Sunday, July 26, 2009

Serena Angelonia

By Skeeter
The name Serena Angelonia caught my eye on the Bargain Rack at Lowes. I thought that was such a pretty name and bloom to boot. I have never heard of this plant before but at a dollar each, (BARGAIN) maybe my Georgia Garden would like some.
The tag read, annual and my normal annual additions are pretty much petunia and marigold each year. I decided it was time to broaden my horizons and add this annual this spring! I picked up a dozen Serena Angelonia in colors of white and purple. Yep, 12 plants for $12.00. Now where to plant them? I am bad about picking up plants and then deciding where they will go. I know I am not alone in this as I have heard many gardeners say, "I will decide where it goes once I get it home." Does that sound like any of you? hee hee... This pot above was empty except for the spike plant which over-wintered in the pot in the yard! I was shocked it survived the winter but we don't get too many freezing days in the deep south. I planted 2 white and 2 purple Serena Angelonias in the pot.
Here is the pot now! To my surprise, the Wave Petunia from last year popped back up as well. I am glad I left it in the pot when planting Serena. So this pot only cost me $4.00 this year!
Remember the 3 I had planted in the ground on the second picture above? Well, here they are now!
I am so confused as the tag read "Spring Bloomer"! It did not say blooms all summer long or until frost or anything like that. I thought I was getting a spring only bloomer! Don't we just love surprises? Here it is intermingling with the Yellow lantana which returns each year. The tag also reads, "Cold Hardiness to 32 Degrees" I sure hope that is incorrect as well as I don't want to lose this beauty this winter. Maybe it will return next year, I say with fingers crossed.
I put the remaining plants in other planters that you may see in the future. I don't have as much color in the Garden as in past years but this sure is a nice colorful view. Purple, white, yellow, gold, [ink, etc. Let's move in for a closer look in the distance.
Ah, the pink and yellow coreopsis I planted last year giving quite a show indeed! It is great along with SERENA ANGELONIA, In the Garden...

Note: We are still away helping our friends so we're off the Internet. Hope you all are having a Great Day!


  1. Hi Skeeter,

    A bargain indeed! Oh to have such blooming colours in my garden....!! Beautiful photos!

  2. That Spike plant is not lonely anymore. It got such gorgeous neighbors! Your post made me want to run to Lowes right now! But it's only 5a.m.... Thank you, Skeeter!

  3. Hi Skeeter, I agree with Tatyana,,,time to head over to Lowe's and see what is on the discount rack. Beautiful!

  4. That angelonia is quite a workhorse. It's beautiful!

    Everyone have a great day!

  5. What a pretty little flower! From the first photo I thought is was a glad, it spreads wonderfully, definately a beautiful bargin!

  6. Your pot planting looks great. The Angelonia really does look good in your garden. I've been tempted to add some but haven't gotten around to it yet.

  7. Oh such a pretty bargin but it sure looks like a keeper, even if not at a bargin price as I love it.

  8. Great looking little flower. I may just have to see if I can find one. You have so much color in your garden.
    This heat & humidity here is taking a tole on all. Guess I'll have to wait till cooler weather.
    Enjoy your time with friends.
    Hope all are having a great day.

  9. Hi Skeeter, those angelonias are beautiful! The white and purple look perfect together!

  10. The pot with the petunias and Angelonia is beautiful. I must try Angelonia. I love the yellow and pink Coreopsis too.

  11. i planted some purple angelonia and have loved having them. mine are still blooming to and now they have zinnias around them. i like when somethings blooms longer than it's supposed too.

  12. oh yes, thank you, our day was lovely, we stood at Wremen near Cuxhaven at North Sea, was wonderful. Have a good week ! Kathrin

  13. Hello Everyone! We are back from Atlanta and the Saint was able to rescue our friend’s computer from the dead. What a Saint he is to all around him... They took us boating and kept us busy in return! We had a great time but returned home to a very dry and dismal garden and yard. Sigh, We need rain so badly but a few surprises in the veggie garden but you will have to wait until Aug. 20 to hear about that. :-)

    Angelonia seems to be drought tolerant as it continues to thrive in this heat and humidity and dry conditions. I love this newly found flower and now have a new annual to add to the garden each year. Petunia have not preformed as they have in the past so I may replace them with Angie. The blooms are beautiful and so full all the time! I just love it...

    Hey, the Gaura is also blooming again so am excited about that as well....

    Tina, I am so sorry for your loss. My mom knew Delona many years ago and was saddened to hear the news as well. I hope you handled the funeral well as they are not fun. Sigh, Hugs coming over the internet to you for going…

    Okay, I need to get back to the yard, Hope you all are having a great weekend...

  14. Yes, Tina, Blessings to you for your loss. It's always hard to loose a loved one or a close friend.

    Skeeter, glad you & The Saint are back home safe. Glad you did get some water enjoyment while being so sweet as to rescue a friend.

  15. Hi Skeeter, I love the color!!! Purple is such a beautiful color in the garden:)

    Tina, I'm sorry about your friend.

    Lola, I hope you get your reprieve from all that heat and humidity. It has been really great up here -I keep wondering when the heat wave I am so used to will hit --probably when the kiddos head back to school:(

    We have been busy cleaning out the attic and garage --oh what fun, hahahaha --maybe not:0) I mowed the yard this morning -the kiddos need to rake it --it was really needing a mowing last week.
    Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Ciao!

  16. That really is pretty and such a great deal. It obviously likes where it is! I've tried the pink Coreopsis a couple of times but it never returns for me, yours look so pretty with the yellow.

  17. Angelonia is my favorite annual for the summer garden! Great bargain you got there Skeeter. They just keep on putting on a show all season long right up till frost. And bonus is you don't have to deadhead them. ;)

  18. I added more angelonia to my container plantings this year, too, Skeeter--it's such an eye-catching plant. Your planter combination looks beautiful, and you can't beat the price! Here it is definitely an annual, but I hope yours survives the winter.

    Glad to see many of your mysteries were solved on Saturday's post. Isn't blogging great? It's like having your own personal gardening experts right at your fingertips!

  19. Angelonias are one of the best annuals around here, hands down. Such gorgeous, orchid-like blooms that keep on going through the heat of summer. What more cold one ask for?

  20. Angelonia has caught my eye before but I haven't tried it yet. Your photos may have convinced, me, though. What a pretty pot!

  21. Enjoyed all the flowers in this post. Really like the $4 pot, so pretty.

    Leedra’s Photos For Fun

  22. Lola, the water was nice and the temps not so bad in Atlanta as here. I find that strange but we seem to be in a jet stream that they are not in thus, we are hotter at times...

    Anonymous, I know you are not complaining about missing the heat wave are you? lol, I wish we had those nice temps here but we are getting some milder stuff then normal this time of year so I guess we cannot complain either. Last month was a killer for us though. But summer is not over just yet. I am sure the house will be so quiet when the kiddoes start back to school. :( I know mommy will miss all the fun but then you will have little bundle all to yourself! :) Oh what fun cleaning out the garage and attic. You always find hidden treasures you forgot you had! lol....

    Rosey, It is a beauty isn’t she? I am amazed as to how many blooms she has on her each day!

    Catherine, The coreopsis seems to like it where i place it as it returns for me! Yippee as not much seems to around here for some reason. Probably the voles eating roots. Sigh...

    Raquel, You are so right! They just keep blooming and blooming and so pretty and happy! This will be an annual for me as long as I spot them in the Garden Center! I am sure the bargains will not be there next time though...

    Rose, I am afraid it will be only wishful thinking on my part to have Angie return for me. But I will be watching her next spring! :) But if not, I will be looking for her in the Garden Centers. She sure does like to show her colors and I enjoy them so much. Blogging is the best! I learn so much from everyone! If I have a mystery, I can just ask a question and most times, someone steps up to my rescue! It is a wonderful outlet this blogging...

    Mr. McGregors Daughter, They are wonderful and I am so happy that I discovered them this year. I am wondering where they have been all along as I have never noticed them in the garden centers! But I dont usually look at the annuals too much as I usually stick to petunia and marigolds. But I will have Angie from now on as she is such a beauty!

    VW, Go for it and get some next year! They are wonderful and I only wonder why I am just now noticing them in the garden center? I was just telling MMD that may be due to me not getting many annuals each year. Hum, I may want to look at something other then marigold and petunias now as I have been missing out all these years with not having Angie around! They are awesome and bloom for so long and stand tall also...

    Leedra, Thank you! The pot was a bargain indeed with the spike not dying during the winter. I hope it survives this winter as well as the Wave Petunia then I will add Angie again next spring. It made for a nice full pot of blooms!