Thursday, November 1, 2012

Atlanta Botanical Garden

 Tuesday, I showed you some fun Scarecrows at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Now lets take a peek at some of the blooming colors. We did not hang around to watch the dancing waters. I am sure they are awesome as most dancing water features I have seen.
I have no idea what this apricot colored beauty is but it was beautiful and glowing with the sun shining upon it.  
Let's sit and think a bit shall we?  
 Water fountain in the middle of the Food Court. We enjoyed a danish and cup of coffee in the cafe. A bit nippy to sit outside until the sun warmed things up a bit.
 The Fountain courtyard is surrounded by succulents.  
Succulents in big pots.   
This walkway was the brightest spot in the entire garden. Well, the outside portion of the garden.   
Panning back, you can see a mirror image on both sides of the bridge. As if walking into the gates of heaven!  
Spots of color tell of the Fall Season. We were captivated by the elephant ear type plant in the back. The leaf of the plant made a cup of sorts. Was most neat.
Area for learning in the children's garden. I bet many school children sit next to the frog while learning during the warmer months of the year.
Leaves in the pond tell a story of Fall.
Art work within the gardens. So difficult to capture a good long shot of white flowers.
One of many water features within the gardens.
One of two of my favorite blooms in this garden on this visit.
Ginger Lily (Zingiberaceae, Hedychium Coronarium) The scent was intoxicating to me! These beauties were found throughout the gardens.
I spotted an area of Creamy Yellowish White as well.
My second favorite bloom in the garden is this beautiful red explosion!
Firecracker Bush, (Rubiaceae, Bouvardia Ternifolia) I just know these plants call in the hummingbirds, although, gone for the season.
At this point my camera battery died. I put in the back-up and guess what? I forgot to charge it. Duh, so no pictures of the beautiful Orchids and Tropicals in the Fuqua Conservatory. Did you know the Orchid Center has the largest collection of species orchids on permanent display in the USA?  (Click Here to read more). No photos of the Rose Garden. No photos of the Atlanta Skyline peeking over the gardens. No photos of the amazing Edible Garden & Outdoor Kitchen with unique Herb Wall. No photo of the Vine Arbor, Japanese Garden or the huge Frogs we spotted amongst the Lotus Lily in the reflecting pond. Did you know the Fuqua Conservatory is working with the Atlanta Zoo to help conserve Gopher Frogs? (Click HERE to read more) Note to self: Make sure you check camera batteries with the next visit to the ATLANTA BOTANICAL GARDENIn the Garden...  

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  1. What beautiful photos! And you even captured a thinking frog! (or toad, can't tell them apart). Like Rodin. Many thanks. Loved those images.

    Greetings from London.

  2. Ah but you got so many pictures already! This post makes me want to visit even more! The Chicago Botanic Gardens did not have many or even any dancing water features. Probably because of all the lakes. It did have one natural style waterfall. I am used to seeing waterfalls and fountains such as these at botanical gardens because most of the ones I have visited have them. That is a huge one in Atlanta. It would be fun wading thru it in the summer. The arbor over the walkway looks most interesting. Was it metal?

  3. Cuban, Frogs are water lovers. Note the flipper feet on the ones I captured. Frogs indeed...

    GWGT, I too loved the frogs!

    Tina, My eyes were taken up with the blooms but I do believe the arbor above to be of metal. I will let you know on my next visit. Just hope it does not take us 12 more years to get there like with this visit. Ha...

  4. WOWser!!! I have got to go!!!!

  5. I need to check out Atlanta Botanical Garden!! Those mature succulents are amazing. I miss the Ginger lilies, had some in VA but none in SC. :-(

  6. I love the whimsy and color in this garden especially the frogs

  7. I think your apricot mystery plant is some sort of crossandra.

  8. Oh Skeeter, I am so sorry about that uncharged battery, that happens to me too! The tropical plants are even growing more nicely there than in my uncared for garden. I have that Hedychium and that apricot-colored something which I also forgot the name at the moment! It also has the red color. I am also sorry that the orchids were not able to show up here, haha, but i guess you will visit again next time, with charged extra batteries. Regards Roxanne!

    1. Skeeter, i am back, suddenly recall the name of that plant as Crossandra infundibuliformis. No wonder i forgot, so difficult.

  9. Skeeter girl this was a gorgeous post ! .. I am a frog gal and loved seeing so many of them here .. I wish I could find some of those characters to put in my garden, they are perfect. I would be in heaven if I had real frogs in my garden .. it only happened about 2 or three times and their singing thrilled me to bits : 0
    It doesn't take much to make me happy girl ! LOL
    I am trying to save some of the ornamental gourd and pumpkin seeds to plant next Spring in the area between my house and my neighbor's .. it would be fantastic to grow some if I can manage it !!! another simple thing that makes me too happy >?LOL
    Joy : )