Friday, February 28, 2014

The 2014 Nashville Lawn and Garden Show

Good morning! This has been such a busy week for me I can't tell you how tired I am but it is a good tired I suppose. Yesterday my friend Vonna and I traveled to the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show. We had a really wonderful day at the show and in Nashville. Of course, Vonna is one of those friends I always have a wonderful day with! 

The Nashville Lawn and Garden Show is one of those 'I can't miss gardening events'. If you are planning to go you will have fun! It is open today, tomorrow and Sunday so there is still plenty of time. Sunday is often a day the vendors will make you some good deals so they don't have to haul  their stock back to their businesses, but any day is a good day to visit this show. 

I'm going to share with you all some pictures of things that interested me at the show. The above sculpture was quite a departure from the show. In years past I can't ever remember seeing a sculpture like this in the garden. The display was quite eye catching.
This year's theme is 'Wine and Roses' and I believe there will be a wine festival in conjunction with the show that starts today and goes through Saturday. Vonna and I did not sample any wine but we saw lots of wine bottles. This display was very innovative. I loved it!
The set up was so simple but yet so eye catching. The lights surrounding the bottles were simply a section of rope lights. 
I also enjoyed this swag across a doorway complete with a shelf of wine bottles. I did not check to see if the bottles were full or not....
Each year I snap a picture of a water feature at the show and each year that picture is always a frequently Googled picture. This one was a bit different than usual in that it had a waterfall coming off the roof of a 'hut' on a pond. Very nice.
A gazebo contained a whole bunch of orchids. Loved it!
A little pocket garden fits into this spot perfectly.
On our way out we noticed this beautiful rose and wine set up. It's the perfect spot to sit for a while--but please do take the time to smell the roses as every single one of them was real! And ever so gorgeous. The colors shine in this display and it was a touchable display. So beautiful...

in the garden....
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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Tina; I'm glad you were able to make the Nashville Show. Beckie and I are headed to the Chicago show in a couple of weeks and can't wait. Flower Shows like these are the perfect antidote for the winter blues, especially this year! The shed with the water running off the roof looks like it would fit in perfectly somewhere on your new property!

  2. I bet you did come away with inspiration. It looks like fun.

  3. I'm so happy you made it to the show so that you could delight us with those beautiful images. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  4. So nice to see beautiful garden displays!!!! Thank you.

  5. I got to go to the Philly show this weekend, and it was the first garden show I had been to in more than a decade that was not a place for people sell vinyl siding, non-stick cookware and outdoor kitchens.