Monday, January 20, 2014

Roy's Garden Paradise Tour

Have you all had enough of winter yet? It is kind of nice to have a break from gardening during the winter, but at the same time you know when the days start getting longer we all just start itching to get into our gardens. It is time!

Well, to tide us over until it is a bit warmer I thought I'd post some pictures from a local garden and pond paradise right here in Clarksville Tennessee. Mr. Fix-it and I were members of the Montgomery County Water Garden Society last year and as such, we were invited to a few pond parties. The last party of the year was held at Roy and Linda's house. Wow! What a treat. I was floored by it all. As you know, most people who like ponds are gardeners. I guess Roy is a even fit for both gardening and ponds and the two hobbies meld well together. Not only that, but Roy is a car man too, so both Mr. Fix-it and I had a fantastic time at this party. I took tons of pictures during the party, and asked Roy if I could post some on my blog so here is the first of three posts. Like always I like to add in a bit of commentary. Enjoy. 

The above picture is a perfect juxtaposition of textures with the evergreen spruce tree, roses, stone, path and the background cryptomeria.
This picture shows a long shot of the pool through a magnificent Japanese maple.
The lot was not a really big lot but Roy and his wife Linda do have two lots. As such there is a lot of hardscaping joining the entire garden together. This arched bridge is part of the oriental influence of this garden. Simply wonderful! Under the bridge is part of Roy's stream and pond.
More of the oriental influence is evidenced in these Japanese styled lanterns. The bright yellow tropical is a nice focal point set in and amongst all the impatiens.
Another Japanese maple is shown to perfection as a specimen in a raised planter. This one was probably 'Tamukeyama' or 'Garnet' or 'Crimson Queen'. One of the dissectum cultivars of the varied Japanese maple family for sure.
Isn't this guy awesome??
We finish this post with a shot of part of one of the many, MANY, seating areas and a small waterfall into the stream that traverses the yard. More on this wonderful garden on Wednesday....

in the garden....
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  1. Thanks again Tina for more glimpses into this lovely garden. I am inspired to get out and work in mine.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. Nice for these dreary cold days.

  3. Love seeing all of these green growing plantings, especially now. It has been so darned cold here. Today we had a bit of sun and warmth but it is back to single digits this week. UGH>... Show me more....PLEASE....

  4. I love all the Japanese garden elements, one of my favorite types of gardens. Yes, it's a good time to look at some colorful blooms and greenery from the past season--a reminder that winter can't last forever...I hope.

  5. Nice seeing so much color this time of year! Looking forward to the next installment of this beautiful garden....

  6. Yes, I'm a big fan of Asian decor in the garden. That maple tree in raised planter just gave me an idea for a!
    Btw, Tina, I really, really(!) like your title photo of the deer at the birdbath! Sweet!