Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Geocaching in High Falls State Park, GA

 The Saint and I left our GEORGIA GARDENS to partake in some Geocaching in High Falls State Park. Click HERE to learn more about the park...
The upper basin has a man made waterfall. 
 One can stand out on an old bridge to see the rolling waters below and the newer bridge. 
 Following the rolling waters, one will go under the new bridge to find a wonderful surprise.
 A large natural waterfall.
 I am captivated by natures waterfalls.
 The sound of water falling over rocks is so soothing to my soul.
 There are times during the hot steamy summer months, that I would enjoy to sit on the rocks as the water rushes over me. But not to be in these waters as they are ever so dangerous!
 Ruins of an old grist mill.
 With mill wheels eroding away. Sigh, I so wish State Parks had more funds then they receive.
 I spotted several of these little wildflowers in the area.
 In the Violet family maybe?
 Our walk took us through the woods.
 On this warm sunny spring day, many turtles were taking advantage of the heated rocks.
 It amazes us to see turtles high upon boulders. Just how do they get up there? Claws a digging...
 Along the trail, the Saint almost got himself into a mess. I spotted this hanging down just in front of his path, then I stopped him in his tracks!
 A bright orange goo was forming and dripping down from the tree and its dangling roots. Strange stuff and it just about dripped on the Saint. Ick! Mother Natures April Fools Joke no doubt...
We spotted many Native Silver Berry's while out GEOCACHING IN HIGH FALLS STATE PARK, In the Garden...

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  1. I love the sounds of rushing water on rocks. I had to really look up that orange slime. Seems a certain yeast can cause the orange color. It may be this one: https://blog.mycology.cornell.edu/2010/04/30/tree-slime-stump-flux-and-microbial-consortia/
    From what I read on the above website the orange color is from carotene, the same substance that colors carrots.

    Onto the wildflower, at first I thought a pasque flower but alas, the foliage is different. It is very pretty. I will try to figure it out. Have a great day in the garden!

  2. Love the sound of water running over rocks.