things you can do with plants.

    Monica, I'm just a big kid at heart. I so enjoy learning new things. The Jimster was actually doing this trick all on his own so that was rewarding for me.

    Marnie, I loved the grass blade trick so much when I was a kid. We lived in an area that had just the best grass (not like these skinny warm season grasses we have in the south) so the grass for perfect for making whistles. It took me a long time to learn it too. The next time you are walking, grab a blade of grass and make that whistle. You'll be happy and no one need know but you.

    Rose, No, don't let the grandkids do it. They are too small for sure. Now you've got me intrigued. How do you make hollyhock dolls? I know of the corn husk dolls but not hollyhocks. Ah the memories. Summer time is the best time for reminiscing.

    On my way to garden club. I'll try to stop in later. Ciao!

  12. Good post so am glad you posted it as maybe, just maybe I will show that to Josh but for sure I will get a blade of good grass and show that to Josh. Now why on earth have I not already thought of that by myself? With our good grass to start with and now all the rain this year we sure have enough to blow forever and if the rain for today does not start before they get home today he will hear the thumb whistle!!

  13. That is fun, I've never seen that done before. You have a great demonstrator. My oldest really hates having her picture taken now too, while my little one follows me around asking me to take one of her.

  14. You hooked me with that first pic, Tina! I was thinking..WTheck...?? Good sport, your guy! We whistle all the time with blades of grass..gonna try the sedum now!

  15. Cute trick. Hadn't heard of that one before. I've done the grass whistle & showed the ggs how. They got a kick out of it.
    Yeah, not much to entertain us Country folks. Good ole' summer time to bring back memories.
    Hi All--Hope your day is going great.

  16. Mom, I can just see Josh blowing on the grass. It will be good for him and you. Have fun!

    Catherine, It seems to be a thing with older kids about pictures and blogs? Jimmy was very adamant not to get his face in here but I did anyway. He doesn't read so I think I'm safe (I hope!). Now little ones, they are made for the camera!

    Lynn, Oh yes, a strange picture but one I find so beautiful of my son. Do let me know how it goes with the sedum please.

    Lola, Gotta love your own made up entertainment for sure. Playing in the garden almost never gets tiring. Which reminds me, grass cutting day. Rain is expected so yahoo!

  17. That's so cool Tina. I wish I'd have known about this last week when my niece & nephew were here ~ they would have gotten a kick out of making one too.

  18. Well, it blows up just like a balloon! How neat. Has he tried to fill one with water from the pool and squirt you with it? Ah, I just thought of that one. hee hee.... The grass blades use to cut my lip at times. Ah, the memories…

    I had a busy day in the garden today. Plucked lots of Periwinkles from the planter and transferred them to another planter. Of course, I had to clean out and dig fresh soil from the compost bin to add to the old planters. Then I took out some Clumping Liriope and had to find a new home for that. Well, that took me on another digging journey! The humidity is back and I dont like that at all. Yuck. At least I had the wind blowing at times. My face was beet red when I got inside. Not sure if sunburn or rash from wiping my face with the back of my gloves! Sun was mostly behind clouds so I did not have my hat on. I had to put make-up on to go into town with the Saint for an errand run. I looked like a rosy cheeked doll face. lol... My body aches and the back really does so I will take it easy for a while. Time for a glass of red wine with my feet propped up on the recliner and a movie... Ah, relaxing for sure and the Air Conditioning feels great too...

  19. This is a fun trick with plants, but one I won't show my grands til they are older. The Jimster was a good sport for demonstrating.

    I remember taking wild clover and making bracelets with them by braiding the stems with the blossoms still on.

  20. Cute kid. Cute trick, too! My son broke a piece of sedum off the other day and asked if it there was medicine in it! Sure am glad he didn't pop it in his mouth.

  21. That's a great trick. The fact that sedum is poisonous might actually end up being a good lesson for older kids to learn about how many plants around them have some interesting defensive strategies.