Friday, November 2, 2012

Visiting the Wheels of Time Museum in Dunlap Illinois

Welcome to the Wheels of Time Museum in Peoria Illinois! Visiting here is seasonal and unfortunately just ended last weekend but lucky for you Mr. Fix-it and I were able to visit just in time to snap some photos and share this treasure in Peoria Illinois. 

Let us start in the first of three buildings. The director of the museum happens to love Halloween so the museum was all decked out in Halloween finery. What fun!
We visited this museum for the cars but were most surprised by all the other treasures the museum held. There was a clock shop that could've held me hostage for hours. I love old clocks and this clock shop has some real cool ones. There was one where the clock was animated and the pendulum actually 'flew'. It was neat. Still another one kept time by slowly sinking down via gravity. Cuckoo clocks, grandfather clocks, and time clocks all shared a spot here.
Stepping out onto the first floor of the main building we find a display of cars. Most of these cars are privately owned cars. The museum got started when local antique car owners sought a spot to store their vehicles believe it or not. The rest they say, is history. I was excited to see an Austin Healy here. You know James Bond drove a 1963 Austin Healy sports car in one of his movies and ever since then I've been curious as to what an Austin Healy looks like. I am not posting a picture because I actually didn't snap one!
In addition to cars the museum had collections covering everything from "Grandmother's Kitchen" to musical instruments to radio stations to bicycles and miniature farms. Here we see a 'whizzer' motorized bicycle. There was also a bike here that had wooden rims and solid tires-with the original tires!
Here is the miniature farm. The display case was about eight feet long and 3 feet wide. A nicely done display.
Downstairs in the second building we find some cool American cars. This is what gets Mr. Fix-it's heart a racing. Look at the old Chevrolet Caprice car. Caprices were beautiful cars in their heyday and had quite a lot of power too. Mr. Fix-it would say ANY Chevy is a beautiful car. 
Leaving the second building we head to the last building via a beautifully done sidewalk. The petunias were just a blooming their hearts out.
The last building held tractors and farm implements of all types. The photograph above shows a picture of the actual tractor on display when it was in use. It is a tractor with treads that pulled several reel type mowers around a golf course in Peoria Illinois. This particular museum specializes in local artifacts only. Also housed in this building was a tractor the owner had used to farm the very land the Wheels of Museum was built upon. We thought that was very neat and a nice connection to the past; which is what museums are all about. Sometimes when we tour museums we just see the stuff and don't always understand the stuff was actually in use once upon a time. I liked that this museum reinforced the connection of all the stuff to the Peoria Illinois area.

Outside of this building was a large train you could board and explore. The steam engine was quite cool to investigate. Inside of the tractor building there were several train whistles set up-including one that about blew my ears it was so loud.

The museum is closed during the winter months most likely because it is not heated. It was quite a cold day when were there but the museum is small enough that you can see it in under two hours and was not overly uncomfortable-we dressed warm. Kids will love the museum as many of the exhibits are interactive! Admission is a reasonable $6.50 for adults. It was a super nice museum....

in the garden....

For the next two weeks we'll be visiting not only Peoria but Chicago Illinois as well (virtually). Chicago and the state of Illinois have a lot to offer to not only gardeners but tourists!
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  1. The Saint and I would really like this museum! Right down our alley for sure. The walkway from building to building is beautiful. Something to gaze upon in every directions with this place and the price is right too...

  2. Looks like fun. Old cars are cool. I wanna go to Chicago too........

  3. I could not get past those antique cars. They are beautiful and make really cool photo subjects. That little green car was cute.

  4. What a great find. I appreciate old cars, but really like old clocks. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. That looks like so much fun! Glad you're having a wonderful time. I've been enjoying your photos on FB

  6. I love the antique cars! And the Halloween theme looked quite fun, too. Thanks for the tour.

    Greetings from London.

  7. I would love to go there. It looks like fun!