Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Scheider Garden Part IV

We will finish up Paul and Dot's garden today. It was a long tour but there was just so much to see. Pictures sometimes do not convey the feel of a garden. Though I sure wish they could since you know the old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." I wonder where that saying came from because with garden blogging it does not seem to work that way. 

Can you see the metal artwork hanging in a tree? It is red and looks somewhat like a ship Christopher Columbus would have sailed.
This artwork was one of my favorites. It is an orb filled with what looks like broken windshield glass. It was a beauty. The glass almost looks like gems.
I took this picture to show one of my favorite conifers. This is a Japanese cedar. It is called 'Yoshino', Cryptomeria japonica. I plan to plant one on the new land once the house is built. In the meantime Paul was very kind to give me a seedling Japanese plume cedar. I am very, VERY excited about it.
This was a nicely colored bottle tree made from rebar.
Farmer Fix-it, aka the driver on this day, enjoyed the garden tour and making new friends. He was quite impressed with Paul's garden, though I think his garden style leans more towards the formal. The artwork throughout the whole garden was really something we both liked a whole lot.
This bamboo sculpture reminded me of a teepee.
This abstract art was quite interesting and made a large presence in the garden.
How about a hanging urn with its own bowling ball? What a great idea!
A garden shed fit right into the shade garden. The rock wall and textures Paul used in this area were very interesting and looked great. Considering this tour took place in mid-September when most plants are on their way out I was quite impressed with all of the happy plants in Paul's garden.
Another great piece made from old tree limbs. As many trees and limbs we are cutting on the property I think I should get going on doing something like this too!
Finally, a rock cairn. I've always loved these but have never had enough rocks or creativity to come up with one for my garden. That is changing. Our land has TONS of rocks, mainly in the form of red chert but I think I may be able to find a few large rocks with which I can create a cairn on the property. Look for that to be an upcoming project. 

I hope you enjoyed my views of Paul and Dot's garden in Portland Tennessee. I took 157 photos and have only published about 40 on these four blog posts. The garden was truly a work of art....

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  1. I really, REALLY have enjoyed this photo tour! Can't wait to see how you put some of these ideas to work on your property! Isn't it fun?!?
    I recently put a bowling ball atop an old Christmas tree stand....painted it (the stand) to match the swirl of color in the ball. Paul's creativity has sparked quite a few more ideas in my mind. Now for some time to carry them out!

  2. You bet I enjoyed it. This garden is full of inspiration.

  3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful garden. Each post has inspired me to keep working in my own gardens.


  4. Ideas you say, well yes indeed! I have lots of ideas after seeing this garden tour. Now where do I find all the rocks I may need to put my ideas into motion? Hum..... Love creative art work in a garden. They just seem to go together don't they.....

  5. There is a lot of art in that garden. Good durable stuff that I could have here too. I really need to try stacking rocks in places. Reminds me of cairns used along hiking trails when we're on vacation in places where it's hard to tell where the trail is.

  6. What a marvelously whimsical garden! The garden and your fine photos deserved multiple posts. The bottle tree reminds me of yours.

  7. Sure enjoyed this post as well. It looks very interesting.

  8. Tina, Dot & I would like to thank you for the really nice four part blog about our garden. One of the joys of building a garden is the ability to share it with other gardeners & folks who are just getting into the gardening spirit. I always tell folks to be passionate when it comes to their interests, whatever they happen to be. We have tried to infuse our garden with that passion. This season has been kind to the garden which has allowed it to carry into the early Fall still looking somewhat presentable. New plans & plants are always in the works as collectors so we say that the garden is a work in progress. Thanks again for your time & patience listening to my monologue during your visit. By the way, the beer helps to lubricate the vocal cords!!!...

    1. Hi Paul and Dot! Roger and I really enjoyed our visit to your beautiful garden! And thank you for having us and all the other folks who visited it. One day we'll come again so I hope you do it again! Haha, on the beer, it must really work as you did so well!!