Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Revisiting the Angel Trumpet

By Skeeter
Tina, Look at the Angel Trumpet you passed along to my Georgia Garden!
It is full of blooms and I just love it!
I tried to count the blooms but kept loosing track of which flower had been counted and which had not. There were at least 50 flowers at one time if not more! I could not get them all into the picture as there were so many. I cannot Thank You enough for this wonderful gift!

Happy Birthday to In the Garden's Master Gardener, Tina! Have a wonderful day girl...

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  1. Happy birthday, Tina!

    I've never seen Angel Trumpets before. I can certainly see where they get their name. So very unique and beautiful they are...

  2. I'm glad I am not the only one that is in awe of this wonderful plant...Happy Birthday Tina!!

  3. Stunning Angel Trumpets! Happy Birthday, Tina :)

  4. Have a great one Tina! Ciao:0)

  5. Well what a very nice birthday present Skeeter! I get to see one of my 'babies' in all her glory and she sure is beautiful! So glad it has flourished in your garden. I bet it'll come back easily next year too. Thank you so much!

  6. happy birthday Tina, and may you and Skeeter have a blooming year. Those angel trumpets are incredibly beautiful, I think they may be poisonous, not that you would eat them.

  7. Hope you have a fabulous birthday! Celebrate! Woo hoo!

    I bet that plant is popular with the bees. Love that color pink!

  8. Wow! I hope mine will look like that.
    Happy B-day Tina!

  9. The flowers look massive. Striking similar to a closed umbrella. The name could have been "angel umbrella". ~bangchik

  10. Good Morning everyone! Sunny skies and I may be out in it before long...

    Rebecca, Aren’t they just gorgeous? I love them and especially since a pass along from my friend Tina!

    Darla, Yes, they are awesome bloomers for sure! They last a bit longer then a lily also but not much longer, that is the sad part...

    Joey, They are wonderful blooms for me to enjoy...

    Anonymous, Are the kiddos back in school yet? I bet mommy misses them but Lit Bundle will keep you busy until fall break...

    Tina, She bloomed massive for me just in time for your birthday! I thought what a perfect way to pass on a bouquet to you through the internet! :-) Hope you have plans for an awesome day today...

    Sherlock, They are great and so full of blooms...

    Catmint, I dont eat anything but the few veggies we plant. This year few really means few too as we did not have much to eat from the yard....

    Rosey, There’s all kinds of buzzing going on with the Angels. The color is more a muted pink almost salmon in color but the camera cannot seem to pick up the exact color for me...

    Dawn, give her plenty of sun shine as she loves it...

    Bangchik, Yes, they could be umbrellas and I bet used by a frog too!

  11. What a magnificent brugmansia! I have a bit of envy, looking at this. Here's wishing Tina a terrific birthday, too.

  12. Happy Birthday Tina! So you're an August baby too!!!
    Skeeter that is stunning - look at all of those gorgeous blooms. I'm envious but they are only annuals here and I won't get one because I'd only get attached to it and then have to give it up to winter!

  13. My goodness, that is one big beauty!
    Tina---Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy your day!

  14. Fabulous Trumpet, Skeeter. I love that color. Mine has not done anything. Maybe the sun is too hot for them here.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TINA. May you have many, many more. Have a blast.

  15. It looks great Skeeter!

    Happy Birthday Tina!

  16. Wow, this is gorgeous, Skeeter! You're so lucky to have such a generous friend in Tina to give you a start of this stunning plant.

    And a big Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!

  17. That is amazing! If it does well in Georgia, I think it will do well for me, too. Now I want one for my garden.

  18. Isn't it great when you can show off a garden gift like this? You've taken good care of it, Skeeter. Thanks, Tina for providing us all with some eye candy today!

  19. and how could I forget,
    Happy Birthday, Tina!! xox

  20. Wow look at all those gorgeous blooms! Happy Birthday to Tina! :)

  21. oh my word ~ that is gorgeous!!!!! I'm totally blown away. I have one measly plant that I'm lucky to get five blooms out of (and it's 3 or 4 years old). Maybe it needs some southern heat?!! Thanks for showing me what it could look like.
    and Happy Birthday to Tina ~ a fellow Leo!!!

  22. Hot day in the yard, ironing Saints shirts, voting in a run-off election, dinner out, errands, home to tend bills and one last load of laundry in the dryer as I type. Long day....

    Jodi, Dont be envious, just enjoy her blooms through the airwaves :-) The blooms are already fading today, sigh...

    Rain G, I was just telling Jodi to not be envious but to enjoy the view today. They are already fading so they will be gone by tomorrow. Hopefully, more will bloom as the days pass. You have things in your garden which I cannot grow in mine as it is too hot for them here so the envy works both ways I reckon…

    Meadowview, She was not so big when Tina passed her along to me. I was worried she may not bloom this year and look at her shine for me! I am thrilled…

    Lola, I don’t think the sun is too hot for them there. This one is in the full sun from about noon until night fall. It gets the hot west sun so that cannot be it for you. I also have sandy soil in this area so she likes the sand as well. I do keep her happy with water as she is near the water hose so she gets plenty of drink…

    Dave, Thanks! I am thrilled with this gal and for Tina passing it along to me…

    Rose, I am lucky to know Tina! This blog brought us together and she has given me so much for my garden in plants and gifts of knowledge as well. She is one sweet lady…

    Deb, Yes, I think it would do well in Alabama! It loves the full sun and the hotter the better it seems. I keep her happy with water as well due to her being so near the water spout…

    JGH, Tina is a sweetheart for sharing so much of herself to others. I have many plants she has passed along to me. Not all have survived but I did my best as I treasure plants given me by others, I think they are a bit more special then one I can buy at any store…

    Racquel, she is a beautiful gal and I am so happy to call her mine…

    Kathleen, How much sun does your Angel receive? This one is planted with full sun from noon to sunset. It loves the Western heat of the day and gets plenty of water from me during dry spells as she is near the water hose…

    Everyone have a wonderful evening.
    Tina, I hope you had an extra special day…

  23. Hi Skeeter, yes back to school full day today. It was so HOT -the kiddos swam after dinner to cool off. Everyone is in bed except the littlest bundle who seems to think everything is funny -overtired. Hey all have a great evening and Tina I hope you had cake and ice cream today:) Ciao

  24. Just beautiful! Happy Birthday, Tina! Carla

  25. Hi Skeeter, i am a bit late, but Happy Birthday to Tina. Your angels' trumpets is going very beautiful. We have lots of them here too, but they say it is poisonous so i just content myself looking at them at neighbors gardens. Besides, they grow really big covering big grounds, and we have small space.

  26. Anonymous, I knew those kiddos would be in the pool on such a hot dry day...

    Carla, I am so happy that Angel is happy in my garden...

    Andrea, I dont touch the flowers or the plant at all. I just admire the beauty so the poision aspect does not bother me at all. I have it planted so she has plenty of room to thrive. She is a beauty...

  27. Did not get on yesterday so did not get to send birthday wishes to Tina thru this awesome blog but I did get to talk on the phone with her. Busy day yesterday. Good to have my handsome guy here again!!!! They have gone to town to have lunch with a friend so will get my internet time now. Will probably only get on here if they are gone for while. Only have 9 days with my handsome guy so will make the best of it!!!!!

    Skeeter that angel trumpet is magnificencly gorgeous. I bought one this year after seeing Tina's and it is only about a foot tall with no flowers. It is in full sun and it has not grown big due to lack of heat cause Maine has been HOT this summer. Too darn hot if you ask me!!!! I do have it in a pot as I will have to bring it in the house for the winter but I think next summer it will go in the ground.

  28. Very pretty! Does this live outside during the winter months?


  29. Thanks Skeeter. I have the same conditions for mine as you do yours. Only thing I don't water mine so much. I have 1 in a huge pot {that I thought died this past winter} & the other is in the ground. Can't figure it out. May try next Spring to move it somewhere else to see what happens. We'll see.

  30. Wow Skeeter - those blooms are gorgeous. I can almost smell them from here!

    Our angel's trumpet is now on a wheeled dolly so I can move it around into sun. It's been so pretty, but no blooms. I can see my efforts are paying off - there are at least 7 buds on it now. It will probably never have as many as yours does because of not enough sun, but I will treasure and sniff every single one I can get. It's worth the effort moving it two or three times a day.

  31. p.s. Happy (belated) birthday Tina!

  32. Well, I am in Columbia, SC and I would love to have a piece of that Angel Trumpet. I would even travel depending what part of Georgia it is in!!

    It is beautiful!!

  33. Monteen, Wish I had known that a year ago as I was in Colombia. Now in Middle Tennessee-probably too far to travel for a snip of an angel trumpet. But next time I come by there I'll be sure to give you a heads up.