Friday, January 24, 2014

Roy's Garden Paradise Tour Last Part

As I have been working on these three posts it occurred to me I have mentioned that the reason we visited this wonderful garden paradise was because of a pond party-yet I really have no pictures of the pond. Well, here are a few. The picture above shows part of the stream that travels around the garden and empties into the pond.
Here is one of the ponds proper. I really did not explore the ponds all that much because I was so captivated by the whole garden and the many specimen plants so I can't really talk much about the ponds. They were quite lovely and very nicely done in this garden.
I am not sure how many folks came to this party but I would hesitate to guess there were probably at least 40 people. Roy's house and garden are set up to entertain and I somehow got the feeling he and his wife really like to entertain. I always admire this in people because entertaining is not my thing at all. You know how some folks make it look so easy to throw together a party and everyone has a great time? Well that was Roy and his wife Linda, but is not me:( If you would like to come and visit my garden tho I am pretty good in the garden!) The above patio was right outside an entry to the house and was quite an entertainment area. While I do not show all of the seating areas in the garden I would guess there were more than half a dozen. Everyone had a spot to sit and talk with others and I know in our spot we loved our company and really felt comfortable in the garden.
This was our spot to sit and dine on some really good country cooking food! Don't you love the tropical feel of it provided by the gigantic hardy Japanese banana (Musa bajoo).
This picture shows the detail of a large pergola over another seating area. Splendid!
Here is another little Buddha hiding under the diving board for the swimming pool. Don't you love little surprises in the garden? This Buddha looks like he is ready to jump out and surprise unsuspecting divers.
I finish these posts with another view of a corner garden highlighted by a Japanese style lantern. On our visit to Roy and Linda's garden it was clear this was a garden that is so very loved and tended to by a very passionate garden as well as pond person....

in the garden....

Happy Birthday to my sister Joanne! 

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  1. What a wonderful garden! Sorry to see the ending of this Series of treats. Really warms a gal up on such a cold day to see such beauty....

  2. A fun tour. It was great seeing all this tropical looking plants, grass, green etc while sitting here looking at snow. brrrrrrr

  3. Loved the tour. It was a beautiful garden. It even looks warm to this Tn gal. Cold here in Fl too.

  4. It is nice to see some lush summer foliage tonight.

  5. There are so many features in this garden, it's no wonder you didn't focus so much on the pond. It looks like quite an elaborate pond with the streams feeding into it; I really like the pergola, too. I'm not an entertainer either, Tina. I'll offer some coffee or iced tea to unexpected visitors, but then it's going to be take-out pizza:)

  6. What an interesting idea to have a pond party.