Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Trees and Garland

When I think of Christmas trees, I think of many different types of trees. Pretty much any evergreen tree can be considered a Christmas tree. Some people go into the woods and cut a fresh tree while some may select one from a tree farm or roadside stand. I prefer to use a less traditional tree in my Georgia home to celebrate the Christmas season. My trees are artificial trees. I know some of you are cringing now, but I just cannot make myself be responsible for killing a tree. I know they were grown to be cut and used this time of year but I still cannot do it. Many other things factor into my decision like cats in the house, fire hazard, dropping needle, etc.

I have many trees set up throughout the house this year. In the hallway as you enter the front door, you will find my Snowman tree. This tree is filled with all types of snowmen and women from hand crafted to store bought. See the blue Titans Snowman in the center? Go Titans!

As you look left from the hallway into the living room, you will find the Magnolia tree with Magnolia Blooms, Blue Glass Ornaments, Gold State Ornaments, Gold Beads, Holly and Feathers. Being a Garden lover, I like to use Flowers, Berries and some fun things such as Feathers and other natural things one would find in the outdoors. Mine, being mostly artificial due to the cats.

On down the hallway and into the sun room you will find a fun tree being my Fox Hunt tree. This tree is full of French Horns, Berries, Pine Cones, Feathers, Twigs, Pods, Glass Balls, Apples and Candy Canes along with Red Candles.
The inspiration for the Fox Hunt were these beautiful Foxes that the Saints mom passed on to us. Thanks again Mom B. I love these foxes and find a spot for them in the house decor year round. But during Christmas, they jump on the German antique sled and under the tree for a picture opportunity.

In the center of the house, you will find the Dining room tree. This tree is full of Berries of many colors, Fruit, Velvet Poinsettia's in colors of Mauve and Burgundy along with the White House Ornaments that we started to collect since we were given one as a wedding gift on Dec. 16, 1989. The Saint's sister has been carrying on the gift giving tradition giving us the new ornament each year for many years now. Thanks go out to the Saint's sister for this wonderful gift!
The tree also has mauve beads as well as mauve candles but the candles cannot be seen in this picture. Sorry...

Now we shall move upstairs to see the guest bedroom. This is a new addition to my tree collection this year. We have had guests stay over night several times with us this holiday season, so I decided they needed a tree in their room. This tree is filled with Burgundy Magnolia and other small Flowers along with Green Berries, Gold Beads, Pewter and Wooden Ornaments.

The Office holds my collection of Animal Ornaments on this small tree. Just about any type animal you can think of is on this tree from Zebras.....
to cute Rattlesnakes! Yep, I said cute, who cannot resist a rattlesnake wearing a red Santa hat? I get to enjoy this tree a lot since I spend so much time on the computer, although, not as much time lately. Who do you think has been busy putting all of this stuff in place???

One of my favorite creations about this tree is the two hand crafted wood cats playing in the lights. Just luckily, my two black beauties do not wreak such havoc with my trees. Sheba and Cheetah prefer to take a nap all snuggled up beside the tree as mommy types on the computer! Like Garfield, they know Santa is watching. Good Girls.
I also have garlands hanging all over the house as well as trees. After visiting Williamsburg, VA one Christmas season, I was inspired to create garlands with fruit. So in the dining room I have Foiled Fruit, Berries, Flowers and Ribbon.
I made a snow garland for the hallway as my Snow Village sits below. You will see that another time.

The sun-room has natural looking Fruit and Raffia as I think that goes well in a Nature setting such as the woods view we get while in the sun-room. I made the French Horn centerpiece keeping with the Fox Hunt theme.

The living room mantel has Fruit and lots of homemade ornaments from Germany.
The archway from the Living room to the Hallway has more Fruit and Berries along with Gold Holly leaves. On the opposite side of this arch is a snowman garland and I will show you that another time as well. We must save something to talk about during the winter ya know.
The Kitchen even gets a Garland at Christmas. Who else has a garland in their kitchen? Am I the only one? The Saint thinks so. I had fun creating something to tie in with my chili pepper themed kitchen! Bright Red Cardinals, Berries and Chili Pepper, Gold beads and Gold Holly make a perfect match to my many Chili Pepper items within the kitchen.
I would prefer to use real Fruit, Berries and Flowers but with my cats, that is just not possible. The back door to the sun-room has a garland filled with handmade wooden ornaments and Magnolia Leaves. Cheetah is looking out the back door and I wonder is she looking for Santa or CHRISTMAS TREES AND GARLAND, In the Garden...

I hope everyone in Blog Land has a wonderful Christmas!


  1. Absolutely beautiful Skeeter! I love the themed trees --for now we have the kiddo theme on our tree with all kinds of cool homemade ornaments from my kiddos. Upstairs we have a very simple tree with white lights and a cute little angel. With the amount of running my crew does threw the house I won't venture much further with my trees:) Not for a few more years anyways:0) I love the garland as well -we can only hang it where no one will take it with them --jumping or running, hahaha. I can see how busy you have been and I love that you shared these pretty sights with us.
    Hi Tina --it's freezing today! I'm sure we are single digits right now --I have a few things to do that are making me get up early, hahaha. I didn't want to forget so I got up to write them down and of course check the blog. Hopefully we'll see you all later.

  2. Hi Skeeter, my goodness, you are ready for Santa at your house! Which tree will he put the presents under? He might be confused, better leave a trail with cookies to the correct tree! How fun!

  3. Skeeter,

    Wow! You are ready for the festivities! My house feels quite bare now! Your trees are lovely and I like the kitties caught in the lights! Perfect.

    Happy Christmas to you and yours!


  4. Skeeter,

    All of your trees are decorated so beautifully! The Spirit of Christmas is wonderfully embraced in your home.

    Merry Christmas, Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays!


  5. Skeeter you've done a great job decorating your trees! We've gotten way behind this year and are just happy the one tree is up and decorated. Merry Christmas to you and your family Skeeter!

  6. Wow,you go all out for the season. They are all beautiful. I'm especially fond of the Magnolia tree, but of course I would be. I also use an artificial tree because I am allergic to the mold which grows on real trees. One year, we had a gorgeous real tree, and I got so sick I had to go to the doctor. My mom came over while I was gone and took the tree down. After that, no more real trees for this red dirt girl.~~Dee

  7. This is amazing! Really! I just cant pick my favourite out of all your trees. Beautiful!

  8. Good Morning All,
    Skeeter you put me to shame. I love the multiple trees. I say go for it. They are all beautiful. I can't decide which one I like better than the other. I too like the kitties tangled in the lights. Of course I like snowmen. I only put a small tree up with gold being the main theme. Maybe nest yr.
    Have a wonderful day all.

  9. How wonderful to have several Christmas trees. Your decorations are a real joy to look at. You've put so much work into this, so just to tell you that it gives pleasure even from this distance!

  10. Wow! You have been busy, busy, busy Skeeter. They all look wonderful and beautiful. I'll bet your cats know what time of year it is, mine always do, sticking their heads in every bag they can.
    We are didgging out of snowland today, at least a foot!
    PS. I like the artifical tree, less mess.

  11. Good morning all!

    Skeeter, All of your trees are wonderful! It is nice to see Christmas decorations. We just now got our one tree up. lol I can't decide if the magnolia tree or the dining room tree is my favorite, but I know the Fox Hunt tree is the runner up. Love the red! Also, that guest room tree was a special delight. We loved it! And the Jimster slept with his office animal tree lights on all night so I know he liked it too.

  12. My goodness but you do have a lot of trees! We only have one, and it's a bit skimpy. I blame my job in retail for curtailing my holiday spirit. I use all my energy meeting the holiday needs of my customers, and have little left for myself.

  13. Eloquence galore everywhere in your home Skeeter.

    We are digging out!!!! Good old fashion northeaster. Everyone came for supper last night and Sarah and Josh spent the night but Jay and Emma went home so we made him call us when he got home. He has 4 wheel drive so not quite as bad but we did try to talk him into staying but he declined.

  14. Anonymous, you are up early indeed! My brain will not allow me to sleep when I have things going on as well. I get up throughout the night to jot down notes. I call that the aging process. Trees filled with children’s homemade ornaments are great! The Saints mom still puts the homemade ornaments on their tree each year that he and his sister made as children. I hunt them down on the tree each time we are there...

    Frances, funny thing is, we are not here for Christmas Day! So only gifts that we pass out to visitors during the holidays are under the tree. Hope Santa finds us in Virginia this year. Can you believe I have not baked one cookie this year?! I have baked 4 pecan pies though. The neighbors loved them. :-)

    Gail, it was fun putting them all together. I enjoy this month so much each year. I am lucky as my kitties dont seem to bother much of the decorations each year. I have much more throughout the house but only highlighted the trees and garlands. Did not want to put everyone in overload. Did I mention I have fun doing all of this? :)

    Cameron, I collect ornaments throughout the year and enjoy getting them out and decorating the house each year. I just wish I could leave it all up longer then a month! The Saint is a bit of a Scrooge during this time of year so I try my best to get him into the Christmas Spirit. tee hee...

    Dave, I know your girls will really enjoy Christmas this year. The kids next door seem to enjoy coming in and checking out all the fun shiny stuff. I think Christmas is a bit more special when Children are in the house. Your girls will be so happy on Christmas morning!

    Dee, we had real trees when I was a child. As a matter of fact my dad and brothers sold them as a fund raiser for the little league baseball so we always had a great tall tree to fill our 12 foot ceiling living room! I would have never thought of allergies with real trees but that would be an issue if one is prone to allergies. The Saints mom is very allergic to things and I wonder if she had problems when they had real trees? Hum, I will have to ask her. The magnolias were a new addition this year. I had them last year but never decided how they were going to fit in with a tree so they stayed in the storage closet. I had all year to think on it and this year, on the tree they went! Nothing says the south like a Magnolia bloom! I am thinking about a Santa tree next year but not sure where one will fit in the house...

    Sunita, I try to pick a favorite but cannot either. I have fun putting them up so they are each a favorite to me. I wonder when the time comes for us to downsize, which theme will follow us to the next house? I dont want to think of that now as I love them all...

    Lola, I love putting up the trees each year. Last year, I had them up by Thanksgiving so I could enjoy them longer! I collect ornaments throughout the year sticking with certain themes for the trees. Since I am such an animal lover, that tree is fun for me to put together and as you can see, it is the tree the real Cats seem to hang out by! How ironic or do they know, they are smart girls ya know...

    LindaB, I am glad you enjoyed the trees. I was not sure about doing a posting on them but decided to go ahead as I think they are fun and may put someone in the Christmas spirit. I also put my parents tree up while in TN for Thanksgiving! So I have put up a lot of trees this year but so much fun for me. I was a crafter for 6 years while be lived in Germany and now I dont craft much anymore so I do miss the fun I had with it. One day I will be down to one tree but for now, I will spread out all over the house as I love this time of year....

    Dawn, We are lucky as the cats have been really good this year. We have only lost one tree to the ground in the 6 years we have had the girls and multiple trees! They usually help me set things up as they enjoy jumping into the boxes. Cheetah has issues with nibbling the ends of the fake greens then I find them later on after a barf and Sheba has been taking a plush snowman off the garland on the stairs. I will show that another time. They are pretty good overall though. Snow, burrrr, I have been seeing the news with all the snowfalls your way. Wow, one foot! I would build a snowman! Calling for chilly 40's today then back into the 60's by mid week. My kind of mild stuff....

    Tina, I saw the lights were still on when you guys left and wondered if Jimmy slept with them on or just turned them back on when he got up. Considering how groggy he was when he left, I figured they stayed on all night long. He was dreaming of strumming the guitar and not animals I bet. lol. I try but cannot pick a favorite either. I know one day when we downsize, I will have to decide but for now, I will continue to love them all...

  15. Msrobin, Please find some Christmas spirit for you. I know it must be tough in retail this time of year but just look at the wonderful service you are providing for so many. :-) easy for me to say as I am not there but dont forget about yourself okay...

    Jean, big snowfalls in the north today! Burr, I bet it is cold. 40'ish here today so that is cold for us Deep Southerner's but back to 60's soon. Glad everyone made it home safe. Snowy roads can be very dangerous even with 4-Wheeled drive. Ice is the main issue though. We rode our share of snow and ice while living in Colorado. I dont miss the snow at all but would like a White Christmas if possible. Are you listening to me Mother Nature? :-)

    Helen, I guess you can say I get the Wow Factor from you. I do enjoy decorating and use this time of year as an excuse to really go all out. Hope you enjoyed it this morning...

  16. Wow! Wonderful, Gorgeous, Stunning Christmas decoration! Well done!

    Happy Christmas to you and yours!

  17. Your home looks so festive and welcoming. I love the fox hunt tree. Have a merry Christmas.

    Always Growing

  18. wow that is alot of decorating. everything looks like so much fun and the brown hunt mice, cute. hope you and your family enjoys christmas to the fullest!

  19. So pretty and so cheerful all your decorations look. Love your garlands too!

    Wish you and the Saint a wonderful Christmas!

  20. Oh so Festive !
    Looks like you had a lot of fun decorating.
    Everything is so pretty.

  21. Tina, you really do love trees! I agree, I can't stand to kill one as much as I love the shape and scent of a real spruce.

    Love your fox hunt tree. Have you ever read Rita Mae Brown's fox hunting series? Mysteries but very fanciful. The foxes gossip about the hunters, the hounds talk to the horses and the cat trades insults with the barn owl. Best of all, no foxes are ever hurt;)
    Merry Christmas

  22. Sonia, Thank you so much! I was busy having fun this past month...

    Jan, I am glad you like the fox hunt tree. I dont hunt nor would I but seeing the foxes in the hunting attire, I took that to say they were the hunters for a change. tee hee...

    Marmee, Take a second look and you will see the mice are not mice but rather Foxes in hunting attire! They are ready to go out for the big hunt and I assume to hunt humans. tee hee. I had to show my whimsy side a bit with this tree as well as the animal…

    Kanak, It was fun putting all of this together. I do it each year changing things a bit and creating new garlands and trees. So much fun for a crafter which no longer crafts much...

    Patsi, I did have so much fun putting everything up and creating new stuff too. This is my favorite time of the year next to spring...

    Marnie, Skeeter today and not Tina, I know it gets so confusing at times. :-). I have not read that series and dont really read much but this one sounds cute enough for me to check it out! May keep me busy once all this stuff is all packed away and winter cools me down a bit....

    I am off to pack some bags now...

  23. Skeeter, your decorations are just lovely--your themed trees are so creative. Best wishes for the holidays!

  24. Tina, you are a girl after my own heart! I'm glad to see someone else who goes overboard for Christmas!!! I have five trees (all artificial too) and I get teased continually about it. Yours are all phenomenal. I love the themes of each one but the magnolia tree is especially gorgeous. Your garlands are also spectacular. I don't have any of those but you may have just inspired me! I'll have to take pics of mine and post as well. Happy Holidays to you and your family. There is truly a festive spirit in your home.

  25. I wondered where you've been lately. Cheesehead used to complain that I had too many tree with two (plus 4 miniature trees throughout the house), but I see that my collection is nothing compared to yours. You sure have been bust putting up all of your beautiful decor! Merry Christmas.

  26. Of course Cheetah is waiting for Santa. Aren't you? ;-) I love all your trees. You win the "most Xmas trees in one house award"! I have two trees, both potted Norfolk Island pines. One is about four feet tall and is decorated in 1950s ornaments. The other is "mini me"--about a foot tall in my bedroom with little Swedish elves as ornaments. I love them!
    ~ Monica

  27. Double Wow, your house is so beautiful. I have the same problem with real trees, but every year, I get out voted by my wife and daughters. Merry Christmas

  28. Your decorations are pretty! I enjoy looking at decorations but after my kids grew up and left I quit decorating.

  29. Cosmo, I sure had fun with them. Thank you and I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas as well...

    Kathleen, here at In the Garden, there are several of us which post topics. Today was my day. Sorry for the confusion but we like to keep everyone on their toes. lol. I am glad to see I am not the only one in Blog land which has multiple trees in the house at Christmas! I have a lot of fun with them each year but about time to change them up a bit. I am glad to see that I may have inspired you to create garlands. Hint, they are real cheap the day after Christmas! Everything in my house was created on a budget with sale items...

    Cinj, Yep, as you can see I have been a busy girl since you last heard from me. Once everything is all packed away for the winter, I will be back at blogging but really busy until then. I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and that the New Year will bring you much joy. Lord knows you need some with all you have been through this past year. Bless your heart...

    Monica, I have not had a chance to check in on other Christmas posts as I have been way to busy, decorating, cleaning, baking pies, entertaining guests, etc but once things settle down a bit for me, I hope to catch up with past postings to see other trees. I love to see how people decorate their trees. So much fun for me and I am sure others have just as much fun. I would love to have a tree with antique ornaments but fear the cats may decide to knock that tree down. That would be devastating for me to loose a valuable tree such as that. Of course I am waiting for Santa... tee hee....

    Rusty, I would love to have a real tree but oh, the issues I would have with one. I had them in our childhood home so remember them well. But the artificial trees of today are pretty good trees. I only pick up the ones which look somewhat real to the eye...
    Dot, you should decorate a bit as the glitter and glow can bring such smiles on your face this time of year. I am glad you enjoyed a peek into my decorations today! Merry Christmas....


    We will be taking off first thing in the morning and headed North to spend Christmas with the Saints family. I will be out of touch of computers so see ya when we return! I hope everyones dreams come true.....

  31. Skeeter I hope you take a quick peek before leaving as I want to wish you and the saint a safe and easy road trip and the best of best holiday season and coming new year. We will miss you.

  32. Beautiful, Skeeter! It must take you weeks to put up all these garlands and trees! But it is lovely, and I enjoyed seeing all the different themes you use.

    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

  33. I have never seen a rattlesnake ornament, but it is certainly cute and festive looking!

  34. Absolutely gorgeous Skeeter! And I don't hold it against you at all for using artificial trees; we alternate each year and have been using the same artificial tree for close to twenty years.

    I bet it takes you a while to decorate! And my! does it pay in the end!

  35. I have too much clutter to find more than one spot for a tree. Plus, none of our rooms is very big.

    Your trees are great! I think the snowman one may be my favorite.

    Merry Christmas!


  36. i love your decorations! You are a Christmas decor maven :) ( I know some ppl hate that word, but they can insert the word maestro if they want)

  37. Skeeter - Your home is absolutely gorgeous. Are you an interior decorator??? And do you have a shed out back to hold all those decorations??? I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!!!

  38. Jean, we had a great Christmas trip and visit with the Saints family in Va! Too short though but that is life....

    Rose, I am pretty organized and can get it all in place in less then a week. This year I had lots of distractions though so took much longer. But good distractions they were... :-)

    Brenda, even a scary rattlesnake is a cutie pie with a Santa hat on.. tee hee...

    TC, The small animal tree is the top of our first tree given to us by the Saints parents over 20 years ago! Thing was too old to keep but the top was fine as was some of the greenery to decorate with in future projects. Only takes me a few days to decorate as I am a pretty organized person when storing each year. But this year had a few distractions so took a bit longer....

    Sue, I love the snowman tree too but then again, I love them all! I have so much fun creating them each year and just cannot pick a favorite as I love them all...

    llona, I have been called worse before but we will not talk about that as this is a family blog. tee hee... Just joking ya know and thanks for your kind words...

    Cindy, Nope, not an interior decorator, that would mean all this fun would turn into work then and no longer be fun! lol... I just enjoy decorating and have a bit of a talent handed down from my grandmother. I keep all the stuff in one storage closet. You would be amazed as to how much stuff I can store in large Rubbermaid containers! I have lived in such small apartments for many years and have learned to pack things away really well. Kind of like working a puzzle….