Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Atlanta Scarecrows

It was such a beautiful weekend that The Saint and I decided to take a little Day Trip. Our destination took us to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. (Click HERE for more)
Upon entry into the gardens, we knew we were in for a Fall Treat.  
But we had no idea what fun treat's were waiting for us around each corner. Sir Spooks-A-Lot was hanging onto his high riding horse of straw.  
Signs with each of the many Scare-Crows told the name and sponsor of the Atlanta Community.  
Scare Package 
Franken Panda (Atlanta Zoo) 
King of the world (Titanic, The Artifact Exhibition) 
I failed to snap pics of most of the signs thinking that between the Saint and I, one of us would remember the names. Ha, after seeing about 100 of these fun creatures, we lost many names to the aging memory. 
Feel free to add names to these fun creations if you desire.  
Get your children involved for a start to Halloween by discussing the materials used to make them. 
 Honey Boo Boo
Yes a cute honey bee...
Dutches of the Dip (the Melting Pot)
 Mother Nature perhaps...?...
 Two friends sharing some wine.
 The Caterer maybe?

A. Frayed Knot
We had a chuckle from this name. All yarn, thread type materials.
 The Mariachi Band was on hand for the party.

This gal was a bit spooky to me.
The Hiker maybe...???...
 I would call this one the Peace Crow. Any names from you on this one?
 This one was made from musical instruments. The neck was from a horn. The ears are mouth pieces. The straw was shredded sheets of music. So cleaver. The Mardi Gras beads in the spider web have me thinking this one is based on Jazz as heard in New Orleans.
 This Dragon greeted us as we entered the Children's Garden. It was large and made by an elementary school.
 What name would you give this tall lady?
 Birthday cake, balloons. Hum, a Birthday party no doubt.
This one seems to have fallen into the melting pot. OD'ed on Chocolate no doubt.
 A Girl Scout "Juliette Gordon Crow" maybe...
Hum, any guesses? Do I see wings?
 The Happy Jack Fun Run. These two are made from Plastic Bottles!
 PVC Pipe Basketball boy.
 Mermaid in the Garden
Harvesting family. What ya think?
Scare-et Crow 'Hara (Tuberculosis Elimination Team) Notice she is holding a jar of TB pills. Many messages where noted within these works of art.
 This guy had something to do with straws but not sure of the name. I would just say Straw a Crow.
 I believe this sign to say, Gertrude the Gardener.
 The torso is a storage container. Ha...
A Boy Scout but not sure of his name.

This one is in the veggie garden. What could we name her?
 A gardener teaching the children no doubt.
 I believe this one was on the lines of feed the hungry food pantry.
This was one of my favorites.
 Leonardo Da Scary
The Saint had to explain this one to me. I had no idea that Leonardo Da Vinci was more then an artist. Ha, the things I learn while in the garden.
 A bucket, trash can and water barrel. This one has a lot to say.
Fifty Shades of Hay
I know you just giggle at this one as did we. 
 Another Mermaid with this one being filled with Oyster shells. Maybe sponsored by a Seafood restaurant.
 Bone-tanical Garden
Yes, we cracked up when seeing the name on this one.
I believe this one was "Wheelie Scarecrow" but not sure.
 Yes the feet are Keyboards. Ha...
 Yikes! Something I don't care to come upon in the woods.
 For Whom the Bellman Rolls (Hotels Group)
Crow deo Drive
 "Justice D. Crow" maybe???
 Ima Traveler
 Trail Blazer
 "Angie Pitt" maybe. Ha.
Miss Unafraid and S'more Tagalongs (Girl Scout Troop 10511)
Something Wicket this Way Comes (Georgia Shakespeare) With an upcoming election in a few days, you knew this one was coming.
This was our first visit to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and we were not sure what to expect. We were surprised with a large and well laid out garden right in the middle of the big city! There is not much in bloom this time of year but we enjoyed the ATLANTA SCARECROWSIn the Garden.
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  1. Fifty Shades of Hay is CUTE! People can be so creative! I think I'd name the tall lady with the pumpkin head 'Hallowed Princess'. I'm not so good with names and that took me a long time come up with so that's all I did. I'm getting some good ideas from these for my garden! What fun! The Atlanta Botanical Garden is on my list to visit!

  2. Skeeter,

    This is the funnest post I have seen in a long while! Thanks for sharing with us.

    Sandy gave us a lot of wind and a little rain. We were lucky our screened porch is full of leaves as the door blew open during the night. Lets hope others who were less fortunate will see a speedy clean up.

  3. Wow, it sure is windy out there today! This makes Day 3 of the high winds but no damage thus far other then limbs on the ground in the woods. No rain from Sandy and we really do need the rain. Oh well, the rains will come in time. I hope anyway....

    Tina, you must get to the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta! We were most impressed with them. I have a part two coming on Thursday although, you will not see too much color as my battery ran out on the camera. Sigh....

    Randy, Glad you did not have damage in your area with Sandys visit. She is still giving us some terrible winds today. Hopefully, it will move on by tomorrow....

  4. The one after the Titanic must surely be Martha Stewart. Or Martha Spooky. LOL

  5. I like that one Randy! Very fitting...

  6. They are definitely the coolest, most creative scarecrows I ever saw. Down South makes an art of them. Thanks for posting these, they are a real treat.

  7. HOW FUN...I want to go next time!!...I loved stumped nd the mermail....all so cool thank you

  8. What a fun display!! I have never seen so many creative scarecrows.

  9. What fun! Such a creative idea, too, to get more visitors to the garden. Gertrude the Gardener looks a little like me after a morning of weeding:) But I really chuckled at "Fifty Shades of Hay":) Thanks for sharing these, Skeeter.

  10. This is a very enjoyable post. I've liked it all. Sure would be nice to go. I did not know that Vivien Leigh passed as a result of TB. A nasty disease for sure.
    Still very cool here even tho the sun is shining. Some wind.

  11. My god Skeeter girl !!!!
    I so enjoyed this : ) .. I am alone in the dining room making all sorts of comments to myself as I check out each scarecrow so I know my sweetie must think I am nutty yet again! .. what great imaginations these teams had to put together such great themes .. I laughed at a lot .. I'm sure either Julia Child of Martha Stewart scarecrow was mixed in there some where .. and you made me giggle over the Da Vinci (spelling ?) remarks .. you are too funny girl !
    Thank you for making sure I saw this .. I have been in a sad place this past week .. things have hit me hard and I am laying a little low here .. so seeing this was a real treat girl .. thank you !!
    Joy : )