Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Vacation Cruise part 3: Rotan, Honduras & Mahogany Bay

 Today, we are stepping out of our cold GEORGIA GARDEN to continue with our Winter Cruise. It amazes us as to how close these big ships can dock and a most interesting process for us to observe. 
 Our bus took us to Anthony's Key Resort in Rotan, Honduras. Click HERE to learn more.  Again, the scenery along the route was nice house after not so nice house. A real eye opener to us Americans. But we did notice more nicer places then not on this route.
 The Saint and I have always wanted to swim with the dolphins but have never had the chance. Or we chose not to as we have heard it was pricey with little dolphin time. We research everything we do before we spend money. The reviews for this excursion had nothing negative to say so we went for it. And boy are we glad we did! I must say it was a bit intimidating to see this gal in my face!
 We had a close up encounter with a wonderful guide/caretaker which was full of knowledge about the dolphins. He explained the Do's and stressed the Don'ts when one on one with them.
 After the briefing, Q&A and one on one professional photos, we were on our own to snorkel with the Dolphins! Here you see the Saint playing with one of the gorgeous creatures.
 They like to play with sea grass. So we would give them some grass and they would take off with it then return and give it back to us!
 I cannot tell you how exciting it was for us to play and swim with the dolphins in this setting! The Saint has a new friend!
 They are very powerful but yet so gentle with us.
Yes, that is my hand by a dolphins mouth! 
 The dolphins seem to be very healthy and happy in this refuge.
 And so playful with us humans.
 The Saint and I were ecstatic while swimming and playing with such magnificent animals! We were so glad we partook in this event and ever so happy we bought a water camera before our trip! The professional photos were awesome but we felt $50 was a bit much so we opt out. Luckily, we have our own photos to enjoy. One more marked off of our Bucket List and our favorite activity on this cruise. 
 After our Dolphin Adventure, we went back to the ship for lunch (why pay for lunch on shore when free on the ship) Then we headed back to Carnivals Mahogany Bay.  
 As you depart the ship, you are greeted by this beautiful garden. I love that dry creek bed and would like to incorporate one into my gardens some day.
 Beautiful colorful blooms.
 So vibrant and healthy.
 The Saint spotted this tree from afar.
 Zooming in a bit you can see what caught his eye.
 Isn't this an interesting tree? No idea what it could be, anyone know?
 Salmon colored blooms.
 I thought this to be similar to a Pentas or Verbena or maybe even a Lantana. Not a bush but rather a single stalk. Hum... 
 Several different colors of Canna but this was my favorite.
 The yellow color really did pop.
 And of course hibiscus.
We headed to Mahogany Beach to do a bit of Geocaching. We could take a chair lift but opt to walk for the exercise.
The Saint was in a great mood or he would have never been so silly for me.
A simple pile of conch shells makes a nice little spot of interest.
 If one choses to sit on the beach, this is the view you would have. Those clouds were moving in.
An old wrecked ship. How cool is that?
 While Geocaching, we found this Hermit Crab keeping guard at the entrance of the hole which was home to the cache.
 Being a bit wise when geocaching, I peeked into the hole before grabbing the cache. I had the Saint get the cache as I spotted all these crabs keeping guard! I was not going to put my fingers in that hole!
The beach had very nice restrooms.  

We could see our Carnival Dream ship as we parted the beach.
 Geocaching took us on a Nature Walk back towards the ship. I found this palm leaf and could not help but pick it up. The Saint was fanning me with it as people walked past. We gave them a chuckle. Ha.
 Pretty bloom but I haven't a clue as to what.
 We learned this plant to be Devils Horn! It got me on the leg as I headed off the path for the cache. Ouch, they are devils for sure...
 We liked the shape of this Tropical.
We found several Caches and ran into another couple of Geocachers as well. They were killing time while their wife's shopped as such fun places as Pirana Joe's. They spotted the Saint's Air Force strap on our Geo-machine and that struck up a nice conversation as they were both AF retirees from Ohio.
 View of Mahogany Bays shopping area.
Connected by a bridge, to the right of the shopping area is Mahogany Beach. All owned by Carnival Cruise lines.

Back to the Ocean for yet another beautiful Sunset, In the Garden...
**Stay tuned for a bit more fun & Florida...

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  1. Another great excursion on this trip of yours. How cool to swim with the dolphins. Having your underwater camera is priceless!

    The orange flowers on a single stalk are butterfly weed, Asclepias tuberosa, a milkweed plant that butterflies love.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful trip of yours ~ FlowerLady

    1. It was such an awesome experience to swim with the dolphins! Something we have always dreamed of but never really thought we would have the chance.

      I should have known that Butterfly Weed as I have one in my garden! I reckon what threw me off is that mine is solid orange in color! Geesh, silly me....

  2. You obviously had a great time. Enjoyed sight seeing with you.

    1. I am glad you have enjoyed sight seeing with us! Another thing that makes blogging so much fun is sharing your experiences in life... Stay tuned for the last installment...

  3. What fun to see the dolphins up close and personal! A bucket list must do for sure. I think your mystery tree looks like an umbrella (Schefflera) tree but I am not so good with tropicals. I am really enjoying going on the cruise with you two-if only virtually! What a dream trip!

    1. Tina, swimming with the dolphins was such a wonderful experience! All the fun things we did along this journey and this was our favorite day by far. Getting up and personal with such majestic creatures took our breath away!

      We spotted so many neat tropical everywhere we explored while on shore. Most interesting and so lush as they enjoy the plentiful rain falls...

  4. Swimming with the dolphins sure looks fun. You got great photos of it! Love your time walking around the garden and beach. Awesome trip. I have a photo somewhere of my hubby in goofy shoes like that too. Looks like The Saint was having fun.

  5. I am enjoying this tour with you all. Places I can see thru your eyes which I'll never see. Thank you.

  6. We're snowed in here yet again, so what a treat to escape for awhile with you, Skeeter, to this tropical paradise! I'm so glad you were able to take photos of your swimming with the dolphins. My son and granddaughter did this when we were in Cancun for my daughter's wedding a few years ago, and there no outside cameras were allowed. The professional photos they took were so pricey my son passed on them; I wish now Grandma had pulled out her credit card a little faster to preserve these memories. Love that old shipwreck!

  7. Skeeter you lived a dream of mine swimming with the dolphins. Love your trip!