Thursday, March 20, 2014

Winter or Spring

  I was out of my GEORGIA GARDENS for a bit to visit family and friends in Tennessee. I enjoyed seeing the ice on top of Monteagle as I drove over that big ole mountain. Click HERE for more on Monteagle. I had been working tirelessly on cleaning debris from the Georgia Ice Storm so I was looking forward to a relaxing visit. Even though my body ached from the clean up of an Ice Storm, I found this ice view very beautiful. The heated seats made the back better during the drive. Ahhhhh...

 Little did I know, I would be in the midst of another Ice Storm while in Tennessee!
At my parents house, we had about 2 inches of ice pellets fall and about 1/4 inch of snow on top of that. I kept the area around my car cleared as it fell that night. I also kept the window clear of ice for fear of a window cracking from a previous rock chip. Some areas such as where our Master Gardener Tina lives, had more ice and snow then our side of town. I ended up shoveling the entire driveway. That was a job but I needed some exercise after being cooped up eating chocolate and other fun treats while home bound.
My poor car has never experienced icicles before! Ice Storms are not so rare in Middle Tennessee but they normally do not last long as the temps rise and the ice melts within a day. This storm was followed by several days of freezing temperatures thus, shutting down the entire city! We had electricity as the ice did not stick to the trees such as the storm here in Georgia a few weeks prior. So not many trees fell over power lines like in Georgia. We also had food in the house, home videos and classic movies so I enjoyed some quality time with my mom and dad during this time.
The storm messed up many of my plans for visits but with Mother Nature being so darn Bi-Polar this winter, well, I did the best I could to visit those on my list. There is always the next visit.
  Wow was I shocked to see the things I saw in my gardens upon my return to Georgia. Not Snow covered bushes but rather the most beautiful Bridal Wreath Spirea's ever!
 Both of these bushes are outside my sunroom window and they just glow during the day and at night.
Forsythia is bursting with color!
 Wild Violets are blooming throughout two of my gardens and in control thus far. They are starting to jump the borders though so I must keep an eye on these beauties.
 Creeping Phlox are starting to open up.
 Grape Hyacinth's have multiplied since last year!
 Many different types of Daffodil are dancing in the March winds!
 Some may be Narcissus but I call them all Daffy's...
They really do cheer me up in the Spring.
 I only wish they would hang around longer for me to enjoy.
 They do not seem to all bloom at the same time. So I get to enjoy them longer and that makes for a happy gal. I want to add more and more of them as I just love those yellow faces.
 Pink, Purple and White Hyacinth blooming along with Grape Hyacinth and Narcissus! Where is the Easter Bunny?
 This view shows a happy Spring planter full of color...
The Wild Plum Trees are full of blossoms.
 Ever purchase one of something then regret not picking up more?
I so regret not purchasing more of these beautiful Red Fringe Plants. I just love the vibrant red of this beauty.
And of course, dandelion has appeared as well.
 As I started preparing this Posting, it was 47 degrees outside and the heater was on inside. By afternoon, I was out push mowing the Rye Grass while wearing shorts with the windows to the house open! Is it WINTER OR SPRING, In the Garden...

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  1. Snow, icicles and beautiful blooms. I hope winter is finally over for you.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

    1. I do believe it is over for us here in Georgia! Loving these warm days and cool nights....

  2. Your gardens are looking very springlike to me! Watch out for those violets--they will soon take over and it is a losing battle. On the good side they are host plants for some butterflies and are very pretty-even in the lawn. Love the ice caked cliffs in the first picture.Good shot!

    1. I am keeping my eyes on the violets but so far, they are doing well and keeping at bay. I just love them as they are the first thing to bloom for me in the spring. I welcome any color that is first to show! Am sure my mom will "fuss" at me over snapping that photo while driving. hee hee...

  3. I am sick of seeing ice and snow. I love seeing all your early spring bloomers. It makes me realize we are about to have them too. We are usually about 2 weeks behind your bloom schedule. Happy Spring.

    1. I know you guys have had it rough this winter as well Lisa. Am sure a lot of gardeners are happy to say goodbye to winter. It was a brutal one this for many... HAPPY SPRING!

  4. I say spring with winter remnants still visible. :-) Beautiful pictures.

    Greetings from London.

    1. It has been a tough winter for us here in the Deep South so we are most happy to see Spring arrive! As soon as the ground dries up a bit, I will be digging....

  5. Replies
    1. I know Les, living in the South one can have all four seasons in the same day it seems. LOL.... Happy Spring planting...

  6. My Daffie's were looking so good then that hard rain we had made some of them lay down. I too would like to expand mine. Peach trees blooming already amongst others.

    1. Some of my daffys were pushed over by the rain as well Lola... But more popping open and hopefully a break from the rains. The yard is so soggy now that I cannot do too much out there... But the sun is out and drying things up a bit...

  7. It's always nice to come home again after getting away for awhile, but you certainly had a lovely welcome home! It looks like spring has finally arrived in your Georgia garden. I really like that red fringe plant! Still waiting for spring here...