Thursday, January 13, 2011

Global Warming??? NOT

We had a winter storm and Burrrrr, it is cold here in Georgia! We only had about 2 inches of snow which is beautiful but,
on top of that snow, we had ice! Ice is good to me when added to a drink during the summer time but not welcome on our roads...

This storm pretty much closed our entire town! Schools, all Government to include Ft Gordon closed on Monday. Tuesday, schools and other county facilities remained closed.

Yep, to be expected when you live in the Deep South. You visitors from the North laugh at us during these times with some of you calling us Wussies. What you don't understand is, we do not usually see such stuff this far south. Therefore, we do not have the equipment to clear the roads of such mess quickly. Some may think that our county should invest in a few more plows and stockpiles of salt. In the 11 years I have called Georgia home, I can only recall 3 snowfalls and two ice storms so I am not so sure that would be money well spent. Also another good reason to stay off the roads during such mess, not many people here have experience driving in such conditions, thus, many fender benders. Normally, Snow and Ice are gone within hours of falling here but this one is still melting after 3 days of arriving. Yes, it is cold down here!

During times such as this I cannot help but ask about Global Warming. I am seeing a Global Freeze in places where we normally do not see Freezing weather. Hum, Who is going to jump on this bandwagon? We knew this storm was on the way so we made sure to have plenty of supplies on hand. Winter supplies include bird seed for our wild friends. The Finches love their new Thistle Sock!
Black Oil Sunflower seed is a favorite as well at the large feeder.
The Peanut butter nugget feeder's top was frozen. This is why we have a top on the feeder as it kept the food dry and ready to nibble. Even though the squirrels are pest in my Georgia Garden at times, I do feel for them in the winter months. I made sure they had food to nibble as well. In the Spring, I will be chasing them around the yard out of my plants. Yes, a Love-Hate relationship with these critters...
Seeing these prints tells me the deer were at the corn bucket.
And Peter Rabbit was here for a visit as well.

As a Gardener, I cannot help but worry about my beloved gardens during such horrible weather. The Japanese Maples have endured ice in the past and survived so I believe they will once again jump back to life once the ice melts.
The Rock Garden looks more like a Snow Garden right now.This Pot full of Winter creeper and Arrows Rush is a new addition to my Rock Garden so this will be a "Wait and See" for me.

Another "Wait and See" will be this Fan Palm (Silver European) in the Beach Planter. The tag states she will be okay to temps as low as 0-degrees once established. I planted her last spring so we will see if she had time to establish or not...

Iris (Tina passed along to me) are still green nestled within the freezing snow and ice.
The Semi-Formal Garden did not look too inviting to me with its frozen pathways. Sigh...
This Dogwood says something to me. "I am okay and will be back in Spring" That is what I am hearing anyway. Hey, my story and I am sticking to it okay....
I also think the Vinca will be fine as it has endured much worse.
And I do not worry about the Butterfly Bushes either. They may be laying down right now with a heavy ice coating but with the melt down, they will pop back up, be pruned this spring and once again bring butterflies into my life. See how they are still green for me?

Of course we have to add a pretty Red Berry (Nandina) picture in this mix! I just love the way they glow through the ice...
Even though we are burning the fireplace as if we were living in the Pioneer Days, we have plenty of wood ready to keep us toasty this winter.
And more wood remains to be split for next winter as well. Yep, we are prepared for this GLOBAL WARMING??? NOT, In the Garden...

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  1. Skeeter,

    Everything looks so cold there, we have it too, but less snow and ice. Your firewood pile does look warming though. Our Governor says we have spent 26 mil of the 30 mil on winter road maintenance already, usually February is when we get the snow and ice.

    Keep those feeders full!

  2. In spite of what Mother Nature has left you (beautifully photographed by the way) I heard on the news today that 2010 was the second warmest year on record, right after 2005. It was also one of the wettest years on record, and the climatologist said that warmer weather tends to promote more percipitation as well as instability. We have been cold here as well, but I can still remember what July was like. Between January and July, I'll take any day in July over this. Stay warm!

  3. Oh my goodness...I thought it was cold here. Do stay nice and toasty and dry!! My husband said just last evening that 'they' whomever they are, have changed the phrase from global warming to climate change....funny huh?

  4. Stay warm and be careful out there with all those drivers who aren't used to snow!

  5. Skeeter,

    I think we're paddling in the same boat! Of course that boat would have to be on top of the ice otherwise we wouldn't be going anywhere! Stay warm and the garden hopefully will too under a blanket of snow!

  6. Skeeter - your garden looks like mine. We finally got mail delivery yesterday, first since Saturday. Still don't have a newspaper.
    Being out on the lake our roads are our responsibility, so they are still ice. The hills and winding turns are dangerous. Maybe we will be out tomorrow.....?

  7. You sure gave us an insight to snow in the deep south. What a mess. I agree there really is no need to invest in snow plows-just let everyone stay home. Wouldn't that be sweet? You guys have the neatest woodpile I've ever seen! Makes me think about starting a fire. Enjoy the snow while it lasts as it's such a lovely sight.

  8. I'm right there with you on the global warming issue. After last winter and this past December, I have decided that we are in a newer, colder weather pattern. Carla

  9. Good Morning everyone! My thermometer says 23-degrees this morning so the ice and snow are still hanging around. Burrrrrrr, it is cold out there but the 50's will be here in a day or so...

    Randy, Yep, money not in the cookie jars for snow and ice clean up around here. They are now wondering how to will make-up the missed school as they do not have any “snow days” on the yearly calendar. Talk of skipping some upcoming holidays…

    Les, I also heard that this past year was the hottest on record. What I found strange was the days we hit record highs, those previous records were broken from years in the 20-40’s. I say Global Warming is just a cycle change in our climate. I recall massive snow falls in the 60’s in Tennessee and they do not see those today. I just find it funny how some grip about Global Warming when I look outside to see Snow and Ice when I should not be seeing it. I am with you, I will take summers any day over the cold. Well, I say that today come July, I may say I will take January over the hot stuff. We are never pleased are we…..

    Darla, I so like the phrase “Climate Change” much better. I will agree that we have different patterns in the weather as the years pass. I am not so sure “We The People” are to blame for it though. Who caused the Ice Age? Just wondering….

    Sherlock, We stayed off the roads completely on Monday. Since Post was closed, the Saint did not have to go to work. On Tuesday he was due in at 10:00 so time for more road clearing. He was sure to stay off the back roads as they were not cleared by then…

    Dave, I believe the garden will be fine. It has a way of popping back to life for me. I just worry about the new things placed within the past year. After all, they spray the fruit with water to freeze before such storms so maybe all my pretties sleeping under a ice blanket will be fine. Time will tell…

    Janet, Welcome to the unprepared South! LOL It may be cold now but soon the warmth will be back. That is the beauty of living in this part of the south. We have a saying, “If you don’t like the weather right now, just stick around a bit as it will change soon.” We did not have mail until yesterday as well…

    Tina, Thanks, I love my wood shed and neatly stacked wood! It is so easy to run out in the cold for more wood to keep us warm! We have so many logs waiting to split to restock the shed. We have two others that want to help so they can have what does not fit into the shed. Great pay off for us…

    Southern Lady, I am seeing a change in the weather patterns for sure. We had 7 inches of snow last year and now this! What is up with that? Normally it only last until noon of the day it falls but this one, is still hanging around. Cant wait for the 50’s to get here tomorrow…

  10. Love the pictures. Like my neighborhood here "Up North". . Re. Global Warming, better to use Climate Change, easier to understand and more accurate.
    2010 ties 2005 as warmest year on record worldwide
    (AP) – 2 hours ago
    WASHINGTON (AP) — It's a tie: Last year equaled 2005 as the warmest year on record, government climate experts reported Wednesday.
    The average worldwide temperature was 1.12 degrees Fahrenheit (0.62 degree Celsius) above normal last year. That's the same as six years ago, the National Climatic Data Center announced.
    Climate experts have become increasingly concerned about rising global temperatures over the last century. Most atmospheric scientists attribute the change to gases released into the air by industrial processes and gasoline-burning engines.
    In addition, the Global Historical Climatology Network said Wednesday that last year was the wettest on record. Rain and snowfall patterns varied greatly around the world.
    "The warmth this year reinforces the notion that we are seeing climate change," said David Easterling, chief of scientific services at the climatic data center. Nine of the 10 warmest years on record have occurred since 2000, he noted. The exception was 1998, which is the third warmest year on record going back to 1880.
    Easterling said the data "unequivocally" disproves claims that climate warming ended in 2005.
    The temperature readings are collected at land stations and from ships and buoys at sea. The "normal" reading they use is the average worldwide temperature for the 20th century, which was 57.0 degrees Fahrenheit.
    Temperatures over land surfaces were the warmest on record last year, averaging 1.80 degrees Fahrenheit above normal, while ocean temperatures were the third warmest on record at 0.88 degrees above average.
    A La Nina condition took effect at the last half of the year, marked by below normal temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean.
    While it was the wettest year on record, Easterling declined to link warmer temperatures with the unusual moisture, commenting that much more research would be needed in that area.
    Other findings in the annual climate report included:
    — There were just seven named storms and three hurricanes in the Pacific, the fewest since the mid-1960s. On the other hand the Atlantic hurricane season was very active with 19 named storms and 12 hurricanes.
    — Arctic sea ice cover was the third smallest since records began in 1979, trailing only 2007 and 2008. The ice cover is considered a marker of climate change as global warming tends to be seen first at the poles.
    — Despite the overall warmth, 2010 saw record cold and snow in January and February in the Northern Hemisphere, particularly eastern North America.
    — From mid-June to mid-August an unusually strong jet stream shifted northward, bringing an unprecedented two-month heat wave to Russia and adding to devastating floods in Pakistan.
    — For the contiguous United States it was the 14th consecutive year with above average temperatures.

  11. You may want to read the full article from AP two days ago. Use Climate Change and not Global Warming - better use of terminology, less confusing to people. Love your pictures - like here UP North

    2010 ties 2005 as warmest year on record worldwide
    (AP) – 2 hours ago
    WASHINGTON (AP) — It's a tie: Last year equaled 2005 as the warmest year on record, government climate experts reported Wednesday.
    The average worldwide temperature was 1.12 degrees Fahrenheit (0.62 degree Celsius) above normal last year.

  12. Garden at Waters Edge, Thanks for the information on Global Warming. I think that "Climate Change" is better to describe what is happening on earth. Right now it feels more like the Ice Age though...

  13. Wow Skeeter--that was some storm! We had a tiny touch of it here in Dallas, but nothing like you. The temps are just colder than usual. (of course we were told it would be a warm winter!) And I do have to agree with the global warming thing--especially when I hear about ice and snow in the south.
    Question: do the squirrels bother the thistle socks? A man at a bird store told me not to waste my time on them as the squirrels (even though they do not like thistle) will tear up the socks.

  14. It sure is pretty down there but I can relate to people from the north thinking you southerns are wussies. The fist year I lived in Georgia we had a big ice storm on New Years Eve, (the last day of 1963). I sat and looked out my windows and laughed my head off. However I do have to admit that as a Mainer even I do not like ice. A whole different ball game than snow. It said on the news that the city of Atlanta only has 8 snow plows. With only that many, my hat if off to them for getting things opened when hey did.

    Now, global warming!!! I will probably spark some controversy but I do beleive in global warming but I file it under evolution. That being said, I do believe in our evolution of being human beings we do contribute to it so I am careful of my carbon footprint.
    Therefore I guess I would like climate change better. Even better, evolution climate I do know our winters are MUCH, MUCH milder than when I was a child.

    If I remember right you had a bad freeze either last winter or the winter before that and your plants did okay so they should be okay this year. Hopefully they will be okay.

    BTW, we got around a foot of snow and we do not have that much here often anymore. However our temp is in the low 30's so we are warmer today but we will not see the 50's in a couple of days but we did last week.

  15. Also I forgot, but, I read where 49states had "some" snow this week. I bet it is not rocket science as to which state did not have any. LOL

  16. Thanks to the commenter above for all the great info. I heard something about a "refridgerator effect" being the reason we're experiencing so much snow despite Global Warming.

    As a Florida girl now living in New York State, I can pretty much confirm that this is my LEAST favorite time of year. While I was growing up in FL, snow never stuck around. If a few flurries fell, they melted immediately.

    It is so nice to see all the animals in your yard being so well provided for. Even a corn bucket for the deer :)

  17. last night as I lay in bed, I was listening to George Noory on "coast to coast" and the guest speaker was talking about an upcoming ice age. I did not get to hear the whole program as I fell asleep, but I did hear that the signals for one, are increasing extreme heat and cold on the earth.

  18. Mom, Rog asked me which state did not have snow. lol

  19. Skeeter, that peanut nugget feeder looks like a pretty lamp! You know, the climate change debate is one that will be going on for years. It's all about power and making money so you know the politicians will jump right in. Of course, the climate is changing! And why wouldn't volcanoes and other natural phenomena account for much of it, as they have in the past? There are undersea volcanoes too, releasing heat into the ocean. The planet is active and changing every day. The only manmade catastrophe is the kind of folks who try to make a buck off the taxpayer's dime. It's good to be as "green" as we possibly can, but the ones who want to develop alternative sources of energy should find funding on their own and not expect a handout. Whatever happened to the entrepreneurial spirit?

    Anyway, I'm glad you're posting again. Tina needs that break now and then, bless her!

  20. Well Tina, tell him I am sitting here laughing my head off but I think I should cry. Please tell me he was kidding!!!!

  21. He's been working a lot lately so I told him. But honestly I never would've thought Hawaii would have snow. I read it online about Florida not having any. And Florida got left out? Maybe next time.

  22. Meadowview, The squirrels would chew up the sock if they had the chance. I have all the bird feeders squirrel proof in my yard. I have "stove pipe" type baffles on all the feeders. The squirrels are lucky enough to be able to eat the crumbs left under the feeders and that is it.

    Jean, Yes, snow falls in the Deep South are usually nothing more then a joke with quick melts. This one is still melting and now day 4 of seeing it on the ground. Some areas around us had it worse so I consider myself lucky. I also heard all but one state had snow on the ground. I was thinking Hawaii or Florida were the one without snow. I was shocked to hear it was Florida instead of Hawaii. And you can Spark all the Controversy you like as we so enjoy input here at In the Garden….

    JGH, Being an animal lover, I must help out my wild friends any way I can do so. I get a kick out of watching them fluttering around the feeders this time of year. The Gold Finches seem to take over the feeders. I saw 9 deer running through the woods in the snow. That was a pretty sight but I was a bit disappointed when they passed the corn bucket and high tailed it on into our front woods. Something startled them, probably the dogs next door…

    Keewee, With snow in places not normally seen, falling more often, I too agree we are in for a change. Just hope I am not around to see the Ice Age. That just sounds so darn cold to me. Burrrrr….

    W2W, I so enjoy your input on the Global Warming topic. You always have such a way of putting things into perspective for me :-) I am sure that SAM gets riled up on this topic with his knowledge of the earths minerals. I just hope I am not around when the Earth decides to either burn or freeze over…

  23. Everything around here shuts down here too, even before the snow has fallen sometimes. I bet your garden will be fine. The birds and squirrels look happy, it seems that the snowiest days are the busiest at the feeders.

  24. No snow here in Florida, just what we think is very cold weather. :) Love that wood pile, but since it is early January you may be needing it.

  25. Your photos are lovely, Skeeter!I think this year has been a year of extremes, both heat and cold. I've watched the news and do feel sorry for those of you in the South getting this unusual snowfall. We are better prepared for it in the Midwest, and a few inches of snow mean only a temporary delay usually, not a case for shutting down everything. But snow is a common winter occurrence here; it doesn't make sense to me, either, to spend the money on snowplows and salt in your region when they're only needed once every few years. Glad to see you're staying warm and the birds are keeping their tummies full in your back yard, Skeeter.

  26. I like how your garden looks covered with snow. To bad it can be a bother. For us this winter is just start getting cold, not much snow tho.

  27. Hi Skeeter, at least the ice gave you some wonderful photo opportunities... We're becoming accustomed to harsher winters here in the UK, but are still pretty incompetent when it comes to keeping the schools open, the trains running and the roads clear. Hope you don't lose too many plants, or need much of that wood.

  28. Greetings from the North! Ice is much worse than snow. Please stay safe and warm. Your photos are lovely!

  29. Tina, We were caught off guard here in Tennessee as well with 6" of snow at my house, which is still on the ground although today's 45 degree temps helped the melting process greatly. I am ready for this stuff to GO. hee hee...I would not do well living farther north would I? Come on Spring!!

  30. Hi Skeeter, good to see you again. However, i pity your plants, they look so sad and depressed. I hope the ice and snow melts fast and you wont end up with all deap plants. Take care and God bless. I would like to tell you the fate of the seeds. Only a few of the gourd germinated, however they look so skinny and even with organic soil they seem really not adopted here. I plant them when it is a bit cold already so they wont be shocked that much, however, they dont really like it. Other seeds did not germinate, while some germinate but easily died. A few of the ornamentals showed especially the zinnia. I actually divided the seeds for 3 people so there are replicates. They performed the same for the 3 of us. My gourd is more than 1m now, but shows stunted and lanky. And i saw yesterday a few leaves already eaten by worms. I am so sorry for their fate. The other cucurbits did not germinate at all. But that doesnt diminish my gratitude for you of course, as expressed in previous messages.

  31. So hard to believe you've been buried under so much snow and all your bird shots - they really help add some fun to the garden in the winter!

  32. It looks like most of your plants should be fine, though I guess I would worry about the palm too.

    On the bright side ice on top of snow is much better than snow on ice to clear off of roads without much need for salt. Here's hoping things warm up for you.

  33. I thought my weather was bad.
    I like your icy photos....

    I hope all your trees survive. I think the snow adds an insulating layer so they probably will.