Monday, November 19, 2012

Late Fall Winter Garden Pictures and Happy Holidays

It is the pretty much the end of the gardening season in Tennessee-though not the end of the garden. Here in Tiger Gardens I garden all winter long by tending to various chores, making things for the garden, creating new gardens, trimming trees, and so on. Winters are short in Tennessee so on all but the coldest days you'll find me in the garden. Also, during the winter there are several holidays and this year we'll be very busy during the holidays so I plan to take a little break until next year. 

I walked around the garden snapping some pictures to leave you with until the new year and the new garden comes along. We have barely been touched by frost in Tiger Gardens so most of the garden still looks fantastic. The only things that got zapped were cannas, impatiens, and some annual salvias. Everything else is still blooming and holding onto its color. We'll start with 'Miss Gloria's Thanksgiving Day' mum. This is a late blooming Sheffield type mum that is very tall and much loved by flying insects. It is one of the first flowers you'll see walking to my front door.
The vegetable garden will also keep me busy. We have peas flowering, carrots ready for picking all winter, nice and green chard to feed the rabbits, and dreams of next year's vegetable garden to sustain us on our break.
Blackhaw viburnum is a sweet little native shrub/tree. I have trained mine into a small tree and it is showing some gorgeous late season color. This is an excellent viburnum for shady spots and requires no care on my part.
'Sunny' knockout roses are still blooming wonderfully in the Vegetable Garden proper. Also blooming are the red and pink knockouts. I'll cut all of the roses down to knee level in early February.
Wine bottles, 'Adagio' miscanthus, oakleaf hydrangeas, and frost blackened cannas (not yet cut back) show some color in the Greenhouse Garden.
Also in the Greenhouse Garden these dried hydrangeas from my 'Limelight' hydrangeas bloom all winter long. There are literally hundreds of dried blooms and I think I enjoy them as much this way as when they are white and fresh.
The common witch hazel has decided to bloom. This shrub is more than six years old and I was beginning to despair it would ever bloom. I can't say the blooms are much to look at but it is a start. I really grow this shrub for its cool seedpods; which I hope to see from these blooms.
As is indicative of fall the ornamental kale has been planted in flower pots ready to brighten the dreariest of winter days.
And finally I close with the quintessential plant for winter; the camellia. No other plant but the camellia will be in bloom when winter begins and when winter ends (fall and spring blooming shrubs are necessary for this very long bloom season of nearly six months total). I have three fall bloomers and two spring bloomers and I tell you I love them all. This one is a double pink that is quite deep in color. The red foliage behind it is the foliage of oakleaf hydrangeas. 

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday Season.....

in the garden....
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  1. Happy holidays to you too, Tina. Your winters length and associated garden duties seem rather idylic to this far northern gardener....:)

  2. I loved seeing what's in your gardens at this time. I love the dried hydrangeas. Your cabbage are so pretty, and your rose and camellia.

    Happy garden planning and creating for next year.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  3. Have wonderful Happy Holidays, tina! Really glad to see your pink camellia flowers again this fall. The yellow autumn rose matches the dried hydrangeas so well.

  4. Love the pix of your winter garden. We've been hit hard by frost for almost a week now so there's not much left but our cheery violas, pansys, snaps and ornamental cabbage. However, as most of my garden is preparing for its winter nap, there are already signs of spring...the Love in a Mist, Larkspur, Dames Rocket and Poppies are all coming up!

  5. I dont like seeing everything heading off to nap but such is life. Plus, gives us time to recharge. Have fun creating new gardens and other fun stuff this winter...

    Keep warm while In the Garden...

  6. Those dried hydrangeas are wonderful. I agree that faded blooms can be beautiful in their own right. I just planted an oakleaf hydrangea. Interested in growing more, but I've heard the others (besides oakleaf) need quite a bit of water and I'm trying to grow plants that are relatively drought-tolerant.

    I like the viburnum too and would like to plant one or more someday but I feel totally lost when considering which to pick from the Wonderful Wide World of Viburnums. Should I go with a blackhaw?

    1. Aaron, It totally depends on the purpose of your plant and the location and conditions. Viburnums are so varied that there is one for every single need-just do some research on them. I have more than a dozen varieties here but honestly I can't pick a favorite at all.

  7. It still looks nice in your garden.
    Enjoy all the holidays!!!!!

  8. Glad your Witch hazel is finally blooming, boy, talk about patience! I was thinking about our winters this afternoon. Even if it is a cold snowy winter, give it a couple days and we are gardening again. I like southern winters! The viburnum is great fall color!!

  9. Beautiful flowers Tina! You still have sooooo much going on in your garden. Love the Camellia!

  10. You say gardening season is over? sure doesn't look like it to me?

  11. Happy Thanksgiving. I am thinking of moving all my pruning up to December. I wonder if that will be too early but at least it will get done. I haven't been as active blogging lately. Taking a break sounds great but I am afraid to get out of the habit. "See" you in the new year.

  12. Fabulous garden in to see peas still

  13. Happy Holidays to you, too, Tina! I hope you'll have lots of family time in the coming weeks.

    It's hard to believe that you're only about 5 or 6 hours south of me and yet you still have so much in bloom. I do have the same dried hydrangea blooms, though, one of my favorites in the fall and winter. No gardening gets done here in the winter, other than lots of dreaming and planning for next year!

  14. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. The garden looks nice at this time of year. Still full of bloom.