Sunday, July 19, 2009

Munching on Dill

By Skeeter

The Caterpillar in my Georgia Garden says,
"Hey, will you two make some room for me to have a nibble? Dill is my favorite treat and I am so happy that Tina gave Skeeter the seeds to grow!"

"Soon, I will be sleepy and take a little nap" "I will wake up to be a beautiful Black Swallowtail. I will move onto the Butterfly Bushes as they are a treat in this stage of my life. Besides, all the dill is gone so no more MUNCHING ON DILL, In the Garden..."


  1. Good Morning everyone. It is going to be yet another beautiful day today. I cannot believe how cool it is in Georgia as well as other parts of the South this time of year. A real treat for us all...

    Have a Good Day!

  2. Good Morning Skeeter girl !
    I love the shot of those baby butterflies : )
    I have dill and fennel in the garden .. I have dill and parsley in pots on the deck (I still miss Curly Joe from last year) BUT to no avail .. there is a serious lack of butterflies here in my neighborhood .. I am thinking I need to canvas or petition the butterfly world to find out why ????
    Great shot girl ! we have a cool clear morning here in Ontario, well .. Kingston to start the day off : )

  3. I love it when the swallowtails arrive!! Last year they ate my parsley and had a had really good time doing it. I'm hoping they come back this year!!

  4. Joy, I wonder why no butterflies up there this year? Hum, maybe the cooler weather is keeping them away for now? I do hope they arrive soon as they are a favorite during the summer. Nothing like seeing a flying flower in the garden!

    Lzyo, I was shocked as to how quickly they ate the dill down to nothing! We counted over a dozen of the caterpillars at one time! They were awesome and so pretty at this stage of their life. They sure did enjoy the dill and I will be sure to plant it again for them next year!

  5. Great shots!! Guess the birds haven't found them. Last year I kept watching the ones on my dill getting bigger and bigger--- then poof they were gone.

  6. Wonderful shots Skeeter! And a beautiful butterfly.
    It has been really cool up here (not to mention no sun for 3 weeks), everything growing slow. I'm glad it's comfortable in the south but I'm hoping we can make up for a summer, late into September.

  7. Hmmm, I enjoy a little dill myself, but I'm not cute or striped! ;-) Nice photos.

  8. Skeeter - good for you! :-) If you want to grow more food that lasts longer, try planting 3 bronze fennel. They come back every year and reach about 4 feet high and 2 feet wide, making a great back-of-the-border deer fence! :-)


  9. Good morning, Skeeter. That's a great video! I keep looking for signs of caterpillars on my dill (also courtesy of Tina) and my parsley, but no luck yet. You should have some beauties flying about your garden soon.

  10. What pretties you have Skeeter. Great video.

  11. They are triplets! And such pretties too. I keep looking for them on my parsley and dill here, but no luck so far. Sigh. The butterflies are there though-tons of swallowtails. They are most pretty. You have a great day too! We are heading out to the lake on this unseasonably but most welcomed cool day in the south.

    You all have a great day!

  12. Great post. Both the caterpillars and the butterfly are beautiful!

  13. Janet, Oh dont tell me that! I need to live in my happy place and think that all my caterpillars are now in cocoons! lol, I am not sure if the birds got them or if they made it to the next stage of their life or not. The dill is all gone now and so are the dozens of caterpillars we saw...

    Dawn, I do hope you have a bit of a summer this year. No sun for 3 weeks in the middle of summer can be a bit depressing and feel kind of like winter I bet. Sigh, I do hope your veggie garden produces a harvest with this cool stuff. We sure are enjoying it right now but know it will not last as we still have 2 and half months of heat to go...

    Monica, now you look cute to me in your picture! :) I like dill pickles but mostly the German ones as the American ones are too tart for me. hee hee. I will keep dill in the garden from now on due to these wonderful visitors enjoying them. It was most rewarding to see them munching away...

    Cameron, Thanks for the great tip! I will jot that one down in my memory bank for next years planting! The deer are such pains ya know. If I had not seen them on the dill then the dill missing, I would have blamed it on the deer! lol…

    Rose, this is the first year I have ever spotted them! We were lucky enough to see them munching away this year. They have never gotten my parsley before but maybe I pluck it before they find it...

    Jean, Thanks, I do think they were beautiful in color and when they become a butterfly, beautiful once again! I hope the birds did not get the caterpillars though...

    Tina, Wish I could go to the lake with you. But dont want the Saint to have to work at all today. I need to run to town for bird seed so I will get outside a bit. I am getting cabin fever staying in with a sick man but need to take care of him. He is much better today so I will run the errands. Then tomorrow, I have plans in the yard before the heat returns. I wish you could have seen how many caterpillars we had on the dill! There were over a dozen maybe two dozen and so pretty. They looked like ornaments on a Christmas tree! Their colors so bright. Have fun at the lake! Great day for it...

    Sweet Bay, I was surprised the caterpillars let me get so close to them with the camera! They were so busy munching on the dill that they probably never saw me by them. lol, They are pretty as a caterpillar then turn into a beautiful butterfly. We love our butterflies here at the "Oasis in the Woods"!

  14. Hi Skeeter, what a wonderful clip of the babies. So pretty. I must remember to plant dill next yr. or even later.
    Glad you have cooler weather. Still very hot & muggy. I have to be careful of light in my eye so no going outside. Even the light from the puter hurts.
    Hi Tina, Anonymous, Jean, Dawn & Nina. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  15. Now I'm kicking myself for not getting around to planting the Dill seed Tina sent me! I won't make that mistake next year. :)

  16. Skeeter,

    The past 4 days we have had one Black Swallowtail fresh in the garden every day. See the photos just posted on my blog! Try using fennel it does not disappear like dill does.

  17. Pretty as both a caterpillar and a butterfly. I sure wish I hadn't fried my dill seedlings with a light that was too powerful for the tender sweeties.

  18. Lola, Now I have told you to stay off here until your eyes are better! You are not being a good patient :-)... I never thought of the caterpillars as babies but you so right, they are little babies! It was fun to see them on the dill and know that we fed them a meal...

    Raquel, You should plant the dill. It may not be too late so get it into the ground! I see butterflies of all types here for many months so they may still get a chance to indulge on some dill your way. Tina was such a sweetie to pass along the seeds to my garden...

    Randy, Cameron from above suggested fennel also. So I will add fennel next year for sure as seeing the caterpillars on the dill were awesome! You have some great pictures of the flutterbugs on your blog! I enjoy them along with the turtles, Anole and flowers too. What luck to capture a turtle laying eggs! That would be wonderful for me if I ever get the chance...

  19. Cinji, I am sorry you fried your dill seedlings, Sigh...
    I just stuck the seeds into the ground and they grew like weeds for me! Not much else in seed (flowers, veggies) works for me but the herbs seem to do well from seeds in the ground. Give them a try next year and maybe you will get some caterpillars as well...

  20. Poor dill but it is worth it to see the butterfly's. I planted dill in a pot one year and ended up with an army of caterpillars on them.

  21. What a neat video! I never see caterpillars around here, and they are such pretty ones. Great pictures!

  22. Beautiful perfect pics !!
    What a happy garden !
    Very few butterflies here...strange and we have all the right plants.

  23. That is such a cute caterpillar and a magnificent butterfly. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  24. Dan, we pretty much had an army of them as well. Probably two dozen if not more! They were awesome to see munching away. And soon, they will be fluttering around as butterflies as well...

    Catherine, I usually only seem to spot the bad caterpillars, you know the tent worms or other pesky ones. But this was a wonderful treat to see the good caterpillars. I say good as we dont harvest dill but planted it for the butterflies and the pretty foliage...

    Patsi, I wonder why you dont have butterflies in NJ? Maybe a bit too cold for them this year or do you never have them in your garden? My garden seems to come alive with butterflies fluttering about...

    A Cuban In London, Thanks back at you! This was the first time I had ever seen this caterpillar. And what a wonderful surprise to see so many at one time enjoying their picnic in the garden!

    Darla, Thanks but these are not nearly at neat as your Grill pictures! I am still talking about that to the Saint. He keeps giving me that "I dare you" look. hee hee...

  25. So very pretty, and such a reminder of what the beginning looks like.

    Leedra’s Photos For Fun

  26. Leedra, It is amazing how a caterpillar can turn into a butterfly. One of natures mysteries for sure. Thanks for stopping by today...