Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Atlanta Botanical Gardens (end of summer)

 Summer, where did it go? This past weekend, the Saint and I had a special visitor to our GEORGIA GARDENS. Our very own Master Gardener here at "In the Garden" Tina, came to visit us. She and I attended the Giant Plant Sale at McCorkles Nursery and had a blast making new selections to add to our gardens.
Upon Tina's journey back to Tennessee, the Saint and I took her to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Click HERE to see my first visit to Atlanta's most beautiful spot in the city.
With our visit back in October 2012, the Garden had an awesome Scarecrow Display. Click HERE to see those unique scarecrows.
This visit had us captivated with a display called "Imaginary Worlds" a new Kingdom of Plant Giants.
The Saint insisted on walking through the large Ogre.
Nearly 2 hundred thousand plants come together to form these sculptures! This is the largest exhibition of its kind to be shown in the USA.
The Cobra snakes were incredible and filled with such vibrant colors.
 The Hood of the snake was just awesome to the eyes! 
 A closer look, shows us greenery.
Different shades of greenery and a succulent or two. 
 Here is an example of the plants that make up the Cobra's.
Zooming in so you can see the names. Now whom will be the first of you readers to take on this project for your gardens?
 Butterflies over the brick wall.
A beautiful butterfly.
 We were in awe over this huge Cypress tree in the background. It reminded us of the Gentling Gardens in Asheville, NC. and their huge trees.
 Orangutans frolicking in the surrounding beauty.
 Textures come alive. 
 The Fuqua Conservatory is full of lush color.
 I could stroll this Conservatory all day long!
 So tropical and just filled with beauty.
The Orchid Center was filled with scents coming from a spectacular Orchid collection.
A Tropical Wall in the Conservatory. 
 What a neat treat to spot these sculptures inside the conservatory.
 Zooming in, we see the faces better.
 Mother Natures bounty.
 This was Tina's favorite.
 While this was my favorite.
When we stepped outside of the Conservatory, we discovered the same exhibit in a huge way!
 Such a neat face!
 Love those whimsy faces.
Natures very large bounty. 
 These faces remind me of our days enjoying Fasching in Germany.
 A Giant Frog was in the middle of the pond.
 A lot of tadpoles swam within the pond. 
The Frog was looking across the walk to a Toad.
 A Toad with the city of Atlanta in the background. 
 A beautiful Water Lily.
 I really enjoyed the textures and colors in this fence of plants.
 Backing out from the same view, you can see how this garden could be used as a fence. I would love to have this surrounding my entire home encasing it with beauty.
 Other then a few sirens and a music festival going on nearby, one would never know they are in the middle of the big city of Atlanta, except for the occasional views in the background.
 A perfect spot for this young family to have a picnic.
 Well, Leaping Bunny's!
 And more cute Rabbit's.
 A Horse...
 A Magical Horse (Unicorn) in a magical garden!
 This arbor had Kiwi growing upon it along with other vines.
 Dancing Fish in a fountain spitting water. By keeping the people in this photo, you get an idea of just how large these beautiful sculptures are.
 The Formal Garden was stunning with the sun shining from above.
 Fountains or birdbaths are a must in a garden.
 This fountain contained a glass sculpture by Chihuly. Click HERE to learn more about Dale Chihuly.
 Gorilla's took over the Canopy Walk.
 Such a proud fella.
 The Sculpture in the Cascades Garden was one of my favorites. I would say a close second behind the Cobra's.
 The hair was long and flowing as was the water over her hand.
 This spot was so tranquil.
 A majestic Earth Goddess.
 The bridge leading to the Children's garden was glowing.
I cannot think of a better way to end the Summer. What a wonderful time we had with Tina, In the Garden...

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  1. What fun! It was so nice to visit you and the Saint! Had a great time at the sale and gardens. I was so happy I came and we will have to do it again. Your pictures are wonderful! That garden had a lot to see and you did a fantastic job. Thanks for everything!! Hugs to you and the Saint.

  2. Such a fun place and to visit it with a friend, awesome. Amazing what they've created there. Thank you for sharing!

  3. This is an outstanding display. I wish I could get down there to see it. WOWSER. I am so glad you showed it to us.

  4. Fantastic. I really enjoyed your post. So glad you & the Saint got to spend the day with Tina.

  5. Oh my gosh! This was fantastic!!! Can you imagine all the time spent in making these creations, then in keeping them alive and gorgeous for all to enjoy? Thank you for sharing this wonderful place.


  6. What fantastic topiaries and so many of them! I saw the cobra on your Facebook page and thought it was so amazing, but now that I see all the others, I am just blown away. I wonder, too, how many hours were spent fashioning these, not to mention maintaining them. If I attempted one, it would have to be the butterfly, but I'm sure it would turn out to be a green blob in my garden:) I've visited two botanic gardens in the last week, and I agree it's a great way to end the summer. Looks like you had such a wonderful day, all the better with Tina along! I

  7. What a delightfully whimsical garden! Your photos made me smile. Thanks for sharing, Skeeter.

  8. Wow, what an incredibly creative display. I can only imagine the work that went into them.