Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Diverse Island

 I am going to take you back to early April today with our first voyage of the year to our beautiful Georgia Lake. Going under this bridge, I am always on the look out for Osprey as they like to nest on top of the bridge.
Zooming in, I spot the nest but no activity.
 Later with our return back under the bridge, we spot an Osprey on the nest. We see Osprey more often then Bald Eagles but enjoy them both.
 We took advantage of a beautiful day to beach the boat at several different islands in order to do some geocaching. While on this one island, we spotted a goose sitting on a nest.
 She was very quiet and still and we did not spot her as we arrived on the island. We spotted her as we were departing and after snapping a few photos of her from afar, we quietly left the island without disturbing her further.
We spotted many Loons on the lake this day.
We were lucky enough to hear them call out as well! Love that sound.
 I spotted wild Vinca on another island. The leaves were covered with pine pollen.
 The Vinca was just starting to bloom but I so wished this patch of it was in full bloom.
 While walking on the islands, I had on water shoes but the shoes would not protect my piggies from the massive amounts of Pine Pollen that was falling from those tall Georgia Pine Trees.
 Pine Pollen is so large that it is easily seen floating on top of the water at the lake.  
Yes, it was a yellow icky mess. But since this photo was snapped, the rains came and washed all the pollen out and the lake is once again clear! Luckily, this pollen does not affect sinus for people.
 As we beached the boat on an island, I spotted this Lady Bug hanging out enjoying the warm sunshine.
 This was our favorite island we visited this day. It is so diverse in terrain and so neat to explore.
 The pebbles on the beach were so unique and soft to the feet.
 These large rocks were the source of the pebbles as the pebbles crumbled from them. We suspect some type of Soft Slate type stone.
I spotted this large bush in full bloom! Master Gardener Tina, do you know this bush?
 The blooms looked like some sort of Bleeding Heart type bloom. 
 I also spotted Carolina Jessamine blooming on this island.
 Soft pebbles on one side of the island and Red Clay on the other.
Just up from the Red Clay, is this view. I tell you it is one DIVERSE ISLAND, In the Garden...

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  1. Thank you for this little mini vacation this morning. It was a real treat! All of that pollen is amazing!

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

    1. Our area is full of those tall GA Pines thus the pollen. Always NOT looking forward to it in the spring... But know that once it has arrived, that my blooming beauties are not far behind...

  2. It's a beautiful island! You are so lucky to be able to do trips like this and enjoy nature so up close. I like that you saw the osprey. I have no idea what that shrub is. It looks like it might be a berry shrub maybe in the blueberry family or something but honestly I don't know. Wow on the pollen. So much of it.

    1. Wow, I just knew that you would be able to ID the bush for me Tina with your knowledge of plants. Hum, I will have to do a bit of research on it... The pollen was only bad for a few days this year. Luckily, the rains kept it at bay but it floats on the lake water as it is so large. Now all gone so pretty clear lake once again!

  3. That is a lovely place to visit. Glad you got to go.

    1. Lola, we just love this lake. Such a peaceful place to explore with us being able to beach our boat on any island...

  4. What a great place to explore. Thanks for sharing. You can keep the pollen though.

    1. We really do enjoy living in this area Sherlock but that pollen is not a nice thing to deal with each spring. It is so nasty and gets on everything! Luckily, we had lots of spring rains to keep it low this year but the lake is always full of it as it is so heavy it stands on top. So glad it does not mess with sinus or that really would be horrible with as much as we get down here...