Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Last Lily

By Skeeter
I have one last lily to share with you from my Georgia Garden. This lily is located in my Beach Themed Planter.
This tall odd looking lily was given to me from our dear commenter Lola. She sent it to me with some Canna she dug from her Florida Garden and passed along to me. This bulb was hiding (unbeknown to us both) within the canna. I found the bulb and planted it in a container to over winter in the house not knowing what it could be.
The thing started to grow tall so I snapped a picture and sent it to Lola asking what I had in my pot. I was happy to find out I have a Formosa Lily also known as the August Lily in the South. I was saddened to lose the lily last year. I think I gave her too much to drink as I also lost the reed grass I planted in this planter. I am happy to say that the Lily left me some babies she produced. They survived our winter and lookie here, the lily gave me a bloom this year! See how long this bloom reaches out?
It was a single bloom verses the normal multi blooms on one stem but a bloom none the less!
She had dew drops on her the day I snapped this picture. I found a great read on Formosa Lily that Lola passed along to me. Click HERE to read more about her.
As you can see here, I have more baby Lilies popping up around this gal. I am saddened I lost the Reed Grass and also had to remove the Banana tree from this planter. It's replacement, The Silver European Fan Palm is doing well in its sandy spot in the planter. I just hope it will survive winter as her tag says she will.
The hanging fish and buoys have a new coat of paint on them to perk this planter up a bit.
I am not much of a painter but I must admit I had fun painting these guys. I am so happy to have one LAST LILY, In the Garden...

Thanks go out to Lola for this gift and Good Luck and a speedy recovery with knee surgery today!

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  1. Your one last lily is lovely. What a nice surprise for you. I think you did a great job painting the fish.


  2. Well that was most nice of Lola to give you with a surprise. Looks like it will spread and be happy. The fish are awesome! Such good colors!

  3. That was nice of Lola, and warm wishes go to her for a smooth outcome on her knee surgery today.

  4. What a nice surprise, the Formosa Lily! May her tribe increase on your "beach" (or wherever else you might move them)!

  5. Your beach planter looks like a lot of fun.

  6. What a pretty lily Skeeter - how wonderful it made babies for you before its final exit.

    I LOVE your beach planter - what fun!

  7. Pass along plants are so special. You will always think of Lola when you see that lily!:)
    Your nautical area is looking really good--so sorry for your loss of some special plants though. It is so hard to lose a plant over the winter.

  8. What a wonderful surprise. It is a beautiful lilly. Sometimes, the best things are free!!!

  9. Very classy! I like the whole theme. And the lily is so pretty!

  10. Your welcome Skeeter. I'm so glad she gave you a bloom & babies.
    Mine have just about finished blooming but I know I'll have more next yr.
    I really like how your fish turned out. The whole beach scene is so pretty.
    Thanks all for warm wishes on surgery today.
    I hope all have a wonderful day.

  11. Nasty Humidity in GA to return today. Argggggg, not looking forward to walking out the front door to have sweat beads form on my head while just standing....

    Flower lady, thank you! The lily was a treat as I thought she was a gonner...

    Tina, Lola is sweet to pass along those goodies. This was a bonus as we didn’t even know it was in with the batch of Canna. Thanks for the tip on the Patio Paints as that is what I used for the fish…

    Dawn, Lola is a sweetie indeed. Prayers for a smooth surgery…

    Rebecca, I like your calling them a tribe! I will keep that in mind as they produce and also if I must remove some in time to crowding…

    Les, We love the water and going to the ocean and lake so I felt it fitting to have a bit of a beach in my yard. It was fun to create it and I continue to add things as I find them…

    Garden Girl, Thanks, the planter was indeed fun to create. I had an idea of what I was going to make but things never turn out as one envisions. But I am happy with the outcome of this little project…

    Meadowview, Yes, it is difficult to loose a dear friend from the garden. But always looking to the bright side of things, it makes room for something new! :-) Pass along plants are my all time favorites in the garden. I have so many now and good since I am now on a planting budget…

    Sherlock, all things free are the best! I am so thankful to have people pass along goodies for my garden. I cherish them one and all…

    Rosey, Glad you call this planter Classy. The Saint thinks I am going a bit Redneck with my gardens. I will tell him that Rosey says the beach planter is Classy :-)

    Lola, I am hoping she will get stronger in time and bless me with more blooms next year! This just goes to show how awesome you are girl, Here you are getting ready to go off to surgery and you are wishing us a Wonderful Day! You are a Special Lady Lola. My prayers are with you for a smooth surgery and speedy recovery with no pain. Keep us posted with your progress, We love you!!!

  12. It is always nice to find little extra surprises like that. I love the beach area. Really!


  13. I so enjoy what you are doing...The Lillies are Beautiful, and your take on them are one of a kind...Please continue to share...Absolutely Lovely...

    Come by my blog and see what we have blooming

  14. What a great planter Skeeter, very well put together. Love the beautiful Lily. And you did a bang up job painting those fish. They look like the real thing!

  15. Cool! You got me thinking about doing some small, themed gardens in my yard. It would be interesting to add one on each side of the house in an area that really is not much more than a walkway.

  16. So glad that you were surprised with this last lily! Carla

  17. That beach scene is lovely, Skeeter, and you've done a great job with the painting. I hope Lola recovers quickly. Pain is no fun when you love to be doing things and going places, and I know from reading some of her posts that she does. Is there a message in that bottle?

  18. I am late so I guess Lola's surgery is over with so now the healing begins. Hope it goes fast and easy!

    Well now Skeeter surprises like that are as good as it gets. Good job on the fish. I like the colors you picked for them.

  19. Hi Skeeter, love the new paint job on the fishies:)
    Hope you're feeling okay tonight Lola -we send lots of hugs to you for a speedy recovery.
    Hi Tina, Jean and Nina -hope you all enjoyed a few good rain showers today -we sure did! Nothing to get too excited about but it was rain and helped cool things off. Have a great evening everyone, ciao!

  20. Jake, surprises are the best! This was a simple planter to create. Took an afternoon to put together and I had fun with it...

    Monteen, Thanks. I stopped by your blog to say hey but not sure what I wrote posted as it was not showing. Anyway, I wanted to let you know there is a sun Coleus as I had one that was as tall as me and in full Georgia sun! So there is a variety out there, I just don’t know the name of it…

    Raingardener, Thanks, it was fun putting this planter together. I am always looking for new things to add to it. I am on the look out for a sand castle. I found one but the price was too high so I will keep looking until I find the right one…

    My Little Family, Got for it girl! Small themed gardens are wonderful spots of interest. They really perk up a plan spot! I got the idea of the Beach planter from the Saints mom giving me a box of seashells. You can make a beach themed one easily being in Florida! Stuff to create one would be easily available. You could do a Dog or Cat Themed planter for the fur babies…

    Carla, This lily was a wonderful surprise! I am always happy with good surprises…

    Walk2write, No message in the bottle but if it were, it would be nothing put scraps of paper as this planter faces the West. The fish were completely bleached out from the sun and that is why the fresh coat of paint. I like you way of thinking though. You are always on the ball girl…

    Jean, The color on the back of the fish was still on the fish as they did not face the sun. I tried to copy the colors but I mixed this and that colors and never came up with the same thing. I got colors totally different but to be expected since I am not a painter and had no idea what I was really doing. I was happy with the results though...

    Anonymous, Hey girl! No rain in Georgia today and we are really starting to need it. I had to drag the hose around yesterday. Calling for lots of pop up showers the next 7 days so hopefully, we will get some of them. I also hope they hold out until we can get a lake trip in though….

    Lola, My thoughts and prayers are with you sweet lady. Recover soon….

  21. How nice to have a lily blooming in August! This is such a lovely one, as well--I'm looking for a white lily, too, to add to my lily bed. Is that a pirate's chest in your beach garden?:)

  22. What a great idea to do a themed planter box. Love the cat silhouette. She just looks ready to pounce. Hope the recovery is well underway!