Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dogwood Rescue & a Wild Flower

Look at this poor pitiful little dogwood tree! We planted this tree along the route the deer take knowing it could be trouble for us. It survived last years jaws of death and made a comeback this spring growing taller and full of leaves. Just look at the poor thing now! Not much left after the deer have been chowing down on it this spring. This tree has been neglected by us so it was time for a bit of attention. The options were to move it to a new location or try to save it where it is located.

It is a hot time of year now and with little rainfall and drought conditions, the ground is hard as a brick. The tree likes this spot and we fear a possible death by moving it to another spot. So we decided to leave the tree where it is and take precautions from additional Jaws of Death with the deer.

We started by pounding 6 stakes into the ground. Okay, I did the measuring and the Saint did the pounding. Once we had the stakes the way we wanted them, we were ready for the next step.
Next step being to unwind some fencing and place around the stakes. Easier said then done. I was cut with a backlash from a tightly wound up roll of fence at one point. Still not sure that was an accident or if the Saint let it go on purpose as a payback to me criticising him on something earlier. Na, I don't think he would do that on purpose. He did say he was sorry. All is forgiven...
We took wire and secured the fencing onto the stakes until we had a perfect circle of fencing surrounding the little dogwood tree. I spread some pine straw around the base to keep it moist and cooler during the hot summer months. We hope this little fencing project will act as a deer barrier and keep their Jaws of Life at bay. I think maybe a few bars of Dial Soap hanging around the fence may also be an asset. I had better get that soap soon. Look at the first of the cute little adorable baby deer that has joined our deer family!
I am sure Mama Doe will be eager to show Baby Fawn where all the good munchies are located in our yard!
Just look at the young Buck eating my large dogwood in the backyard while looking at me! This drought is starting to make them do brave things.
We shall keep our eye on this little pitiful tree and hope for a full recovery.

Here is a little wild flower I spotted in our woods a while back. Gail over at Clay and Limestone wanted to see it, so here is a picutre of the cute little flower.

Does anyone know what this flower could be? I always wonder where wild flowers come from in the woods. I can only assume a bird took upon the task of planting the seed for me!

I will keep my eye on the Dogwood Rescue & a Wild Flower, In the Garden...


  1. Now Skeeter, you know the Saint would never do anything like that-he loves the gardens and you too!:)
    I hope the fencing works. Those deer are very hungry as they probably lost a lot of food sources from last year's drought.

    I am pretty sure that is wild petunia. And, you will not believe this! I found it growing on the side of the road right in front of my house. It is pretty. Very pretty.

  2. Skeeter, I researched this petunia a bit. It likes poor soils and grows just about anywhere. It flowers in the morning then by night the flower falls off. That is okay with me. It is so sweet.

  3. I was going to say....think I've seen this flower before and it doesn't last long. It is very pretty.
    I don't knowww....the saints situation is kinda like mine with Jack of all trades cutting his finger and needing stitches, thought it was to get out of making dinner! Come to find out it was to get out of clean-up!
    Nice job with the tree.

  4. Hope your Dogwood recovers nicely but if that is to happen I would also put some fence on the top or those pretty deer will just reach right on in and munch away.

    Great shots of the deer pics.

    Birds do a lotta planting each year and we get to enjoy their lost morsel of food.

  5. Good morning everyone! The Saint and I have been outside cleaning up the boat. She is packed away and ready for next weekend. Hopefully anyway, the lake has fallen another foot now. Arggggg... Humid out there today... Whew...

    Tina, did you notice the stakes in the ground had white at the tops? Well, that is the tags from the store. I was fussing at the Saint for not pounding that end into the ground instead of exposing the tags. He was rumbling at me about how I could knock them in the ground if I wanted to. See, the ground is very hard due to the dry drought conditions. He was not too happy with my criticizing him after he had used up so much energy to pound then into the ground. Anyway, we had to unroll the fence and I was standing on my end of it as he unrolled it. He let it go and it rolled back up quickly and got me in the leg before I could jump off the thing. I jokingly accused him of doing it on purpose because of the tag comment. He just looked at me and smiled. I know he did not do it on purpose but it kind of makes one go hummmmmm, right Dawn? LOL....

    Wild petunia! How nice. I love purple so it was a nice surprise to spot in the woods. Dawn and Tina, were your wild petunia purple also?

    Yes Jean, we were thinking about putting a top on it but the top part of the tree is now dying on us. I guess the drought has finally gotten to the poor little tree. This area has a lot of sandy soil. The bottom portion is still healthy looking so we keep watering it. I have the sprinkler on it as I type! I am sure that part of the tree is too low for the deer at this point. But we will have to keep an eye on it.

    It is sad how the deer and other wild animals have to deal with the lack of food and water during drought times.

    Off to town for errands... Everyone have a nice day!

  6. Mine look just like yours Skeeter. Yup, kind of makes you go hmmmmmm

    Our boat burst an oil line in the middle of the river yesterday, at about 7:30, when most boaters are gone for the day. It was a miracle another boater who came to our same dock and at a later time than us, came along as it could've been a long night. I hope you don't have problems with your boat! Now Mr. Fix-it is living up to his name and fixing it! I am on my way out to water a friend's garden since we didn't get a drop of rain! urrrrr! Judie, if you are reading this know I am on my way-no the rain did not materialize here in Woodlawn.

  7. I'm told it's called "spice"

  8. Hi Skeeter, you have done a good job of protecting the little tree. I have heard that the soap Irish Spring is the one to use, lots of perfume maybe. The wild petunia could be of the ruellia family. That could be a bad cut from the fencing, it is so sharp. Lots of peroxide and TLC from the one who may have caused it.;->

  9. Tina, did a pontoon boat tow you? My brother tows people in all the time! Most just dont plan ahead and run out of gas... Sorry about your troubles and I hope Mr. Fixit will have her running again soon! I love the lake as it is so beautiful and full of nature. Very relaxing and not a lot of traffic since our lake is soooo big!

    Dawn, I will call the wild flower a Spice Girl! LOL

    Hi Frances, I agree that probably any strong smelling soap would work. We just added some extra bars around the veggie garden since things are starting to grow a bit. Dont want to take any chances... The Saint would only initially kiss my boo-boo then forget about it. He knows I am one tough cookie so he does not often fall for the poor pitiful me routine. :) I try at times though... LOL....

  10. Wasn't that sweet of the bird to help you plant that flower? Those darn deer are good at finding all of the prime munchies in the yard, aren't they? No drought here yet surprisingly. I suppose I shouldn't say that too loud though!

    It looks like you've done all that you can to protect that tree, the rest is up to nature.

  11. Yes Cinj, we can only do so much. The rest is up to Mother nature and the beasts...

  12. Great pics of the deer Skeeter. I'm surprised they didn't take off. But being around your home they are probably used to you by now.

    Hopefully the little tree will make it now that you've protected it. I do like Dog Woods.

    That's a beautiful little wild flower. It looks like one that is blomming from wild flower seeds I planted a couple yrs. back. Only mine grows tall--maybe 12".

  13. Hello Lola, the deer are pretty tame where we are concerned but still keep their distant from us. I have a good zoom on my new camera so that helps capture a decent close-up picture of them. The birds will come within a few feet of me while I snap pictures! They love the meal worms we feed them! LOL...

    I do like the dogwood trees because they represent Spring, my favorite time of year.

    I have not checked on the wild flower since snapping that picture a few weeks ago. Not sure I can find it in the woods again but I should go check on it.

    I hope everyone had a great long weekend full of fun and family. Saint had 4 days off and it is hard to believe it is over. It went by way too quickly for us but we did have a lot of fun and the fireworks across the street at the Fairgrounds were close and spectacular! Benefit of living by the Fairgrounds! By far seeing the Bald Eagles at the lake was the best though!

    Good Night one and all…

  14. Wow, you were able to get pretty close to that deer family! They are so adorable. I don't know what type of flower that is, but it sure is pretty. I love the purple color. Tiny and delicate!Just like a flower should be. :-)

  15. The boat is fixed and hopefully no more problems! What a long day and a new visitor to the garden-stay tuned.

  16. But nothing so interesting as a couple of cute deer Skeeter. Though I am glad they are not in my yard. I watered one of my friend's garden today and you could see evidence of deer everywhere! urrrrr!

  17. I hope the dogwood makes it! We lost one in the drought last year that was in the middle of my front yard. So for awhile I had one live that looks really good and one dead...bought drove me nuts!

  18. Oh, I just love the pictures of the deer. That little blue flower is so pretty. Maybe God put it there, just to surprise you. I have a little pink one that comes up every year and I think I may be the only one who sees it.

  19. DP, you will not believe this, but late yesterday evening, we saw a young Buck and Doe mating in our yard! Wow that was exciting to see nature in live action even though a little X-rated. LOL I was baffled though as deer usually mate in the fall. The tiny flower was beautiful and I am surprised I spotted it in the woods...

    Tina, we saw deer and rabbit damage at the Georgia Botanical Gardens! I snapped a pic of the bunny but the deer ran off to quickly.. Was funny to think that they are not immune to them either!

    Jilly, this drought has been slowly working my yard also. The Azaleas are not as they once were and I have lost a few. This drought has to let up at some point. We had 4/10 inch of rain in the evening but only a drop in the bucket for us...

    Eve, we do enjoy our deer but balancing the deer and my flowers is a constant issue for me. I was the only one to see that little flower. I was lucky to see it because I dont go into the woods much during the warm season for fear of disturbing a snake. I dont want a bit ankle...

    Theysaywordscan bleed, thanks for the kind words and for stopping by...

  20. The screened-in dogwood brings back memories of our last house - wire cages on everything, at least until they were taller than a deer standing on its back legs to reach the foliage overhead. Some people used rounded river stones as mulch because the deer didn't like standing on them. Good luck, Skeeter.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  21. Thanks Annie! We checked out a community at the lake and it was hilarious how people had flowers and plants behind wire, mesh, screens and just about everything you could think of. Some people even had electric fencing around their front yard! I had to laugh and say, if I lived out there, I would not have anything but Deer Resistant plants...

  22. Skeeter, Meant to say it kind of funny when you see even botanical gardens and zoos fighting the same deer we do. No class of life for the wildlife! Money doesn't matter atall! Just fences it would seem.

  23. I spotted some weeds too! LOL...

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  25. I have lots of daylilies and I am afraid of the deer problem. Since they frequent the open field behind me people are all the time suggesting putting out a salt block. (Don't even know if that is legal.) As much as I want better photos, I don't want them to find my daylilies, one of deer's favorite. By the way I found you by going to Lilacs & Roses after she visited my site.