Monday, September 23, 2013

Schneider Garden Part III

As we continue around Paul and Dot's very large and beautifully maintained art and plant garden we come upon another sculpture using trees. It is quite an artful poise of the big pieces of a tree trunk don't you think?
Back behind the house there was a beautiful patio with a neat staircase surrounded by tons of touchable and architectural plants and sculptures. The above picture is of a spikey thing (Opuntia sp) and a soft thing ( the crytomeria and spruce?). The sunlight reflected off from the vignette nicely.
Paul is known for his collections. He has several collections but one that is extra special is those of his plants that need really good drainage. To ensure the good drainage Paul made several hypertufa pots. And wow on the pots! Some were really REALLY large. I can't even imagine the work it took to make all the pots, then to fill them with soil and plant. Ouch on planting cacti! I hope Paul wears gloves.
Here is that lovely staircase I was talking about. As you come around the left side of the home you encounter this easily traversed staircase up to a raised patio. I just loved the sculpture on the left. How clever is it? Just paint some pots, and stack them with some cement rounds and there you have it!
Stepping back from the patio and staircase we see a long view of the area. Again, this area is raised and was surrounded by many specimen plants.
Here is another scree garden (raised bed with good sharp draining soil or mixture of rocks) complete with a beautiful egg like sculpture. The colors are some of my favorite colors-RED/WHITE AND BLUE!
And here is Paul himself. Paul is a fun loving guy who is most passionate about gardening and loves to share it all with others. This trait is priceless for folks like me who like to learn from experts in their fields. There are many great gardeners out there who don't share a thing:( Paul is not one of them. The fun loving comes in with the beer in the hand. I took several pictures of Paul and when I told him the one I selected showed him with a beer in his hand, he said "Good!" If the truth were told though, I could not get a shot of him without a beer in his hand:)
Since Paul grows a lot of bamboo in his garden you can expect it to be the subject of some sculptures and garden art such as this fanciful arrangement in a barrel painted blue.
This sculpture is one of several metal sculptures and I think a departure from the majority of Paul's sculptures that I have shown in that does not contain a natural element from the garden, such as tree branches or stone. It is a very large sculpture and I loved it. It is hard to see it with the background but in person it is quite a presence....

in the garden....

There is one more post showcasing Paul and Dot's garden so come back Wednesday to be sure to check it out. I think I even have a picture of my 'driver' (the 'Mr. Tina' as some folks call him) in that post....

in the garden....
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  1. Not sure how I missed the other two....(Although I've been out of commission for awhile caring for my parents....) I have a few minutes so will backtrack - and believe me, I'll be back for the finale :)

  2. I enjoyed the rest of the tour of Paul and Dot's garden. The greenhouse in the last post is awesome! So many of Paul's sculptures look "doable" for most anyone, but it takes a creative mind to come up with these ideas. I'm sure you came home with lots of new ideas, Tina.

  3. I love to see how people incorporate art into their gardens. It is really inspiring especially when the gardener makes some of their own art - hinting that maybe I could too.

  4. I really enjoy this type art work! As Rose states, one such as me, could practically do those type creations! I have some bamboo and a big pot laying around and I am thinking of doing my version of the bamboo pot! Now to make mine a bit different... Hummmmm, let the mind wander....

  5. Paul looks surprised that you were snapping him! :-) At least it looks that way. As for his collection, I love it. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  6. I really enjoyed this post & look forward to another.