Thursday, January 30, 2014

Vacation Cruise part 2: Belize, South America

 Today, I shall take you on an Adventure with me! Whether in my GEORGIA GARDENS, or Vacationing, one cannot control Mother Nature. Money was paid and we go Rain or Shine on our shore excursion to Belize. Click HERE to learn more about Belize.
 Only Crazy Americans would sport classy thin plastic weather gear and put themselves under a Tarp in an open boat while in the ocean. Ha, I told you we were off on an Adventure. 
 Our Captain took us to a river in the jungle. I believe this to be the Macal River but am not sure. Survivor Belize 2009 was filmed near the river. So you Survivor fans may recall the name of this river if I am incorrect.
 The rain stopped so we could see the beautiful scenes. See the white bird in flight? 
 We spotted iguana's high in the trees! Did you know these things can grow up to 6 feet long? Click HERE to learn more. 
 At the end of our river cruise, we loaded into this classy Range Rover. Remember, the word of the day is Adventure!
 The Saint and I started off in the back of the Rover while our partners in crime drove and co-pilot the rig.
 I must say, that was one bumpy ride from...well, you know.
At the half way point, we switched positions with our partners and took the helm. Did I mention these Range Rovers were from the UK where the drivers are on the right side of the automobile. And did I mention they were stick shift as well? I told you, we are on an Adventure! I must say, the front seats were much more comfy then the back seats and they stayed in place.
The cushions fell out of their place with us on top of them more then once! Seat belts, we don't need no stinking seat belts. People, we were out for an Adventure! Remember the TV show MASH? That is what I compare this ride to, a jeep from the Korean War.
 After a bathroom break, we headed deeper into the jungle via this swinging bridge.
 The Bridge was a challenge for some but the Saint and I did just fine crossing it. I just could not look down while crossing while the Saint could.
 Our hike through the jungle was awesome to say the least.

 It was a great experience to walk through a real wild all natural jungle!
   A bit muddy in spots that made for a more exciting Adventure.
 Our tour guide pointed out certain things to us such as these papayas. He also showed us wild cilantro and allspice plants along the trail. He said they have lots of natural herbs which grow wild on the land. 
 Do you see anything strange about this tree? Look where it starts to fork out.
 The zoom lens gives us a better view of the Termite home.
 He explained how termites stay above the ground in the wet jungle. Here you see the trail leading to the home above.
 After climbing a soggy hill with slippery steps, we entered a cave. We were all soggy from the wet boat ride thus the Saints wet bottom Ha. We were all soggy from the humidity as well so looking forward to the coolness of the cave.
We had plenty of visitors greet us in the cave and several flying about to keep us on our toes. Thank goodness we are not scared of little ole bats. We heard many squeals from the group behind us. Wimps, ha. 
Our guide pointed out this interesting formation in the cave. Can you see it?
How about now that I turned the photo 1/4 turn? A dog which I believe to be a dachshund.  
 Near the end of the tour is a slope which was slick as ice. Since the Saint and I were at the beginning of the tour, we found this out the hard way. Upon the incline, my feet started to slip out from under me! Yikes, My toes flipped over and I started going down on my shins and knees. I was sliding backwards then caught myself with my forearms and elbows and continued to slide a bit before the stop. I was one muddy mess but laughing all the way. Adventure people! As you can see the Saint was soggy as well. I was the butt to many jokes after that but all in good fun.
This cave was not cool at all. Unlike most caves, this cave is high in the mountain side verses being underground. Where you see that tree in the center of the photo above, it drops off. Yep, we were inside a mountain.
 We made our way back down the mountain, through the jungle and back across the swinging bridge.

We had local Fruit, Water, Soda and Punch for a snack. The grounds surrounding the pavilion and bathrooms were really nicely landscaped.
 And had some blooms to enjoy.
Some type of Canna I recall.
  I dreaded getting on this old school bus as I knew it was going to be so hot inside. 
Time to load but the bus would not start. I was rooting for the return trip on the Range Rovers but no such luck. This Chevy S-10 had to jump start the bus. Adventure, remember! And it was totally air conditioned and a nice ride back to the pier.
 The ride back to the pier is ever so humbling.
 How about a drink from the shop down the road? 
Homes were an eye opener for sure. 
 This is a local Pharmacy.
 Then this house may be right next door to the shack. Lack on codes in these parts.
 Another part of this adventure, a Tender ride. The water is too shallow to dock on a pier. So we had to take Tenders from the ship anchored out a bit. Can you see the doors open to the bottom of the Carnival Dream ship?
 This was all new to me as I had never heard the term Tender before this day. Click HERE for more.
 Tenders ran regularly taking us back and forth to land.
 It was strange as we could not tell we were going from the small boat to the ship. Really smooth transition.
 Well, we wanted an Adventure and that day we had a great adventure! I had the battle scars to prove it!

But nothing a nice cold fruity drink and beautiful sunset could not cure! What a day, In the Garden...
**Stay tuned for part 3, Costa Maya:
Swimming with the dolphins and geocaching!

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  1. That ship is HUGE!! Just looking at its size is overwhelming. Wowser, so many people and places to get lost. Your adventure was so fun! I like the comparison to MASH. Perfect. I can imagine you all falling out of those seats. Did you get to pick a papaya? They are ever so good looking. So glad you weren't hurt too awfully badly on your slip and slide adventure. What fun!

    1. Yes Tina a very large ship indeed! Over all, we were not too crazy about this size ship compared to the ones we have been on in the past. The lay out on this one was not the best compared to our other cruises. So we may downsize next time. Our group always take walkie talkies so we can keep in touch while out and about. Cell phones don't work on the ship unless you want to pay the price for them! We did not pick any fruit while on shore excursions but did have papaya to eat for lunch. It was so good but a strange texture. I am tough so it takes a lot to get me down! I was fine just lost some pride that day. LOL

  2. Skeeter,
    Sounded like an amazing trip. Seems the rainy season started early. The photos brought back memory s of my trip to belize.

    1. It rained on two excursions but we were okay with that as we roll with the punches when on vacation. We all know we cannot control nature... We loved the beauty of the terrain in Belize and could see ourselves living there some day... Maybe...

  3. You DID have an adventure. Wonderful memories.

    1. It was a great day rain and all Lisa! We had a blast but oh so sore after the bumpy ride, fall and hiking up that mountain... Adventure indeed!

  4. What an adventure! I'd love to visit Belize some day to see all those natural wonders.

    1. Belize really is a beautiful place. Mountains and flat lands and so much lush...

  5. That truly is a jungle adventure. Fun.
    You got a lot of great photos.
    We used tenders from our cruise ship at the Caymen Islands. An interesting new ride!

    1. I was most impressed with the Tenders and how smooth they made the transition from little boat to big ship. We have not been to the Caymen Islands as of yet but maybe some day...

  6. Great post Skeeter. I enjoyed every bump that you had. lol Sure looks like a lot of fun.

    1. thanks Lola and it was a most bumpy ride!

  7. Wow, that WAS quite the adventure, one you'll never forget. Thanks for sharing.


    1. An Adventure of a life time we shall never forget!

  8. Your jungle journey looks quite exciting, slip-slidin' away and all! The plant life was most interesting. Anything tropical at this point looks wonderful, especially that drink.