Thursday, November 19, 2009

Here and There

By Skeeter

I was out of my Georgia garden for a bit during the month of October and noticed some strange things in my travels. First, I spotted this while sitting on my parents Tennessee porch. Do you see the strange thing I am talking about?
Blue Blooms with a Yellow Leaf Backdrop!
In late October their Chaste (Blue Bush as they call it) continues to bloom as the trees had turned into their fall colors! Strange stuff I tell ya...
Is this Oleander blooming in late October also?
Yep, Oleander blooming but not sure if this is strange or not as it was blooming on Tybee Island outside of Savannah, GA...
I enjoyed seeing it from my hotel balcony.
This was an eerie sight and just on time for us. It was Halloween Day when we visited the Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah. The mood was perfect as their was a mist and fog hoovering above.
Some people may think me a bit crazy to visit cemeteries during my vacation but I really do enjoy going to an old cemetery. I find cemeteries very interesting and a sort of garden. Plants, trees and statues were placed many years ago and some are such pieces of art work. Look at this grand lady keeping watch over a plot. Here is the same lady after I played with the camera a bit.
This cemetery has been around since the mid 1800's and sits on a hill top over looking the river below.
This place is full of Spanish Moss draping the trees above!
Natures hand giving me beautiful artwork to view.
The sun finally burn off the fog and mist and I felt like I had just stepped out of the movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil". This is the cemetery where the famous Bird Girl statue once belonged...Here is an Oak Tree lined Driveway at Wormsloe Historic site. We also took a quick trip to Jekyll Island to show my parents this beautiful spot on earth. We were lucky enough to get there at Low Tide, thus being able to see the Driftwood Beach we missed during our last visit.Driftwood beach is from years of erosion of the large Oak trees from the oceans side. Driftwood Island is a sort of Cemetery for trees I guess...There is Rip Rap in place to slow down the erosion of the island but as we all know, you cannot stop Mother Nature and Father Time. They will both win in the end.I would like to thank my Saint for taking the time to run me all over the place during this past year! You are such a sweetheart to be HERE AND THERE and In the Garden...


  1. Such beautiful images of wonderful spots, Skeeter, thanks! The moss drapery on the live oaks is so full of moody mystery, perfect for a cemetary. I love the old ones too, both trees and graveyards. That driftwood beach was especially nice. :-)

  2. Your photos make we wish I lived in the Low Country again. I particularly like the B&W of the palm frond and water in the background. I for one don't think it is strange to visit cemeteries and rarely go to one without my camera.

  3. Skeeter, everytime I see those moss draped trees on tv or in photos I think of you. I never knew there are insects in it.
    I'm gasping at driftwood beach, being by the ocean and trying to find driftwood recently and having no luck! Seems like there was more than enough when I was a kid.
    Pretty photos of the nice resting place.

  4. The Saint is one special man! We have Spanish Moss draping out of trees here and there too. Not too much of a Cemetery person, although I get it. Love driftwood photos. Glad you had a grand time here and there this past year.

  5. A nice post to your dear husband. You guys have been most busy traveling this year and even more to come! I bet you can't wait!

  6. That Oak Tree lined Driveway is really wonderful.
    I like old cemeteries as well. One of my favorites is the one up at West Point, NY. Was a fun place to cut through as a kid...lots of cool monuments. All your Spanish moss draped tree photos are really neat.

  7. A neat trip! I've always enjoyed seeing Spanish moss hanging from the old oaks in pictures. The driftwood beach is pretty neat, did you bring any back to the garden? ;)

  8. Frances, I just love the moss draped live Oaks of the Deep South! The first ones I ever saw were in Louisiana when I was a child and have been an admirer of them ever since. Driftwood Beach is a mixed emotion in my soul. On one hand, so beautiful but on the other a sign of death to nature, sigh…

    Les, I find old cemeteries such as this one so captivating! Cemeteries in Europe are more like a flower garden then in the USA and I really did enjoy visiting them. On Sunday’s, they were full of people strolling along the pathways and admiring the beauty. The Low Country is such a magical place…

    Dawn, Yep, Don’t let the Red (Bed) Bugs bite! I so wanted some of this driftwood but a State Park and nothing is to be removed from this place of beauty. My stump in Tuesdays post is preserved as a piece of driftwood but not really. I would like to have some in the garden but not so lucky…

    Darla, I do have a Saint indeed! Such a special man I have… I don’t remember seeing so much Moss during my Florida visits but has been a long time since I have been that way for a visit. I have had a busy year with travels and full of interesting sights along the way. Cemeteries captivate my mind for some reason and I enjoy the peacefulness of them as much as the beauty…

    Tina, So much traveling this year and one more biggie to come but need to slow down in the coming year. The wallet in the purse is starting to scream at us! There is just so many fun things in this country to see and do! Yep, excited I am and counting the days for the big one!

  9. Janet, West Point cemetery sounds interesting. I enjoyed the Gettysburg and found it an interesting place to wonder. The moss is neat but watch out for the bugs...

    Dave, I only broght the driftwood back in my mind as it is a State Park and taking anything is a big NO NO....

  10. What a beautiful cemetary! I don't think you are crazy at all! They have such interesting objects! I love the beach shots! Our beaches look totally different! I would love to visit oneday...very nice!

    Our plants here are a little off as well. I think the cool fall weather tricks them into thinking it is spring?!?!

  11. I love Savannah. Thanks for the wonderful photos and for bringing back fond memories of one of my favorite cities!

  12. Hello Skeeter,
    I love cemetaries too. I love the moss on the trees, and your special effects with the black and white. Thanks for sharing

  13. Love the view from your parents porch. It is really lovely and looks so peaceful. As always all the shots are all gorgeous. That moss is so pretty but the trees look dead. Does that mean the moss has chocked them to death? Or had they just lost their leaves for the winter?

    You should enter some of those phots in a contest. Bet you would win!!

    When I first saw all that driftwood I wondered if there was a ban on taking it as I have never seen so much in one place. Glad you answered that for me. People snatch it up quickly here on the Maine coast. I was lucky enough to find 2 pieces at the tank farm this summer and the kids dragged them home for me.

  14. These are all such pretty pictures, all so different. I love the Chaste tree, I've never seen one in bloom like that.
    Love the mossy trees too, they make me think of the South. I've never seen any like that around here.

  15. Wow, chaste and oleander--that really is unusual (um, because they don't grow here in Michigan)!!! I also love old, interesting cemeteries.

  16. Beautiful photographs Skeeter, thanks for sharing.

  17. Glad to know I'm not the only one who likes old graveyards. Some of the headstones tell fascinating stories. I'd love to visit Savannah one of these days. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. That chaste bush looks interesting. I don't think I've seen it around here.

  18. Blue & yellow together. Nothing prettier.

    There is moss in trees around here. People have trees sprayed to kill the moss as it is not wanted mostly in pecan trees. I think it's foreboding looking but pretty. My cousin boils hers to kill the bugs {yea, red bugs, yikes} so she can use it in crafts. Then she lays it out on a flat surface for it to dry.

    We've enjoyed your travels & do thank The Saint for taking you here & yonder. We've also enjoyed your very good photography. Looking forward to pics from the big travel.

  19. Good evening everyone. I have been a busy girl shopping today which is not my favorite thing. I have a special formal dinner coming up soon and need a nice dress. I went to 9 different places and all they have out there are skimpy young women’s dresses or something beautiful my grandmother would wear! Where are all the nice Formal Dresses for Middle Aged women? Anyone know???

    Savannah is one of my favorite places to visit and I just love the views from every direction one looks. From the beautiful old homes to the beauty nature provides, there are treats at every angle! I feel so blessed to be able to spend time there and hope to get back soon as there is still so much to see and do that I have yet to explore....

    I dont think the trees died from the moss but rather just old age or a bug or who knows what. The trees on the beach are dying from erosion which is sad but part of nature. And being on a State Park, a Federal offense if one touches them, so the driftwood stays put…

    My feet are tired from 6 hours of shopping with and still no dress in hand. Sigh...

  20. Enjoyed the post Skeeter. Today I saw the prettiest iris by a house 2 up from me -outside -blooming and looking way odd with the surrounding leaves off the trees:) But, it sure was pretty -hope it makes it tonight -calling for colder temps.
    Good luck with the dress hunting -I have a very hard time finding dresses that I would wear lately -I'm not into the skimpy ones but also don't want a grandma style one -not that I'd mind but we'll leave those for grandmas to look pretty in:0)
    Getting excited about turkey day -I have a ton of baking to do but the results are worth it. My Boys are seriously eating me out of house and home lately. They are like empty pits when they come in from school -glad Sidekick isn't a big eater yet, hehehe. Better get off here -hello to everyone. Ciao!

    The yard is officially winter ready -a few odd weeds still need pulling but bulbs are in and I "think" I'm set. I'm certain I should trim some trees but we'll get to it on a free day -which are hard to come by lately.

  21. Beautiful shots, Skeeter! I was just going to mention it reminded me of "The Midnight Garden of Good and Evil" when you also said that! I know that oleander blooms in December in Arizona, so those blooms are probably not unusual. Did you pick up any of that driftwood to take home?

    Just saw your comment on the last post--oh, I did want to stop and find Tina as we were driving through Clarksville, but Hubby was anxious to get home. Beckie and I keep talking about taking a Tennessee Garden road trip one of these days:)

  22. Anonymous, I so would like to be a fly on the wall to see the boys rip into a turkey next week! Hey, will this be a turkey compliments of hubby or store bought? I have not seen any wild turkeys lately around here, I think they are all hiding deep in the woods. Wait until all the boys are teenagers, then you will see boys that can eat. Hee hee. An Iris blooming? Wow, how odd is that this time of year? I would be up there taking pictures of it if the neighbors would allow me. lol. Good for you getting your bulbs in the ground. I have some still waiting for my hand shovel but Dr says to stay out of yard one more day. Have a good weekend…

    Rose, No picking up driftwood off this beach or I would end up doing a blog from jail. Lol. You should plan for a Tennessee Garden tour next year. You two would have so much fun. My hubby has to slow down for me at times or he will get an ear full. Hee hee…Have a good weekend!

  23. Hi Skeeter,
    I enjoyed your "here and there" photos. I think the cemetery ones are my favorites. I live a couple blocks from a cemetery, and have only gone to take photos once, one early morning for SkyWatch. I keep meaning to, but forget.

    Thanks for sharing your travels with us!

  24. I forgot to say I love the driftwood beach. Is it a protected area?

    When I was a girl, we used to go to Minnesota for vacations. We'd stay at resorts by lakes, and go fishing and swimming. Frequently family friends and other relatives would go, too. I remember a day when some of us rowed near the shore looking for driftwood. All of a sudden one of the women told us to keep our hands out of the water. We looked, and there were a whole bunch of gar swimming around.

    We did get some driftwood, and I remember putting little animal figurines on one and putting it on our knick knack shelf. Do people do that any more?

  25. Halloween was a great time to visit Bonaventure Cemetary. Great pictures. I would love to visit Savannah sometime. It's such a beautiful city and I'm a great fan of the Garden of Good and Evil book.

  26. Sue, I find such beauty in Cemeteries and just had to share a bit on this day. It was so interesting to see the old stones and read dates and all. Gars, Yikes, we see them at our lake often and they are scary with those sharp teeth! They are beautiful fish full of color though. Yes, this area of the driftwood is highly protected and a State Park so no taking of anything to include a pine cone from the ground! I was tempted but did not want to start a Blog about Prison life. lol... I occasionally see trinkets glued on many different things. We are in the South and those crafts will probably never die out....

    Sweet Bay, I wanted to go on the night Ghost Tour but it was too late to sign up. Sigh...I hope the book was better then the movie. The movie was a bit strange but still enjoyed it as it was based in one of my favorite cities, Savannah! If you ever get the chance to go to Savannah, I know you will enjoy it. Really interesting place to visit and beauty with every turn of the head...

  27. Hi! I know what you mean about the cemetary, my hubby and I just got back from Savannah and I had never seen such a sight before, sooooo beautiful. Your pics are gorgeous, glad you had a great time.

  28. Ella, I am glad you enjoyed the cemetery! It is a most interesting place to visit. I think this will be a must with every Savannah visit for me from now on. Such beauty in such a sad place in time for some to visit....