Thursday, August 5, 2010

Canna Pest

By SkeeterSomething is eating the Canna here in my Georgia Garden! As you can see here, they are blooming so the damage is not hurting the Flowers. Last year we had damage from Leaf Rollers. (Above picture is from last year) I learned this after asking Blogger's for help in identifying what made those perfectly round holes in the leaf of the plant. You answered, Leaf Rollers! That post along with more information from you on other Strange Happenings, in my garden, can be seen by clicking Here. Click Here to see what Wikipedia has to say about Leaf Rollers.
I knew this was not leaf roller due to the lack of round holes. After a bit of investigating by observation, I found the culprit.
Japanese beetles had gotten to the Canna while I was out of the garden on one of my several TN trips after the flood.I plucked beetles and now the plants are once again fine. Look Lola, no Leaf Rollers this year on the Tropical Canna you gave me! She is healthy and happy in my garden. But wait, there's more....She is a proud mama to baby's! Every time I look at this Canna I think of you Lola, Again, thanks for your wonderful gift. No more CANNA PEST, In the Garden... (for now)

Update on my parents flooded house: It has been 3 months since my parents house flooded. The rebuilding is going slow and I would say about half way complete. They continue to live in the basement apartment of their wonderful neighbors home. My dads hip has healed with the brace and not surgery! That is a good thing. He is back in his yard about an hour a day pulling weeds and doing light work until he knows the hip is back to 100%. I hope they are in their house soon...

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  1. Skeeter,
    Glad to hear your father is doing better and their house is coming together.

    Canna roller equal the Brazilian Skipper see my page on them at I have never found them to do a lot of damage, yet Japanese Beetles can be awful.

  2. Skeeter,
    Glad to hear you dad is doing better. Jamie and I have had to get rid of almost all our cannas. We just couldn't controll the leaf rollers.-- Randy

  3. Skeeter, Such wonderful news about your parents, I'm glad your fathers hip healed and he can do light work at his house, I bet that makes him feel like a million.
    Jap beetles are the worst and they are really alien looking, they give me the creeps!

  4. Those leaf rollers were SO destructive last year. I do not like them at all. The J. beetles will certainly decimate the cannas. We've been lucky here as there have not been that many.

    So glad your father is doing better! Hopefully they'll be home soon.

  5. Glad you plucked out those beetles..warm thoughts of your parents.

  6. Japanese Beetles are the reason I don't grow cannas, roses or butterfly bushes. We have hundreds coming in from the fields around the garden. No way to stop them.

  7. That's good news with your dad. Hope the construction goes quickly for them.

    I can't seem to get cannas in the right spot here. Foliage is fine, but I worry so much about getting them in a moist spot, that they don't get enough sun for blooms.

  8. That is such a gorgeous color of orange.

    Glad to hear the good news about your father but I am sure when they get back in their own home he will even feel better.

  9. I also meant to say that here in the north it has been a banner year for those darn ole j beetles. They will cover my potatoes, hosta. raspberries and blackberries and beans. Chewed leaves everwhere. I have never seen so many.

  10. Glad you've saved the cannas!!!

    Hope your parents' house moves along quickly. Glad to hear your dad is getting back out there.

  11. Good morning all! Another hot one with Heat Advisory Warnings. Southern heat is the pits in the middle of summer for the gardens...

    Randy Emmit, Thanks! The rollers are not nearly as bad as the J. Beetles for sure. They will destroy a plant in no time at all while the Rollers seem to just nibble…

    Randy, Thanks! I am sorry you had to get rid of your Canna’s. We seem to have the Rollers under control but now the beetle popped up on us. Gee, never an end to protecting the beauties of the yard.

    Dawn, Yep, I do think that with dad getting back into his yard a bit is the best medicine. He missed his yard so much during his injury. Beetles don’t freak me out at all. I reckon because I have played with them since a kid…

    Tina, The beetles were awful here the first year we moved into the house. Now we have so many birds in the yard that I think they keep pretty good control over them. It seems to be when they first pop out of the ground they are the worse. I stay on top of them usually but this year, I was MIA when they arrived and they got the best of me with the canna. At the rate they are going with the house renovations, I am just hoping they are in the house by Christmas! Grrrrrrr, slow moving process for sure…

    Darla, Thanks and yep those beetle got a plucking as soon as I spotted them. I was out in the heat sweating as I plucked so you know I was angry at them to take the heat that afternoon. Only wish I had spotted them during the cooler morning hours…

    Marnie, This is the first year I have seen the J.B’s on the Canna. I have never seen them on our 5 butterfly bushes before ever. The main problems I have had with them were on the Ferns, Crepe Myrtles and Japanese maple trees. Isn’t it strange how they like different things in different gardens. I sure hope they don’t attack my butterfly bushes. Thanks for the warning as I will be on my toes and looking for them now…

    Cameron, Thanks, I do hope they are back home and soon. But they are so comfortable in the apt now, that it is not nearly as bad on them as it was in the beginning. I need to dig out some of the canna and spread them out a bit. They are getting to clumpy now. We get a lot of moisture in this area during the winter and spring but in the summer, it dries out enough that they seem to like this spot. I was afraid of loosing them to root a few spring though…

    Jean, Yes the best medicine for my parents would be to get back home! They are happy with each step closer to a completed home but so not moving quickly enough for them or me. I am ready to get back to TN for the Move-In Day… That is a beautiful shade of orange on the canna. It seems to be the hardiest of the canna planted as well as it is reproducing like crazy. I need to think them out a bit too. I was just telling Cameron how the JB’s have never touched my canna until this year and never touched the Butterfly bush when they have destroyed hers. Now you tell me about your hosta when our hosta has never been touched either. Strange happenings…

    Sherlock, Thanks, my dads best theropy is getting back into his yard. He missed it so much...

  12. I'm glad your Dad is better. Nothing like 'puttering' in one's yard/garden to make them feel better. I do hope their home will be ready soon.
    Little green grasshopper's ate all the leaves {old} off my apple tree. I hope it doesn't hurt it.
    Love that orange color. Did the other canna die?

  13. We have those leaf rollers this year and it's horrible! Thanks for the link to the wikipedia site. I need all the help I can get. Wish me luck!

  14. Lola, It does appear that I lost some of the other canna. I need to separate them too as the ones I have are getting too close togehter. None of the Caladiums returned either. I lost lots of stuff this year and am guessing it was due to the harsh winter we had. I sent you an email recently, did you receive it?

    Blender Diet, I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you to solve your Roller problem. Hope this will help you a bit :-)

  15. Skeeter, I should be able to get you some of the other cannas. If not this Fall next Spring so they will be good. Just let me know which ones you don't have.
    Got your mail. Sorry I didn't answer. Legs dominate how long I can sit here. I can read some but that is about it.