Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer Happenings

 Just popping in today to say hey! It has been a different kind of summer here in my GEORGIA GARDENS this year. Plenty Too Much rain has fallen upon us, temps lower then normal. But as normal, the humidity has been really high keeping me mostly out of the gardens. But I am out there when I see a break in the humidity. The handy beach umbrella keeps the shade upon my body to assist in keeping me cooler as I pluck weeds. The old Christmas rug, keeps my bum and knees happier!
 The Saint presented me with a new Weed Eater! Have never had a straight poled one before so it has been a challenge getting the hang of this model.
 The Elephant Ears continue to grow larger and larger with the plentiful rain falls.
 We checked out the flooded Savannah River and spotted these beautiful plants amongst the water overflow.
 Zooming in closer, I see some sort of Hibiscus maybe?
 Of course I had to zoom into a bug eaten bloom! This happens when one cannot see the photo on the camera with full sunlight. ha.
 This Heron was enjoying the flooded area.
 I made a trek home to Tennessee to help my mom celebrate her Birthday! While there I enjoyed the deer that come into their yard each evening for snacks.
 My parents and I enjoyed driving over this bridge. You just do not see many bridges as this anymore. My mom was a bit upset that I snapped this photo while driving. Sorry to scare ya mom but the conversation amongst you, dad and I was priceless...
 I made a trek to the New Tiger Gardens and enjoyed some time relaxing by the pond with Tina and Farmer Fixit!
 Their pond is full of wonderful things such as this frog!
 And this one too as well as many more. They were not happy to have us interlopers near their home.
 A dragonfly posed for a little photo op as well.
 Back home in Georgia, I have enjoyed the window Hummingbird feeder immensely this summer. I have it on the window by the computer and the fur-baby's and I  get a kick out of observing them having a sip. The blue in the background is the pool which has been an asset this summer as well.
 We have found a few Geo-Caches when the humidity was not so brutal. Along the way we spotted this wild grape vine.
 Full of Muscadine's just waiting for the pickings.
 Don't know why we did not pick one and give it a try, Duh.
 We have spotted lots of wildflowers while out geo-caching as well.
 Purple and Yellow mingling together.
 Another beautiful wildflower along a dirt road.
Love the cluster of tiny blooms.
And we have also enjoyed some time on our boat at the lake with a full pool for a change! This about sums up our SUMMER HAPPENINGS, In the Garden...

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  1. This was so much more fun than reading two dozen essays on "How I Spent My Summer Vacation"! (Actually, I never gave such an assignment to my students:) ) The umbrella is such a neat trick--now why didn't I think of that! I can stay out working in the garden a lot longer if the sun isn't beating down on my head. Of course, we're in the middle of a heatwave this week--up to 97 or 98 today--so I'm staying indoors anyway.

    Those elephant ears are amazing! Glad you have enjoyed yourself this summer, Skeeter--that lake looks pretty inviting right now.

  2. I'd say you've been having a GREAT summer. I love all of the flower photos, and it was great seeing Tina and Mr Farmer Fixit at their new property. The critter shots are great too.

    I smile every time I see the happy frog in my tree and Mr and Mrs Frog are sitting among orchids in my screened room.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  3. You captured some lovely pictures! Great shots of the frogs and dragonflies!!! Maybe that swamp hibiscus is 'Alba'? I've heard of them and that they are native. Very pretty. Wow on the elephant ears and boy does that lake ever look nice!!

    1. Tina, Alba or whatever, they were all over the place! If not so darn hot and steamy during that walk, I may have taken a few to give a try in my gardens. But I passed....

  4. You have some beautiful photos!! Loved seeing all the flowers and the humming bird especially!! Have fun on the lake!!

  5. You got a good picture of the Henderson/Evansville bridge! You should've see it when they had it all clothed in dropcloths and were painting them! What a mess. I forgot to say I love the muscadine pictures. I am trying to figure out why the Farmer and I are growing them on our arbor since they grow wild so easily. May have to change that soon. The ones on our arbor are turning that purple now. Can't wait to try them. Tried my first wild persimmon recently-very interesting.

    1. The bridge is so cool and not many remaining it seems... Yes, why grown grapes when they are on the side of your dirt road? LOL, I know in time you will figure it all out. And the frogs in your pond at so darn neat to observe, esp when they jump into the water while fussing at us...

  6. It looks like you've had a relaxing, happy summer. Your post makes me want to put my feet up and sip on a cool drink. Very refreshing! You know, that elephant ear makes a great fig leaf, at least for us older folks--better for modesty's sake than those tiny ones A & E had to make do with!

  7. Great Skeeter. Loads of fun was had by all. Wild grapes are good, make good jelly also. Glad you had time to see Tina.

    1. Lola, it has been a strange summer for me. Cooler temp wise but steamy enough to keep me at bay. I have done my best to keep happy but a bit of depression hit upon my soul. A trip home back in Aug and a Tennessee Mountain trip this past weekend and now I am ready to take on the world again....

  8. Skeeter girl .... OMG ! I laughed so much when you did the "what might I NOT be wearing" behind the elephant ear plant !!LOL
    You have been on some very nice road trips and I can just imagine your poor mom getting a shock with you snapping the picture while driving .. bad you !! LOL .. I bet that conversation was a doozy ?? haha
    I am such a fan of frogs ... I so wish we could have them here .. but raccoons, cats, and what nots would soon be dining on them. I will always remember collecting frog eggs as a kid waiting for them to hatch ... kids now have no clue unless they truly live in the country eh ?
    That looks like a marsh mallow of some kind .. pretty ! as are the wild flowers too.
    Halloween is coming girl .... hehehehe
    Joy : )

  9. Those are native hardy hibiscus. I grow them in my garden and there are many cultivars now. That elephant ear is soooo big!

  10. I love your elephant ear photo.