Friday, July 12, 2013

My Tennessee Garden in July

July is here and in full force. The weather is back to hot and humid with a slight change, we have had rain! The rain is a good thing! Here are some pictures from my garden. The above flower is a flower from the evergreen dogwood 'Empress of China'. This dogwood is outstanding! It has grown about 3 feet in less than two years and is loaded with flowers that have been in bloom for more than six weeks. An outstanding tree any way you slice it.
In the same garden as the evergreen dogwood we find some daylilies hanging out. This area rarely gets sun and is quite dry due to tree roots but is stays fairly green throughout the year.
'Stargazer' lilies are making their presence known. No one can walk to the front door without smelling their heady fragrance.
'Annabelle' hydrangeas are starting to go by now but their show was quite a show due to all of the moisture.
This shot is from my favorite garden. This garden is only about three years old but has filled in nicely. The contrast between the cannas, Joe Pye weed, 'Limelight' hydrangeas and Doublefile viburnums is awesome! I plan to move all of these to the new garden and will keep the set up since the contrasting foliages work so well for me.
This is a new bee balm added last year. Its purple is really a vivid color that works nicely for summer. I need to put some orange or yellow daylilies near by to really make it shine.
Yellow cannas bloom alongside wood sunflowers (Helianthus divaricatus). These sunflowers are just coming into bloom and have made a nice groundcover weed barrier in this small garden which is mostly in the shade all day.
Skullcap (Scutellaria incana)  is blooming quite prolifically. The blue is calming in the summer garden.

This is a longer view of my Greenhouse garden (the same one that has the cannas and Joe Pye weed. I planted  solely for texture and heights, and it really worked out even better than I had hoped for. Here you have: grasses (blades), sedum (frilly & roundy), peonies (in between) lilies (frilly), cannas (bold), hydrangeas (frilly) all along with some color from the coneflowers. There is a blank area on the right that used to house daylilies. Those daylilies are part of a group of about 150 clumps that I have moved to our new garden.

Here's hoping your July garden is green and growing wonderfully this year....

in the garden....

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  1. I would love to slice that Chinese Dogwood, Tina and steal it for my piedmont garden. Its gorjus. Yes, rain is good but too much rain like we've had here for the past month on a daily basis is devastating to the garden. My cuke leaves have turned yellow from drowning. Thanks for sharing your garden. It's lovely.

  2. Love your gardens filled with wonderful blooms. Blues are really nice in the summer, they definitely have a cooling effect.

    Happy gardening ~ FlowerLady

  3. Your gardens are looking happy! Rain is a good thing in moderation. I would like for Mother Nature to let us dry out a bit before dumping more rain on us here in GA. Too much flooding going on right now. From Drought to Floods, never fails....

  4. Looks great Tina. Grass is only thing going guns here. Takes me 3/4 days to do what I use to do in 1.

  5. Your garden looks so lush. It has been a wonderful gardening summer so far.

  6. I didn't even notice the space where the day lilies had been. You have so much looking good. Those stargazer lilies are amazing!

  7. I hope my Empress of China blooms next year. She was new this spring and luckily we have had such a large volume of rain that I know it is happy. It is going to be hard to leave this garden that you have given blood, sweat and tears to.

  8. Love the dogwood! Your garden is beautiful. It must have liked all the rain. Lots and lots of rain here in ohio too!

  9. Wonderful gardens and projects! It's be great for the flowers here as well with all the rain this spring. Dumb me it never occurred to me that Joe Pye weed belong in the garden. It would have grown nicely here this year again with all the rain....:) And Stargazer is one of my favorites. :)

  10. Love those giant yellow cannas. We are having lots of rain too and low temperatures.

  11. It's looking beautiful. I love the bike garden. We actually had 2 days without rain...a record for the summer.