Thursday, March 27, 2014

Panola Mountain State Park

 This is the type sign we enjoy seeing while out hunting for Geocaches. We know we are about to embark on a wonderful day of serenity in the woods. This day we were at Panola Mountain State Park. Click HERE to learn more about the park. The pamphlets were not ready for the season so we were on our own with identifying the wildflowers.
 I believe this to be Chattahoochee Trillium but not sure as there are 27 different types of Trillium here in Georgia.
 Some type of wild woodland Holly. I have spotted this in our GEORGIA GARDENS, well rather the woods on our property.
 This is one of many large trees we admired.
 Fungi is so at home in the woods.
 Yet, another huge tree that captivated us!
 I thought this to be a Trillium but after a bit of research, I am not sure.
 Here is a close up of a bloom.
Here are several plants close together.
 Moss covered logs look so at home in the woods.
 The Saint gazing off into the woods admiring the Redbud and large fallen tree. 
 I have never notice as many Redbud trees here in Georgia as I have this Spring!
For many years I have told people we just do not have the Redbuds here like in TN and VA. But I do believe I am wrong. I just have not been where they are located. On this day, we spotted many along the Country back roads of GA...
 This was indeed a large tree! Too bad it fell during a storm. This one had been cut as it crossed the walking path. A tree gateway for us. 
 These little beauties were all over the woods.
I believe them to be some type of Anemone. Some were of a pinkish color.  
 Most of the ones we spotted were more white in color.
 A moss covered fallen tree made a nice feature to walk beneath.
 Mayapple's were not blooming yet.
 Trout Lily, I believe.
 I could not decide what these bell type flowers could be. Any guesses?
 Here is a Close-up of them.
 Ah, this boulder is close to our Cache find.
 And the Saint finds the treasure!
 We found our way back to the picnic area.
My eyes were sighted on this strange tree trunk as I sat and rested from our nice hike in PANOLA MOUNTAIN STATE PARK,
In the Garden...

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  1. Love the woodland in the spring and am learning so much about it recently. The wood holly is actually Mahonia. It blooms in the winter with yellow grape like blooms that then turn to purplish berries birds and wildlife love. That is how it is spread around the forest. I moved one from my current garden to the land. I don't really want to spread it around but it does not appear to be invasive to displace natives and also it feeds wildlife and is pretty so it went last week. The white drooping flower is a toothwort. They are early bloomers and VERY common. We have them on the greenways here in Clarksville. If you haven't walked the Greenway I bet you two would love it! Our garden club has marked a lot of the wildflowers and we are still working on it. It's a pretty big job. Those wood anemones are very pretty. I am not too familiar with them. But I surely recognize the mayapples. I can't wait until mine show themselves. I'll be moving a bunch to our driveway area as a natural groundcover. We have a lot down below on the farm but not up top but I know they will do well because they are here in my backyard garden. Wonderful walk!

    1. Thanks for the id's Tina! I was looking at toothwart but the photos I found on the GA site were not the same as this one. Now that I did an image search, it does indeed look like toothwart. Ha... Mahonia, how neat is that as I thought a holly with those spiked leaves. LOL.....

      No we have not been to the greenway to walk. Only to see the entrance to the park as I was with my parents and they cannot walk much these days... I so would enjoy walking on the greenway some time to see the beauty. I have seen several photos of it and recall your posting on the Wildflowers...

  2. Wow, what a wonderful walk. I feel almost as if I was right there with you.

    Thank you for sharing and a little birdie shared that you are having a birthday so Happy Birthday ~ FlowerLady

    1. Thanks and I did indeed have a nice birthday....

  3. Thank you for taking us along on your adventure. You found the treasure and saw so many great plants. Good photos of both of you!!!!

    1. Thanks! It was a beautiful day and we so enjoyed our time strolling in the woods. Never know what we will see when out in the GA woods.... So much beauty...

  4. Thanks for taking us along. I do wish I could walk like that again. Love all the pics. Did recognize the mayapple while going thru LBL.

  5. Your area is so far ahead of us. We are having a wintery mix today. UGH... Love seeing all these beautiful spring flowers and all that green.

  6. Just gorgeous...I can't wait until the weather improves and the wildflowers are blooming so I can go on a wildflower hunt.