Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter Damage

 We had snow on Jan. 28 here in my GEORGIA GARDENS.
 Was only 2 inches but pretty as if a big snow fall.
 Palms always look funny with snow on them. But this Silver Fan Palm is hardy and can handle the snow. Click HERE to see my Beach Planter in its glory.
 Bur, the Bicycle Planter looks cold doesn't it?
 The birds were happy I had plenty of food for them during this little freeze.
 It has been a very cold Winter with us breaking Record Low Temperatures. I am starting to see some damage within my gardens. 
 The Confederate Jasmine is starting to brown.
 I have never seen it do this and hope it will bounce back come spring.
 Since we normally have such mild winters, I have always kept the Spike Plants outside. They have always done well in our winter climate but not so this year.
 Every one of them is laying over looking mighty unhappy.
 I find humor in this one though as the kitty seems to enjoy the hiding spot. Spike plants are inexpensive so they can easily be replaced but will take some time to mature such as these lost ones.
 My Oleander is not looking well. I am crossing my fingers in hopes it will bounce back to life with warmer temps.
 And now I am seeing signs of Spring!
 Crocus are giving me hope.
 Budding daffodils are giving me hope as well. 
As I strolled through the gardens, I looked up above the fence to spot the neighbors kitty Coco Bean. She is keeping a watchful eye over the WINTER DAMAGE, In the Garden... 

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  1. Every time I think of the south getting snow--especially down further south than me--I have to smile because one of the late night pundits said "It's the apocalypse in the south-- a snow storm!". It sure seemed like it when all those people around Atlanta abandoned their cars. Crazy! I know we are not so used to the snow but honestly it just takes some common sense in driving on it and sometimes a little help from other drivers. Wow on all the cold and damage. The snow is lovely in your garden. I sure hope everything pops back some spring. It has really been a brutal winter down here but mostly I think because we have been so spoiled by the last several years of mild winters. Though I don't think your area is used to this at all. Stay safe and warm in this next winter storm!

    1. I heard a good one today Tina, Bi-Polar Vortex! I thought that was so darn funny and fits us so well. One day we are out in the woods wearing tee shirts then freezing the next. Then back to tee shirts a few days later. Just crazy and worse for the garden. The garden is so confused right now with all this rollercoastering of a ride.... Oh well, if something does not make it, room for more I reckon....

      Yep, if people would slow down and keep a good distance between them while in cars, there would be few if any accidents. But everyone is in a hurry to go nowhere these days, rain or shine....

      Now off to get my milk and bread :-) and hunker down for tonight and tomorrow....

  2. I hope all of your drooping and browned plants make a come back. It is heart breaking to lose plants.

    Snow is pretty, but I'm glad I don't live with it.

    Happy Valentine's Day ~ FlowerLady

  3. Oh my. I hate to think of what is happening in my garden. We are also having record lows. 8 days at below 0 temps. That is not a good thing. I hope all snaps back from your cold spell. Those crocus do give one hope. I can't wait for the snow to melt to see if I even have any Snowdrops popping up.

  4. Not what you're suppose to have to deal with. I hear more winter weather headed to your part of the country. Stay warm!!!

  5. I hope your garden survives this cold. A lot of my stuff has bit the dust. Will not replace if not cold hardy. We may not get the snow but we do get the cold.

  6. Wow! Snow in the south. It is pretty even if it stressed those warm weather plants. I'm glad to see that you got your spring.

  7. Everything looks so pretty covered in snow, but I can understand your worrying about the damage in your garden. I hope you don't lose too much. Are you in the path of the ice storm as well? Those crocuses do promise some hope, though.

  8. Such pretty crocuses!
    We are soo far away for that first bloom, what with almost 2ft of snow here in NJ.
    I came across tulips and daffs today at a garden show...was practically drooling!

    Love the bicycle planter photo...cute!
    Five weeks (and counting) to spring! Hope your Oleander bounces back ok...

  9. A lovely spring garden with early blooms.

  10. Those first photos of snow were just gorgeous! Made me think of lace.....
    What a surprise, huh?

  11. Some of my shrubs look the same way.