Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Look before you Dig

By Skeeter Such a bare spot in my Georgia Yard! (garden hose is stretched out to water sod in the front yard) This side of the house is a normal route for deer so we don't have much growing in the form of gardens in this area. The Saints parents gave us a Flag Pole (Thanks Mom and Dad B) and we decided this would be a good spot to install it with a small planter added at the base in time.
Normal procedure, is for me to pick the spot and the Saint digs the hole. This time however, he chose to argue my spot and move a bit forward. Okay, whatever, just dig the hole and lets get this chore knocked off the "To Do" list will ya!
Ah, the trusty Post Hole diggers are a perfect tool to dig a hole to install a tall pole.
As you can see, my soil has Georgia Red Clay in this spot of the yard. Another reason why there are not more flowers planted on this side of the house!
The Saint was having a tough time getting through the Clay but managing until he hit this root. Argggg, not a root but rather the Cable TV to the house! Oh no, we forgot to seek out where the cable could be running through the yard. We had to laugh at the fact that we have 2.5 acres of land but hit the cable with a 6 inch hole! The Saint made a quick supply trip to town for a temp repair so we had TV for the evening. The cable repair people came to the rescue in a timely manner with the final repairs. Now the trusty Pick Ax and Flat Shovel came into play to cover the cable. With all the clay in the area, the Saint had a time getting the cable buried into the ground.

The rains started to fall since this incident thus, not allowing for the Flag Pole to be installed as of yet. Stay tuned for more on this saga.

Hum, if only someone had kept to his job of digging holes while letting someone else pick the perfect spot for a hole to go, then maybe, just maybe..... Well, honey, that's okay, you can dig a mean hole and cut through anything with your strength!

Moral to the story: Listen to your wife? Na, LOOK BEFORE YOU DIG, In the Garden...


  1. I love this story! Glad the cable is repaired!!

  2. OMG! I was holding my breath thinking you were going to hit a gas line! Glad you got your cable repaired and moral....listen to your wife!

  3. Skeeter girl .. you have given me a great snorting giggle this morning ..we are like magnets to the "if it is going to happen to anyone , any where, ... it will happen to us!" .. I am recalling the nightmare deck project and the company who will never come back to this neighborhood due to nasty boulders breaking drill bits ? LOL
    Glad you got your cable back QUICK ! LOL

  4. I am giggling while holding lil bundle -glad everything turned out okay. Good reminder to call/check before you dig. Or in this case ask your wife, hehehe.

  5. I love the first moral of the story~~but, totally see the wisdom of the second one! gail

  6. I have to agree with the first moral! Hubby would say if he would listen to me then it would be MY fault when HE cut the cable. Ha! Poor Saint! That huge yard and not one single thing there and you have to hit the cable? Gotta hate that. Good thing he could temporary fix it as it is a bummer without cable. I am looking forward to seeing the flagpole too:)

  7. Skeeter,
    Once I was sent by my boss 2 hours away to put in a handicap button to open an automatic door. The switch was to be mounted on a 4 x 4, I asked the contractor if the location had been checked for piping and wiring, he said just put it in. I called my boss he said just put it in. So I dug the hole and hit a water line to the underground sprinklers. I stood there speechless as a creek appeared and proceeded to go a 1/4 mile down the hill to the hospital. After maybe an hour the maintenance crew turned off the water. Something one can never forget.

  8. I think the first moral was the right one, Skeeter:) This is too funny that in all that space you would pick where the cable was buried. At least it wasn't the gas line. I think your flagpole will look perfect in this part of the yard, once you've figured out a space place to dig.

  9. OM, my, Skeeter, that's so incredible! What are the odds?! Glad your DH was able to fix it temporarily!

  10. Good morning everyone! Overcast and a bit nippy here in GA thus far. I am excited as I go to the doctor today for a follow up to my surgery. I hope to get the taping removed from my right girl. I have not been slowing down lately so I am sure all is healed as I feel fine. Dog in the house as we are dog sitting for our neighbors for 12 days! My kitties are not too happy with us but they are being better then I thought they would be. They are so jealous of the dog and his lap time and attention they normally get from us. Poor things. I am starting to decorate the house for the holidays. I am excited about that as I am changing things up a bit this year…

    Darla, It is a fun story to tell as we still don’t have that flag pole in the ground! Spring project maybe…

    Dawn, so you like moral number one, lol. I know to look for the gas line as it runs on the other side of the house and I would have been looking or it as I do with all digging on that side of the house. But we forget that the cable runs this direction even though the box is on this side of house with orange cable showing and we hate how it looks on the house. Duh, okay, it was late in the day after many chores so we were both tired, hence, maybe the oversight…

    Joy, Ah the dreaded deck building and boulders. Yep, they will think twice before returning to your area for sure! I love telling this story as it is so funny. You are so right with the analogy of “if it will happen”, that is so us! lol. Just glad my man knows how to make temp repairs for such tragic moments in our life. We may have a flag pole by spring…

    Anonymous, I was just saying to Dawn how I think our lack of judgement was due to us being a bit tired. It was the end of the day and we so wanted to knock this chore off the list. This was the same day we dug out the bananas and enlarged the Wishing Well Planter along with many other chores so we were tired and really should not have taken on another on the list of “To Do’s” but oh well, the more we knocked off that list, the less for later. Oh well, live and learn…

    Gail, You got it! lol, that Saint will never learn to listen to me where the yard is concerned. He has to put his 2 cents in with everything these days when in the past he would just say, where do you want the hole? I have never told him how to work on his cars or how to repair a computer! Lol…

    Tina, I like the way you and Mr Fixit think! I will use that on the Saint in the future! Yep, it was Sunday night and we could not go without our cable. Luckily, Radio Shack was still open so he took off to town like a speed demon. lol, Then the cable people came out right away when we called them later on. Saint dug the trench as the cable guy said they would not bury it deep. We wanted it deep so the Saint buried the cable. Punishment, digging in that clay for not listening to his wife. Hee hee…

    Randy, Poor dear, you only did what told and then you were left standing knee deep in the water! A mess indeed and I am sure you got the blame from everyone standing around watching the creek flow. You tried didn’t you? We should have been more careful as we knew the cable ran on this side of the house. We just didn’t think. Now we have a Flag Pole still not in the ground. Maybe come spring we will…

    Rose, we were lucky it was not the gas line. It is on the other side of the house and I do think of it every time we dig on that side of the house. We took that pole all over the yard looking for the perfect spot. I had it then the Saint just had to move it forward about a foot! When he hit the cable, I had to laugh at him. He had to eat crow and say, You were right! I eat crow at times too though....

    Lzyjo, that is one thing I can say about the Saint, when he breaks something, he can usually repair it! lol... Long shot odds and we still cannot hit the lottery! lol...

  11. Isn't it amazing, the one spot you pick (I meant your husband :)) is the wrong place? Often seems to work that way! I'm impressed that he fixed the cable.

  12. Just gotta love that moral #1. Too funny!!

  13. Hi Tina,

    What a great story with a great message! You never know what you will dig up.

    Once, I was digging a whole in a large planter in the winter. I got about 8 inches down, when I unearthed a hibernating toad. I just about fainted from surprise. Unfortunately, there was little I could do to avoid this happening :0)

  14. So frustrating when this sort of thing happens. My hubby has hit a sprinkler system line... we had a small flood from that boo boo. Glad your cable line got fixed. -Jackie

  15. Goodness! I sympathize, as that has happened to us. Except for "yard" substitute "bathroom wall", for "post digger" substitute "nail" and then imagine a sideways geyser and a growing indoor sea. If we could apply that luck to lotteries, we'd be millionaires!

  16. That is hilarious Skeeter. Never fails for the hubby to not listen.
    That's one reason I didn't ask DH to do it--did it myself.
    Thanks for the laughs.
    Glad all did work out, except no flag pole.

  17. Sweet Bay, I am a lucky gal to have that Saint. He can fix almost anything. Unfortunately, he can break almost anything as well. hee hee....

    Jean, I am so glad that we can laugh at ourselves. :-)

    Azplantlady, Skeeter posting today. Sorry for the confusion, we do that some times :) I too have unearthed frogs and toads! One huge one and yep, I was startled to say the least. Luckily, I have not killed any with the shovel by accident, Now the lawnmower and weedwhacker, yup, accidently killed a few. Sigh…

    Jackie, We really need to watch those shovels and hole digging. We talk about installing a watering system but we would constantly break it as I am always digging for something new…

    Patsi, Your welcome. I think laughter helps make the world a better place…

    Helen, OHG, an indoor geyser, Yikes! We always feared that happening while living in Germany. No nails in the walls there as their structures are not from wood. We had to use the drill with anchors to hang a picture and I was so afraid of hitting a pipe in the wall. We laugh and say, If it weren’t for bad luck, we would have no luck at all. lol…

    Lola, Never fear, we will get that Flag a flying some day. We just need to wait for the ground to dry a bit first. Maybe this winter or surely by next spring we will knock this chore off the list of "To Do's" Too funny indeed...

  18. Isn't is great we have the outlet to blog about these digging endeavors? It helps us all ! I am glad it wasn't too terribly serious.

  19. Next time my husband disagrees about the spot I need help digging I'll tell him your story :) Seems like even the simplest of projects can become much more complicated and time consuming than you think.

  20. Great lesson Skeeter! I have a friend who went to dig her vegetable garden and her cable was only 3 inches deep! Very surprising. Hello, Miss Utility?

  21. Rosey, you are so right! Talking about such disasters is not only funny but a lesson as well. In more ways then one. Hee hee…

    Catherine, Ha ha, you are too funny. The Saint reads the Blog but does not read the comments. He asked what everyone thought of this and I had so much fun telling him. lol….

    Janet, I did not mention it but should have, that is why the Saint buried the cable once repaired. The cable guy told him that someone else comes to bury it and it would only be about 2 inches deep! So the Saint did the job himself so it would be done correctly…