Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Far and Near

 I am forever showing close up photos of blooms in my GEORGIA GARDENS. Close-ups give glory to the bloom while the plant seems to be lost.
 So today, I will change things up a bit and show some plants currently blooming. Hydrangeas are new to me as I have only been adding them to my gardens the past two years. I knew nothing of the plants but know they are a staple in a Southern garden.
 McCorkles Nursery (Giant Plant Sale) has Hydrangeas at such great prices that I decided to give them a try. I just love this "Mini Penny" above in my newest of gardens.
This Mini Penny is a Repeat Flowering Hydrangea and has hints of a creamy yellow with the blue coloring. 
 This Mini Penny is in the Semi-Formal Shade Garden.
This Mini Penny is the same plant as in the before plant but has more Blue to its flowers. More pine straw in this area for sure. 
 Midnight Duchess, as well as all my hydrangeas, had a rough start being planted during the peek of our 3 year drought. I really babied the Hydrangeas in my small collection during the drought. 
 Plentiful rains during Spring and into Summer have them shining. I really do like those purple-black stems on Midnight Duchess!
 Vitex  or Chaste Tree was added a couple of years ago and is doing great! 
 Bees love these blooms. Can you see the 2 bees in this picture?
 Rose of Sharon is a favorite of mine as it reminds me of my childhood home in Tennessee.  
 Here you see Sharon in the color of purple. I also have her in the colors of White and Pink. See the bug on this bloom?
 Balloon Flower has been with me for several years but will not seem to fill in for me.
 Even though it seems to be a slow grower for me, it does bloom each year. Am sure the recent rains are helping to make it stronger as the drought is finally over! Well, for now...
 I have 2 Trumpet Honey Suckle that are doing wonderful.
 Their bright red color attracts many pollinators.
And they are producing the most beautiful berry's as well.
I almost removed this Lantana from my garden this spring. It was late to return and I was clipping what appeared to be a dead bush when I spotted new growth. YIKES! 
I am so happy I spotted that bit of growth. I would have missed out on some beautiful blooms had I kept cutting the bush.
 Crepe Myrtle is now blooming. This tree is in the mending stage as it is "Miss Myrtle" that did the Splits on me in 2011. Click HERE to see that mishap.
She is bouncing back and blooming FAR AND NEAR, In the Garden...

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  1. You have such wonderful blooms in your gardens there. It must be a real joy to walk around each day to see how things are growing.

    Enjoy your summer and happy gardening.


  2. I went through a passion for hydrangeas some years ago and haven't bought any for some time. Seeing the Midnight Dutchess in your garden gets me itchy to get a new one. My soil is not right for blue blooms though. My blue blooming hydrangeas are multi color or run toward the pinks. I too like the Rose of Sharon due to childhood memories. I don't have one in my garden but when I see them I wish I did. Cheers.

  3. Miss Myrtle is coming back strong! I was thinking of yours when I was down in Alabama and saw all the crepes weighed down by their blooms. I could just see them splitting. Lovely hydrangeas. One of my favorite shrubs. Beautiful flowers this morning!

  4. The hydrangeas are so pretty this year. I love your mulch!

  5. What beautiful photos of a beautiful garden. I have four hydrangeas in my northern garden and they are all doing well, even after three of them were scalped by the town play last year.

  6. I tend to show more close-ups, too, but because those photos always turn out better than the long shots for me. I really need to take a photography class:) Glad to see Miss Myrtle has recovered--I love these beautiful trees! Your hydrangeas are looking great, Skeeter, and I envy you all those blue blooms. Our alkaline soil turns blue hydrangeas pink.

  7. Stunning blooms especially the hydrangeas.