Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank You to all Veterans

By Skeeter
Photo above, borrowed from the internet.

Veterans Day initially was called Armistice Day.

Armistice Day recognized veterans of World War 1, which came to an end at 11am on Nov. 11, 1918.

It was first recognized by President Woodrow Wilson in 1919. However it wasn't until 1938 that congress recognized Armistice Day as a national holiday.

Following WW2, Armistice Day was changed to Veterans Day to honor all the men and women who had served or still serves in the American military.

President Dwight Eisenhower officially proclaimed Nov 11 as Veterans Day in 1954.

In 1968, Congress changed the observance of Veterans Day from Nov 11 to the second Monday in November, despite public outcry.

President Gerald Ford, who was a veteran, changed it back in 1975.

Info above borrowed from the Augusta Chronicle Newspaper...
Today, I would like to step out of my Georgia Garden and say THANK YOU TO ALL VETERANS (such as my very young Saint above) for your sacrifices and time served in our military.

In the Gardens very own Tina has been through sand and tough times keeping us safe at night and her wonderful husband, Roger continues to do so. Who knows where we would be today without such protectors?

Take a minute and say thanks to a Veteran today.....

*Note: I will be off the computer today as I am scheduled for surgery. I am having some massive "non-cancerous" tissue removed from a breast. So I am taking a moment to remind you all to be sure to get those mammograms as they are important to find such abnormalities before they do become dangerous!


  1. Very nice this morning Skeeter! I turned off my computer yesterday not knowing what you were posting and nothing was up. I'm thinking you were trying to surprise me:) The Saint looks very young but he hasn't changed so much at all. Still good looking with dark hair. Good luck today and hang tough.

  2. Wish you luck todya at the doctor's. And that was a very refreshing and timely post to read, especially amidst the whole Afghanistan and Iraq business. Yes, let's take some time to thank those who laid down their lives for us before.

    Greetings from London.

  3. Skeeter,
    It's funny , well , not funny, that you mentioned mammograms. I have 40th b-day coming up and that means my first. Ugh.
    I hope everything goes well for your surgery. Rest up and take care.
    Thanks for this post honoring veterans. It is no small thing what our soldiers do , or have done. I just wish more people would appreciate their sacrafices.

  4. Skeeter, good luck! How scary. I have a mammogram scheduled for next month. You are so good to think of other when you are going through this.

  5. Good luck Skeeter!
    Tina, my post is up, I scheduled it for 5pm, go figure.

  6. Skeeter, best wishes for the coming surgery. Good thoughts coming your way;)

  7. Amen, Skeeter! This lesson really hit home last week when our community lost one of its own. Freedom comes at a price.

    Wishing you good luck today and a speedy recovery, Skeeter. I'll be thinking of you.

  8. May I add my hearty "THANKS" to all the men & women that have so bravely protected our shores. For without their bravery we would not be where we are today. But sadly the fighting goes on.

    Skeeter, do take care & get some much needed rest. Our thoughts & prayers are with you. Glad The Saint is with you today.

  9. Ouch Skeeter. Good luck and mend fast.

    Our veterans, what can one say? Without them we would be in sad sad shape. America is not without our flaws, but IT IS THE BEST THERE IS!! I love this saying and think it sums it all up, "A veteran, whether active duty, retired, national guard or reserve - is someone who, at one point in their life, wrote a blank check made payable to "The Unite States of America" for an amount "up to and including their life". Author unknown.

    My husband was in the honor guard in DC when in the navy. Since they are a small, elite group of men they have reunions every year and stay in touch with others. The vet that is sorta in charge of finding all the vets that have been in the group and keeps us all connected sends many emails to us all and he very often ends his emails with that saying and I never get tired of reading it and can get teary eyed every time I read it.

    Many. many thanks to all our vets, I admire you all.

  10. Yes, thank you to all of the men and women who served our country. Interesting to learn about the history of the date change.

    Good luck with your procedure today.

  11. Thank you for both reminders - we have much to be thankful for.

    I hope you recover quickly.

  12. Best wishes to you Skeeter. Will look forward to seeing you back online.

  13. We can count our blessings because of our veterans

  14. Hi Skeeter,
    I hope your surgery went well. I went ahead and had a physical a couple weeks ago, because I've met my insurance detuctible. The mammogram is scheduled for tomorrow.

    Tell your Saint thanks for being a veteran. Tina and hubby, thank you both!

    Great post, Skeeter!

  15. I survived surgery and now the mending process begins. Thanks to all your well wishes and prayers…

    I was out front of the hospital when a gentleman walked towards me wearing his Veterans hat; I was able to wish him a Happy Veterans Day! That was my highlight before surgery!